Super Gene - Chapter 1191 - Harvest?

Chapter 1191 - Harvest?

Chapter 1191: Harvest?


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“What?” Han Sen stared at Dragon King and asked, “Then why would the Asura Sutra be on your scale? Were you best buds with Asura?”

“Um…” Dragon King, for once, had been rendered speechless.

Han Sen was starting to understand what had happened; Dragon King had most likely been a traitor. He had committed a betrayal, and now—in his current state —he was afraid of seeing the other generals from that time.

“Trust me. Once more, I plead you. Asura King is in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, but I know a trace of his lineage is still here in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary. If we get this person to practice the Asura Sutra, we can remove the vines…” Before Dragon King could finish speaking, Han Sen put him away.

“I don’t need you to find Asura.” Han Sen knew of someone else who could practice the Asura Sutra.

Han Sen wondered just how strong Zero had become with the skill.

But he also wondered why the Asura Sutra was practically the same as the Falsified-Sky Sutra. And also, why could only the shura fully learn it?

“Are all these tangents connected somehow?” Han Sen had a lot to mull.

The concept was not entirely impossible or even implausible, as he now knew that creatures of the Sanctuary were capable of entering the Alliance. Bao’er was the latest example. She was born in the Sanctuary, but she could go to the Alliance and back with no issue.

“If the shura were the descendants of this Asura, shouldn’t that mean they would be able to enter the sanctuaries? But it is a well-known fact they cannot.” This was quite the headscratcher for Han Sen to contemplate.

Something else weighed on Han Sen’s mind, too: Baby Ghost. No matter what Han Sen asked about Blood Legion, he was given the same response, “You are not Blood Legion, so I cannot tell you.”

Han Sen was desperate to find out why Blood Legion had kidnapped Han Jingzhi, but try as he might, the only person he knew who could give him an answer, refused to.

Qing Jun had been grievously damaged following the ordeal with the vines. But the damage was not entirely physical. She was Sky King’s child, yet Sky King showed no remorse in attempting to sacrifice her with the rest. She was heartbroken by the betrayal.

After trying it out, Han Sen was unable to use Zero’s Falsified-Sky powers to remove the vines. So, for now, they all had to remain stuck inside the bottle.

If Han Sen was able to save them all, Han Sen did not know whether or not the creatures would pay him heed and listen to what he commanded, either. As such, he decided to speak with each of them, and gauge which creature he might be able to trust the most.

Han Sen asked Moment Queen to move the shelter once more, hoping it would move them closer towards Holy-Sword Shelter. Xie Qing King and the silver fox were supposed to be in that place.

Han Sen knew the Thorn Forest well by now, and he knew where Holy-Sword Shelter lay.

He was worried about the silver fox, though. Han Sen still missed his companions.h.i.+p a great deal, and the silver fox’s absence in his escapades was still sorely felt.

Even now, Han Sen would occasionally brush his own shoulder in the mistaken belief that the silver fox was right there.

For now, though, Han Sen had to return to the Alliance. He wanted to pick up a new hyper geno art. Due to his inability to break the mirror, he knew he needed a move with a bit more of a power-focus. Saving Money was great, but it wasn’t the best when used in a one-on-one fight, particularly so if it was in close-quarter combat.

Furthermore, after his duel with Sky King, he had become infinitely more fascinated with the powers of bending and manipulating s.p.a.ce. He had one hundred s.p.a.ce geno points, too, so he thought there’d be no harm in trying out an ability related to the element of s.p.a.ce.

There weren’t many hyper geno arts a.s.sociated with the s.p.a.ce element, however. There were only a dozen s-cla.s.s skills for him to choose from. And what was more, they were pretty weak. There was one that was named s.p.a.ce Blade, but it only cut enemies slightly.

Han Sen wanted to be able to properly bend and warp the dimension. He wanted something that would allow him to really grip the fabric of s.p.a.ce and manipulate it to his own will, just as Sky King did.

After much perusing, Han Sen found an s-cla.s.s hyper geno art that attracted him far more than all the others. This hyper geno art was called Hypers.p.a.ce. It was a fairly modern skill, too, and it wasn’t something derived from some musty, aged texts of yore. It was a skill that had been derived from the teachings and learnings of modern science.

It was widely believed that humans live in a three-dimensional reality, but according to the theory of relativity, that was not entirely the case.

The concept of three dimensions of s.p.a.ce, alongside one dimension of time, produced the concept of humans living in a four-dimensional continuum.

But there were believed to be eleven dimensions in total.

Hypers.p.a.ce dealt with the time axis a lot, though. So, it was a hyper geno art most closely a.s.sociated with the element of time.

Han Sen wanted the skill not because it was strong, but because of how refres.h.i.+ng it looked. It inspired him in more ways than one. For most people, though, hypers.p.a.ce was more theory than anything. You needed time and s.p.a.ce talents to learn it effectively.

Few people could fully learn it, but even if they did, it wasn’t very effective.

A hyper geno art like that, though, employed techniques not even the fiercest of super creatures could.

Han Sen thought he needed a s.p.a.ce hyper geno art only, but he was wrong.

“I already have one hundred s.p.a.ce king spirit geno points. Moment Queen is a.s.sociated with the element of time, so if I could get one hundred time geno points off her, I’d be all set! I’d be proficient in both talents, and I could learn that hyper geno art.” Han Sen paused his thoughts for a moment, and then went on to think, “I was gone from the underground shelter for some years; she must have obtained many geno points in my time away. Perhaps it is only fair that she share the wealth.”