Super Gene - Chapter 1341 - Doctor Sexy

Chapter 1341 - Doctor Sexy

Chapter 1341: Doctor s.e.xy


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“I have a lot of different powers,” Han Sen started by saying.

a.s.sociating himself with a sheep would be strange, but this was a chance for Han Sen to be part of a crowd, he believed. Strength in numbers was a legitimate concept, after all.

If he could become an ally of the sheep, the current dangerous circ.u.mstances might not be so grave for Han Sen.

The sheep seemed peeved by the vague response he had received, though.

Han Sen caught this, and he wanted to fix the mood between them. So, he boldly proclaimed, “I can destroy stuff!”

With the ten gene locks of the Dongxuan Sutra firing on all cylinders, it wasn’t exactly a lie.

The sheep grimaced, and with disappointment slumping its limbs, it turned to leave.

“Don’t go yet! Talk to me.” Han Sen wanted to learn what the sheep had expected of him.

“A weak *ss creature like you probably doesn’t even have a geno core. I need someone special, bub. I need someone who can heal or support others. Finding a random creature that can take pleasure in destroying stuff is easy, and I can a.s.suredly find one stronger than a scrawny kid like you, bub.” The sheep then ran off.

Han Sen was confused by this, and so he turned his head to ask Bao’er, “Did I just get insulted by a sheep?”

“Yes, Dad. I told you to eat more,” Bao’er said.

Han Sen could hardly believe he had been condescended to by a sheep. Han Sen could tell it was an ordinary creature. But he could also tell it was as good as an ordinary creature could get.

“Brother Sheep, don’t go! I was wrong. I’m good at healing!” Han Sen yelled, going after the wooly mammal.

It was rare to find herbivore creatures, so Han Sen didn’t want to miss the opportunity to follow the sheep if the rest of its herd were of the same kind. He’d have the benefit of being in a herd, and he wouldn’t have to share the corpses of creatures they slew.

“You can heal, bub?” the sheep asked, turning around to see Han Sen panting in the chase.

The powers of healing were rare, and the sheep did not like Han Sen. It never expected him to possess the powers of healing, and the sheep had only said what it said to hurry the dialogue along so it could leave.

“Yeah! Where I come from, they call me Doctor s.e.xy.” Han Sen puffed up his chest and danced his pecs.

The sheep did not believe Han Sen. Suddenly, one of its horns departed the seat against its head and went twirling towards a nearby bush. A squeal sounded from the undergrowth, as a rat had unwittingly found itself impaled.

The rat struggled to get itself free, and when Han Sen went to take a look, he saw that the rat was actually being held in place by a scimitar.

Han Sen was surprised. The black steel scimitar must have been the sheep’s geno core.

“Okay, Doctor s.e.xy. Show me what you can do.” The sheep gestured towards the rat that seemed to be dying.

Han Sen then knelt down beside it and started the healing process that he had learned from the Holy Rhino. Perhaps it was because he was in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, but it took an uncomfortably long time to heal the creature.

“Well, I can’t lie. You really can heal, but… whiskey, tango, foxtrot! Why is it so slow?! Ugh, it’s fine for now. Come on, bub,” the sheep said.

Han Sen followed after the sheep and came to a forest with many creatures in its eaves.

Han Sen saw a big black bird staring at him with pinp.r.i.c.k eyes that almost burned holes in him. There were four creatures with six legs that had to be as big as tanks. And on the left, there was a spirit sitting against a tree.

In front of Han Sen, there was a beast that seemed to half-resemble a boar. Its rear was just a mangled-mesh of bones, though. The creature was mainly black, but its eyes were red, like bright rubies embedded in coal. It was as big as a train compartment, all in all.

If he had to guess, he’d go out on a limb and a.s.sume that fearsome beast was the leader of the motley crew.

“It looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!” the spirit shouted, eyeing Han Sen like he was food.

The sheep did not answer the spirit, and merely spoke to the boar. “This is the man you’ve been looking for.”

“He doesn’t even have a geno core! What’s the point?” that same spirit said rudely.

The boar looked at the sheep, and the sheep quickly said, “He’s weak now, but he can heal you. He will only improve and become stronger.”

The beast looked at Han Sen and groaned. The noise he made was hefty, and Han Sen could imagine the power it possessed even from that.

“Hurry up and heal him, bub!” the sheep said.

Han Sen then noticed a wound on the boar’s chest that was bleeding profusely.

Wanting to impress and not disappoint, Han Sen hurriedly simulated the powers of the Holy Rhino. He got to healing the mighty beast, but his performance was even worse this time around. The process was slower than it had been for the rat.

Han Sen guessed it was because of how powerful the creature was. He imagined it had to be primitive-cla.s.s, at the very least.

The spirit started laughing until he was out of breath. When he found composure, he wheezed out, “Pah! You call that healing? Haha!”

The sheep blushed and told the spirit, “Any healing is better than no healing.”

The beast Han Sen was healing did not say or do anything. He ignored their bickering and just focused on accepting the healing and trying to rest. The healing process was going to take a while, and Han Sen was able to have a home amongst the collective. All he had to do for them, each and every day, was tend to the wounds of the boar.

Although Han Sen was not interested in being a healer, he was able to learn a lot by residing amongst them.