Super Gene - Chapter 1115 - Ask Me Questions

Chapter 1115 - Ask Me Questions

Chapter 1115: Ask Me Questions


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The progress of practicing Hidden Blood came smoothly. There were no hindrances, and Han Sen was able to withstand the high-energy blood he was given.

After fifteen days, Han Sen became what could be considered a beginner. The energy in his blood, by this point, had doubled. Han Sen now had the time to enter the sanctuary and get to refining both Life Geno Essences.

Bai Yishan had been satisfied by the results thus far, and when Han Sen got even better, he would doc.u.ment his experiences with the skill for information data.

Of course, his experience was only one of the many things required, so it wasn’t enough to complete the project to a degree of satisfaction. Bai Yishan found Han Sen to ask him questions and learn whether or not problems with the hyper geno art came from the heart. If so, they could make the necessary changes.

Ordinary people could not practice Heresy Mantra, but there were other hyper geno arts out there that could strengthen the heart. These were, however, not half as efficient.

Han Sen had learned a lot from his time practicing Hidden Blood. In the past, Bai Yishan had only given Han Sen information that could be found on Skynet. But now that Han Sen could learn it right there with him, it was great. Plus, spending time in the labs allowed Han Sen to observe a variety of different experiments conducted by researchers.

There were hundreds of people there, running countless experiments at the same time. Bai Yishan was in charge of Hidden Blood because it was his own personal project; other projects were handled by those under his employ.

Han Sen was captivated by the experiments, and on this day in particular, he lost track of time and missed his dinner. Fortunately for him, there was a vending machine there. He bought a snack and sat down to eat in the canteen.

Ever since he had learned the stomach hyper geno art, he had had to eat a lot more.

While Han Sen ate, a group of other people entered the canteen.

It was past supper time, but still they came. One of the group was laughing loudly, and when he saw Han Sen, he stopped. The others, seeing him stop so suddenly, looked in the direction he had frozen. And then, they too saw Han Sen there.

Han Sen glanced up and noticed it was w.a.n.g Lin. It was the person Han Sen had humiliated, back when they were on the Xue family’s original planet.

Han Sen continued eating, ignoring the man. He was friends with w.a.n.g Mengmeng and w.a.n.g Yuhang, so he wasn’t too keen on keeping a rivalry with someone in their family.

w.a.n.g Lin went back to talking with the people who were accompanying him. Unfortunately for him, Han Sen’s ears were far too good. He could hear every single word that was spoken.

w.a.n.g Lin told the story of what had transpired at the Xue family meeting, but reversed their roles entirely. Han Sen had mocked w.a.n.g Lin, saying he was a disgrace of a student for Professor Li, too, but w.a.n.g Lin had just said he was only insulting Professor Li, and he had stepped in to defend his teacher.

Li Singhua was there in the canteen with them, and although Han Sen had never seen him before, he knew who it was. The way he stood out from the others in the group was plain to see.

His strength did not matter, though. This was the Saint Hall, and he could not freely attack Han Sen if he believed his student’s words and wished to do so.

The researchers, hearing what w.a.n.g Lin said, all looked at Han Sen with anger.

Han Sen did not blame them, though. He’d be angry if he learned others had been insulting Bai Yishan.

One of the angry researchers approached Han Sen.

“Did you say Professor Li has no clue how to teach students?” The man asked.

Han Sen could not deny he said this, because he did, all for the purpose of mocking w.a.n.g Lin who had verbally a.s.saulted Han Sen first.

If they were there, though, everyone would know Han Sen meant no ill sentiments toward Professor Li. After hearing what w.a.n.g Lin had told them, though, they obviously favored believing their colleague.

“I did say that,” Han Sen admitted.

The researcher looked furious, and he said, “Apologize immediately! If you don’t, don’t hold it against me for what I do next.”

“If one of his students can beat me and prove me wrong, sure. I’ll apologize,” Han Sen said.

“How? Through a fight? I thought you were disabled.” The man seemed shocked, hearing the suggestion.

Han Sen merely smiled and said, “We are researchers; he didn’t teach you to kill.”

“Then what are you suggesting? How would we compete?” the man asked, frowning.

Everyone researched different subjects, so it was difficult to find common ground. It wouldn’t be fair for Han Sen to suggest something he had already studied.

Han Sen smiled and walked before Li Singhua.

“Han Sen, what are you doing?” the researcher said, stepping between the two.

Han Sen bowed to Li Singhua, saying, “Professor Li, why don’t you suggest a research topic we can research together. I lose if they are faster, and vice versa.”

Everyone thought Han Sen was crazy. Different researchers were good at different things, so if Li Singhua suggested something Han Sen didn’t know squat about, he’d immediately be at a disadvantage.

Li Singhua was their teacher. If he suggested a topic his students already knew, then Han Sen would also lose.

Li Singhua smiled and said, “Bai Yishan does have a good student.”