Super Gene - Chapter 1251 - Calculation

Chapter 1251 - Calculation

Chapter 1251: Calculation


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen shouted, “Don’t go yet! I am going to take down Blood River Shelter and save you all!”

Xue Yucheng heard him say this and said, “You have no idea how powerful a king-cla.s.s shelter is. Simply sending a message will do.”

After that, he continued driving the boat away.

Han Sen did not blame him for thinking this way. He might not have even heard of Han Sen, and it was highly unlikely he had learned that Han Sen had taken down an emperor shelter.

Han Sen remained in that place and waited for nightfall. Then, he donned the Night Cloak to sneak into the shelter.

Han Sen had an advantage for now, but if he called for his companions to come, he’d lose it. Furthermore, he’d be risking the loss of Thunder h.e.l.l Shelter.

And if Saint Fan had been biding his time, waiting for the moment Han Sen left the shelter unguarded, he could take over and ruin the teleporter inside. If that occurred, the shelter would indeed be rendered useless.

Han Sen planned to observe the goings-on of Blood River Shelter for a bit and come up with a viable plan of attack.

If he could one-hit-kill Blood River King, that would be wonderful.

Han Sen snuck to the island as unnoticeably as he could. The river was a few hundred miles wide, and the island itself was rather large. The castle there was not all that different from Devil’s Nest.

Near the river, Han Sen saw a giant tentacle making waves.

Han Sen was not sure what it was, but it had to be around fifty meters long. The tentacle came out from the water and kept patting and splas.h.i.+ng the surface of the river.

Inside the shelter, there were many strange fish with legs. Their mouths were filled with crocodile-like teeth, too. Luckily, Han Sen had the Night Cloak to s.h.i.+eld him from their vision. Then, not long after, Han Sen felt the presence of a familiar lifeforce nearby.

“Yaksha.” Han Sen saw two people walking through the castle’s garden; one of them was Yaksha.

It had been a while since Han Sen last saw him, and he clearly hadn’t been idle in the time since. He was now much stronger, and he’d be a far more formidable foe this time.

Yaksha was one of the eight generals and had been, once upon a time, at the same level of strength as Xiang Yin and Sky King. It was only a matter of time before he recovered, and if he recovered any further, defeating him would be far more difficult.

Besides Yaksha, there was a king spirit. He was clad in red armor. He had a red cloak, and two swords crossed behind his back.

“That must be Blood River King,” Han Sen thought to himself.

“I hope you can give me an answer. If you let this opportunity to pa.s.s you by, it may be tens of thousands of years before you get another,” Yaksha said.

Han Sen leaned closer in an attempt to hear what the two were discussing.

Blood River King said, “Emperor treasures are good, but that vine has no difficulty eating berserk super creatures on a whim. Even with our spirit stones intact, ’tis a dangerous venture to consider.”

Yaksha said, “I am well aware of how powerful the Aqua Vine is, but we can just go there to steal the kill.”

“What do you mean?” Blood River King asked, with visible surprise.

“Do you know the flying dragon fish?” Yaksha asked.

Blood River King said, “You mean, the flying dragon fish that has opened ten gene locks in the Empty River?”

“Yes, it has ten gene locks open. And what’s more, it can go past the Ten Steps of the Holy Door. It can go there, but it is intent on searching for the Aqua Vine. If it ate the Aqua Fruit, it could become a demi-G.o.d, no problem.”

“You mean…” Blood River King began.

Yaksha said, “We have to wait until they are both injured. We can get the fruit without issue. And if we play our cards right, we might also get the fish.”

“If this is as easy as you say it is, why do you implore my a.s.sistance with this? Why do you want me to join you so badly?” Blood River King wasn’t entirely trusting.

Yaksha said, “The Aqua Vine can restrict my powers. And it can self-destruct before anyone gets what it holds. But you, you are fueled by the element of blood. You might be able to pick them up.”

Yaksha also went on to say, “There are seven Aqua Fruits for the taking. If you grab them all, I’ll keep two. If you obtain fewer than four, I’ll have one.”

“We can give it a try. But when will the dragon fish be back on the move?” Blood River King said.

Yaksha smiled and said, “I know the answer to that. If you are truly interested, come with me.”

Yaksha did not tell him the exact time, as he was worried Blood River King might abandon him.

Han Sen thought to himself, “Are they talking about the lantern fish and the purple vine? This is great!”

The vine on the peak had almost killed the lantern fish. And what’s more, the fruit or treasure that might have been up there was of great interest to him.