Super Gene - Chapter 1189 - Killing Sky King

Chapter 1189 - Killing Sky King

Chapter 1189: Killing Sky King


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Nyoi-Bo Studio


Han Sen felt as if his body had been freed from the clutches of chains he never knew existed. The holy light enveloped Han Sen’s entire body, wings, and greatsword. He felt as if he was submerged beneath water, floating free.

Sky King warped the dimension again and threw a punch with the illusion of near-teleportation levels of speed. Seeing another punch head his way, Han Sen readied his greatsword. But even though the fist was only a meter away, it felt like it was miles away.

In the next second, he was swinging his greatsword as if it was weightless. It cut through the twisted, perverse dimension and struck Sky King’s wrecking fist.

It was too late for Sky King to pull back, as half of his fist was lopped off.

Sky King bled profusely from his fist, which made him reel back aghast. He couldn’t believe what had just happened, and truth be told, neither could Han Sen.

But Han Sen was happy at the sudden turning of the tides. Little Angel had helped Han Sen open his tenth gene lock for super king spirit. Now, Han Sen could not be suppressed by the warping of dimensions.

Han Sen wasn’t yet sure about the extent of his power with ten gene locks open. He didn’t exactly have the opportunity to thoroughly test it, due to the current circ.u.mstances. Neither did he know if this was a permanent opening of a gene lock, and if it would remain open if Little Angel exited his body.

Regardless, Han Sen now had what it took to fight back. Victory did not seem impossible now, and so he had to focus on ending the current threat.

Han Sen flapped his wings. In a flash of holy light, he teleported directly before Sky King.

Sky King frowned and raised a golden palace in response. It was a few hundred meters away to begin with, but now it had blinked forth to separate the two.

But Han Sen was able to flap his wings again, and with the greatsword, he sliced through the new distortion of the dimension. Then, Han Sen cut through the palace.

Sky King did not expect his Sky Palace to prove ineffective in protecting him from Han Sen. He had not expected the tables to turn so quickly and turn so dramatically, and Sky King now wanted to flee and return to the safety and comfort of his tree.

Sky King was incredibly fast and agile, and with his abilities of dimension-distortion, he was able to manipulate his movement so that one step could account for a thousand meters.

But Han Sen flapped his wings again. Immediately, he was able to catch up with Sky King so he could swing his sword and strike him down.

Sky King frowned, and he wasn’t going to make things that easy. He turned, holding up a wooden spear that looked like the Sky Tree.


The transparent greatsword struck the spear and left a deep cleft in it.

Han Sen was even happier now. He drew the Phoenix Sword in one hand, while transparent greatsword remained in the other. Then, he unleashed a barrage of strikes against Sky King.

Sky King was able to keep his spear raised in an attempt to block the attacks, but the dual-wielding barrage proved too much. The shockwaves generated by Han Sen’s flurry of attacks soon began to collapse and devastate the golden palaces that littered the ruined landscape.


Sky King’s spear was no longer able to withstand the attacks, and it eventually broke in two. Han Sen flew around behind Sky King and cut his face.

Sky King’s desperate bid to flee now escalated. With a wretched face of disgust, he turned towards the tree and took off.

But Han Sen was no longer afraid of anything, now that he was imbued with the holy light. With the glowing halo, too, he flapped his wings and followed Sky King wherever he went.

Sky King bled, and the skies were dyed red, as if in response.

Sky King’s blood began to cascade like rainfall.

It shocked Sky King, and his bleeding face robbed him of any intention he had to fight back. All he wanted to do now was return to his tree and cower within.

Han Sen did not relent in his chase, and he smirked at seeing how much Sky King’s behavior had changed. All his c.o.c.kiness had vanished.

He got in another strike, and this time, Han Sen managed to not only cut Sky King’s crown in two, but also give him a less-than-fas.h.i.+onable haircut.

The gold armor Sky King wore was all broken, and it had turned the color of rusted, aged steel.

His wounds leaked blood like broken faucets.

Sky King flew inside the tree and closed himself inside. Han Sen was determined not to allow this to stop him, though. He struck the tree once, creating a dozen-meter-long mark across the surface of the tree.

Unfortunately, it didn’t do much. The tree seemed able to heal itself, too.

So Han Sen began striking the tree fiercely. He hoped he could keep up the DPS to outpace the healing.

And all the while, Sky King was inside, cowering in fear over his nemesis.

As Han Sen excitedly fought against the bark of the tree, it soon revealed itself to be a futile endeavor. But Han Sen suddenly smiled in the remembrance of something. He turned around and went after the golden peac.o.c.k.

The golden peac.o.c.k wasn’t expecting Han Sen back, and it really wasn’t expecting his newfound strength. With its beak, it attempted to block Han Sen’s greatsword.


The gold peac.o.c.k was no match, and it was promptly cut in half.

“Super Creature Sky Peac.o.c.k killed. Beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly.”

Han Sen grabbed the yellow Life Geno Essence from its body and put Disloyal Knight back inside the Sea of Soul. Then, he returned to the underground shelter.

Han Sen’s super king spirit mode could last one hour, but after combining with Little Angel, he felt drained of all energy within the s.p.a.ce of a few minutes.

As Han Sen flew back home, Little Angel departed and returned to the Sea of Soul looking equally tired and drained of energy.

Han Sen was feeling worse than usual. He was in very poor condition, and he had to make use of his Blood-Demon Dragon wings to return home. He couldn’t even fly home by himself, he was so weak.