Super Gene - Chapter 1105 - Curse of Immortality

Chapter 1105 - Curse of Immortality

Chapter 1105: Curse of Immortality


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Over the past few years, Han Sen had studied and learned much alongside Bai Yishan. He spent most of his time researching the powers of the Coin Toad’s energy flow and developing Saving Money.

Creating hyper geno arts was not easy, and he had only managed to create one during all that time.

What he often referred to as “Make It Rain” was not a proper skill, just a barrage technique he employed. Saving Money was different to this, as it actually involved a warping of the powers that would be used.

Humans could create and use powers that were complex in their employment. The intricate nature of human skills was why they took a long time to master, but it was also what gave them an edge against spirits. Spirits were a lot more basic, and their power was often derived from simple strength. If all battles were a direct collision of strength, spirits would almost always win.

Saving Money used the coins as a base. It was a combination of that and Bao’er’s energy flow.

Saving Money made use of a suction vacuum, courtesy of Bao’er. Through an a.n.a.lysis of her profound magnetic-like abilities, Han Sen was able to work it into amplifying the crus.h.i.+ng weight of the coins.

And now, this was to be a first-time showcase of what he had developed. And Han Sen had turned the dial all the way up to eleven.


When the coin fired directly towards Ancient Jade King’s body, the spirit’s entire body was suddenly morphed into a stone pillar. And then, a brief second later, it crumbled to the ground.

Ancient Jade King started to run. He knew he couldn’t dodge and deflect such a powerful coin, so his ability to duplicate himself as a pillar was what would save him.

He thought he had managed to get away scot-free, but he was wrong. And when he acknowledged this, his face fell. He felt a wretched suction start pulling him back towards the coin he was trying to escape.

Ancient Jade King tried to fight the tide of suction, but it was futile. He ended up rolling back towards the coin.

The audience only saw Han Sen’s coin destroy a sudden pillar of stone, and when Ancient Jade King tried to make an escape, he was pulled back towards it.

It was a nine gene lock super king spirit’s power multiplied by eleven.

The moment Ancient Jade King came into contact with the coin, his armor shattered.

Ding! Ding!

Nothing but blood remained. And atop it, spinning on its side, was the coin. It was completely clean.

Everyone fell silent upon witnessing what had just occurred. The entire battleground had been devastated by what Han Sen had just done; it was frightening.

But the silence didn’t last long. Han Sen had won again, and that warranted grand applause. Screams of fanatical cheering began to erupt.

Han Sen did not have the time to hang around, though. He simply waved and ran back to the shelter.

When he returned, he immediately fell on the floor. He could hardly breathe, and in the aching of his muscles, he ended up flopping in a pool of his own sweat.

Fortunately, he was able to exit just in time. He couldn’t risk having that occur in the arena.

After lying down for a while, he felt moderately better. Still, he was incredibly weak.

“Ugh, I’m still so far away from reaching the top ten. What’s the use of continuing today and trying to win the entire compet.i.tion?” Han Sen thought to himself.

While he was ready to call it quits, he did not harbor any regrets. Even without a benefit to himself, he was happy to step on the throats of other spirits.

“It’s a shame I couldn’t well-and-truly eliminate and kill Fei Yu King,” Han Sen said to himself.

With no time to dwell on it, Han Sen returned home and hopped into his recovery pool. Saving Money had put a ma.s.sive strain on him.

It would take two weeks for him to recover from that, so it was unlikely he could fight again the next day.

Han Sen felt his entire body become drained of power, and every cell in his body had almost zero energy.

Suddenly, though, he felt a power in his heart. It was thumping with a strength greater than he was accustomed to.

Han Sen was shocked, feeling his heart actually begin to change. Power was starting to return, all derived from the new manic pumping of his heart.

“Curse of Immortality? It finally finished after all this time.” Han Sen placed his hand on his chest and felt incredibly happy.

Heresy Mantra had four different tiers to it. He had learned the third tier a long time ago; something which was called Long Live. The fourth tier, Curse of Immortality, had not finished yet. But on this day, after having been drained of all energy, Heresy Mantra had finally become ready to evolve.

Han Sen thought to himself, “What changes will Curse of Immortality bring to my body, I wonder?”

Heresy Mantra was a pa.s.sive skill, but it had always proven useful. It had always been there, like a rock or pillar to support him.

It was like Jade-Sun Force, except this one worked on the heart. The heart was a core component of the human body. While all his other organs were exhausted, Han Sen’s heart was stronger than ever.

Where he once felt like dying, now he was full of life. His Heresy Mantra had reached a new tier, and he couldn’t be happier.

But with this new-found strength, Han Sen discovered a new hunger. He was starving, very much like the first time he practiced Heresy Mantra.

He crawled out of the pool and returned to the shelter. He brought out some of the creature flesh he had stored and started to stuff his face with it. It was raw.