Super Gene - Chapter 1203 - Double Talent

Chapter 1203 - Double Talent

Chapter 1203: Double Talent


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Two months pa.s.sed, and all the while, Han Sen spent his days learning about time and s.p.a.ce in the creation of a new hyper geno art. Han Sen was able to simulate Moment Queen’s energy flow, but so far, he could only speed up time and not slow it.

Han Sen only had one hundred time king spirit geno points, unlike Moment Queen, who was born with a direct attunement to the element.

Han Sen could only simulate a bit of Sky King’s s.p.a.ce energy flow, but it was enough to allow Han Sen to condense s.p.a.ce without his opponent realizing what he was doing. It was not too dissimilar to the method used to travel across hypers.p.a.ce; punching a hole through the fabric of the dimension and creating a shortcut.

Of course, these two abilities only applied to Han Sen. They had no effect on others when used.

Han Sen wanted a high-damage hyper geno art, and he still would once this creation process was over. This was because his current creation did not inflict damage on an opponent.

Han Sen kept on practicing these two abilities, trying to find a way in which he might be able to combine them.

Speeding up time allowed Han Sen to move faster. Condensing the s.p.a.ce in his proximity also made him quicker, in a certain sense. In the eyes of others, he’d be moving at a blistering speed that no one else could properly register. Han Sen was able to use these techniques to speed up and reduce the range he had to traverse to attack.

Han Sen dwelled on the final results this hyper geno art would yield, and how the finished product might look and feel like. The concept was promising, at the very least.

After a day of work, the researchers all left. Han Sen remained, though, making use of the zero-g room to practice various time and s.p.a.ce techniques.

The more he practiced, the better he would get. That was true for everyone with everything. It was simple, but infinitely effective. Practicing was the only way to get a true grasp and understanding of something, and that was a universal truth.

Han Sen practiced hard, working up a sweat. He didn’t notice that Professor Long was outside the room, watching him.

Professor Long was supposed to have already left for the day, but he had forgotten something in the lab. He saw some light in the zero-g chamber, so he thought to check it out.

Professor Long nodded when he saw Han Sen. Professor Long had learned quite a bit about Han Sen, but he didn’t understand why Bai Yishan and Li Xinghua liked him so much, up until now.

It was because through Han Sen, they could see themselves when they were much younger. He was quiet, but he worked hard. He didn’t get distracted easily, and he was all-around very different than most young people.

If Han Sen focused on research, there was no doubt he’d become an acclaimed researcher and garner great fame. He’d accomplish much, Professor Long believed.

Professor Long was similar to Han Sen, so he admired him a lot, too. When Han Sen first arrived late, he saw how diligent he was in trying to catch up on what he had missed. For that reason, Professor Long was happy to extend an invitation for him to visit the lab and help.

He was very satisfied with Han Sen’s performance, and although Han Sen had a long while to go and much, much more to learn, Professor Long could see that a bright future awaited him. He’d walk away from the lab with much knowledge.

Professor Long was going to leave Han Sen alone, but when he saw the way Han Sen moved, he was fascinated. As a professor who researched s.p.a.ce and time, he noticed Han Sen was practicing s.p.a.ce.

Han Sen seemed able to take one step and travel one hundred meters. It was like Han Sen had a warp drive installed in his body.

“He has talent with the element of s.p.a.ce?” Professor Long was surprised.

s.p.a.ce talent was rare. Professor Long had two researchers with the s.p.a.ce talent, but they were awful and ridiculously expensive to hire. To Professor Long, Han Sen’s importance had greatly increased.

Humans were not machines. Machines could use energy to travel and crack s.p.a.ce. But this was a human, and Han Sen had just demonstrated the ability to travel in the manner of hypers.p.a.ce. It was an action he performed with no technological aid. It was practically unheard of.

Professor Long thought he was very good with the element of s.p.a.ce. But that was a topic that Professor Long wasn’t as well-versed on, due to his inability to practice it.

“I cannot believe Han Sen has this much talent.” Professor Long looked at Han Sen and licked his lips, as if he was a treasure he could never risk losing.

Han Sen had no idea Professor Long was checking him out in such a manner. He wasn’t in the sanctuary right now, so he did not have to pay attention to his immediate surroundings at all times like he normally would. He could relax and be a little more carefree when he was in the Alliance.

Over the course of those two months, Han Sen continued practicing his teleportation and time-adjustment techniques vigorously. Unfortunately, they remained separate, and he was unable to figure out a way to combine them.

But on this evening, when he was done practicing with the s.p.a.ce element, he turned his focus to time.

When Professor Long saw this, his jaw dropped. His mind raced as he yelled to himself, “He has talent with both time and s.p.a.ce?!”

Professor Long felt as if he had just won the lottery. He smiled madly as he stared at Han Sen.

“This is most wonderful.” Professor Long watched Han Sen as if he were watching a naked woman.

As Han Sen continued to practice, a sudden s.h.i.+ver ran down his spine.

“Why am I covered in gooseb.u.mps? Did the temperature drop?” Han Sen then checked the thermostat, wanting to raise the temperature.

Professor Long had never before seen a human with proficiency in both talents. And now, his mind was racing with all sorts of ideas of what he could with Han Sen. He was very excited.