Super Gene - Chapter 1332 - Super Spank

Chapter 1332 - Super Spank

Chapter 1332: Super Spank


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen reached out to No G.o.d Emperor, who was now little more than binary code given physical form and shape. He reached out and tried to break him.

With the tenth gene lock of the Dongxuan Sutra open, everything felt different. The coursing of power in and around him felt tangible, and it all provided him a strange, yet wondrous sensation.

In Dongxuan Aura, his own body became a sequential structure of sorts. This was what he saw himself as, all except for his hands.

Before his hands came into contact with No G.o.d Emperor, the spirit’s No G.o.d Sword was bearing down on Han Sen’s head.

Han Sen brought his hand up as a barrier to brace against the sword. No G.o.d Sword also looked like a sequential structure to his eyes now, but one that was different than his own.

Everything around had a sequence structure, but everything was individual and unique. The sequences all ran separate to one another, but when seen all together, they seemed to run in perfect harmony.

When Han Sen’s fingers unfurled and closed back down on the No G.o.d Sword, his hand was able to break one of the sequences.

The process, to Han Sen’s newfound vision, was like the tipping of a domino. And when that first sequence broke, the others quickly followed.

Others saw things the same as always, but what they saw still wowed them and had them look on at something most incredible. In Han Sen’s hand, they saw the No G.o.d Sword crumble to dust and scatter to the wind.

Everyone around, No G.o.d Emperor and Ruin Emperor included, looked at what had occurred in audible shock. Each and every one gasped, not thinking such a thing was possible.

They thought Han Sen was going to die soon, submitting to their constant pummeling. Yet despite all that, they saw a man who had nearly been broken rise up from the ashes like a phoenix. They watched him grab his aggressor’s sword and break it. And of course, No G.o.d Sword was not just any ordinary sword. Chills ran down all their spines.

Han Sen could hardly believe it, either. He was still bewildered by the rush of how things had changed, following the opening of the tenth gene lock. It was nearly scary, what was going on.

“Now I know how Dongxuan Zi was able to break through the vacuum,” Han Sen said to himself, as his own mouth gasped at the realization.

Ruin Emperor then followed up, swinging his fist towards Han Sen. Han Sen grabbed his fist and broke the sequence he could see, which nearly obliterated his entire body. Cracks in his very form had quickly webbed their way across him.

Then, as if the action had been effortless, the cracks widened and collapsed. Ruin Emperor crumbled into dust, just as the sword had.


Total Silence.

Everyone was silent following that, struggling to comprehend the fact that the all-supreme Ruin Emperor had been killed through one punch. And that punch had been so powerful, the spirit had crumbled into little more than ash.

It was all over. The spirits now knew there was no hope for them to remain there, and so they all began to flee. They scarpered back to wherever they came from.

When Ruin Emperor died, Han Sen and his companions got their original powers back, too.

No G.o.d Emperor looked at Han Sen with a face drained of all color. He too wished to flee, as he had once done before. No G.o.d Emperor tried teleporting away, but Han Sen was quicker on the draw. He used Ghost Slash.

“Impossible…” No G.o.d Emperor himself then suffered the same fate, turning to dust as his sword and Ruin Emperor had.

Han Sen’s companions did not spring into action, as might be expected, upon the return of their abilities. Instead, they each just remained still, like statues. They looked at Han Sen as if he was a monster, not their strong and righteous leader as he long had been.

And eventually, their eyes turned to Han Sen’s hands. To them, they were magic hands.

With all the spirits running off, it was expected of them to chase after the spirits they could. But so grand and baffling was Han Sen’s deed, they forgot to go after them. It had slipped Moment Queen’s mind entirely.

“What in the sanctuaries was that power?!” Flower Empress asked East Empress.

Ruin Emperor and No G.o.d Emperor were the strongest spirits in the sanctuary, and despite facing them both simultaneously, Han Sen had managed to one-hit kill the both of them.

“Honestly? I don’t know. For the first time in a long time, I don’t know.” East Empress actually looked frightened as she spoke, and her lips trembled to utter her response.

Heavenly Empress then found herself having to ask the obvious question. “Can any spirit beat him? Is there anyone left we can call upon?”

“Yes, there is! The King!” Flower Empress quickly proclaimed, convinced the spirit of her sleepless nights was just out there somewhere. She did her best to convince herself he was their last hope, and one day he would re-emerge, ready to defeat Han Sen.

“I hope you’re right about that. If you’re not, and there truly is no other, spirits of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary are in danger. We could very well face extinction,” Heavenly Empress said, half-entertaining Flower Empress’ strained belief.

The news of Han Sen being able to one-hit kill Ruin Emperor and No G.o.d Emperor in a duel against them both was heard throughout the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

No one knew what the power Han Sen had employed was, so others came up with a name for it instead.

Super Spank!

Spirits called it Super Spank, for he had slapped No G.o.d Emperor and Ruin Emperor to death.

Many spirits were worried now, for they knew there was no competing against Han Sen. If he came for their territories, there’d be no hope of resisting.

And when the news reached the Alliance, no one believed it.

A few hundred spirits and creatures had ama.s.sed to attack Han Sen’s shelter, and having laid waste to such numbers, Han Sen had also then gone on to kill No G.o.d Emperor.

Humans did not know about Ruin Emperor, but they did know about No G.o.d Emperor through Divinity’s Bout. They knew how terrifying he was, and the thought of Han Sen felling him with ease seemed like a stretch.

While people were quick to disregard the news at first, it soon became clear it was no lie. And what’s more, the news was heard through the chattering of spirits, and there’d be no reason for spirits to lie about this. If anything, repeating the story was doing them a disservice.

“No G.o.d Emperor Super Spanked to Death! Good, Bad, He’s the Guy with the Super Spank! The One Emperor to Rule Them All! ”

Han Sen did not return to the Alliance yet, though. First, he wanted to conquer the entirety of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

After Night Empress aided Han Sen and Lotus Empress by killing numerous emperors, and after the events that had just transpired at Moving Star Shelter, the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary was now at its most vulnerable.

Han Sen was unstoppable, and the remaining spirits knew this. None would dare get in his way, and so they all obeyed Han Sen and provided him with their spirit stones when he started making rounds.

Before what had just occurred, they would never obey a human, but Han Sen was too intimidating. And to them, he wasn’t just a mere human like the rest were. He had a unique reputation of terror.

Areas that had not been controlled by Han Sen yet discussed how they might fight back and revolt, but they all secretly knew it would be futile.

Han Sen took a break after a while and went to the spirit base as a super king spirit. It’d been a while since he last played the part of The King.