Super Gene - Chapter 1097 - The Third Divinity’s Bout Starts

Chapter 1097 - The Third Divinity’s Bout Starts

Chapter 1097: The Third Divinity’s Bout Starts


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen’s body had not fully recovered yet, so he didn’t venture too deep into the Devil’s Realm. He mainly killed the monsters that were on the outskirts, teetering on the borders of that black pit. With their endless numbers, he was still able to harvest vast amounts of Devil Presences.

“One day, I will go to Ancient Devil Shelter and kill that Mara. And I’ll take that bell of hers,” Han Sen thought to himself as he peered towards the shelter.

But the Mara had opened ten of its gene locks, and with countless super creatures there, it was not likely he could accomplish such a task even if he had fully recovered.

But his mind recalled the frightening turn of events that had led to him being able to escape. Something strange had scared the Mara, throwing it off focus.

“Is Big Mara a spirit or creature? Would I get a beast soul for killing it?” Han Sen thought to himself.

There was nothing he could do, even with such thoughts. He couldn’t go up and kill it, anyway. So, all he did was spend his time riding around on Golden Growler while Disloyal Knight cut-down as many creatures as it could.

Suddenly, the badge in front of Disloyal Knight began to blaze with a black light. As this occurred, he heard an announcement play in his head.

“Devil-Fang King Badge has acc.u.mulated ten thousand Devil Presences. Would you like to trade with Devil King?”

Han Sen had no clue what the trade would consist of or how it would go about. If it was a one-time thing, he believed it might have been a waste to make use of it now.

Regardless, Han Sen accepted the trade request.

The badge started to emit a black smoke, and a devil that looked like Devil-Fang King appeared.

Devil-Fang King spewed some devil air, and it floated in the s.p.a.ce between them.

“Ten thousand Devil Presences in exchange for one item. Choose now,” Devil King said.

“Choose what? I don’t see anything!” Han Sen looked at the murky cloud of air that had been spat out. It had split into ten different frames, but he couldn’t see anything inside them.

Devil King did not respond.

“This is like a lottery. Can I get a feel for the items first?” After Han Sen spoke, he touched one of the murky clouds.

But immediately after he touched it, the other nine went straight back to Devil King. And then, the Devil King returned to the badge.

“This concludes the trade. Devil Presence tally has returned to zero.”

“What? That’s it?!” Han Sen was a little confused about what had just happened.

The Devil Presence had all disappeared in return for a single item.

It was a black pill. Its color was darker than ink.

Devil Pill: Devil King Weapon

“Eh? That’s a weapon?” It was merely a black pill, roughly the same size as an egg. It most certainly didn’t look like a weapon.

Han Sen put some energy into the pill but discovered he was still too weak. It’d take a while for him to recover, yet.

When the energy entered the pill, though, the pill released a puff of smoke that enveloped Han Sen in a murky, foggy embrace.

“What was that for?! It’s not like it can kill something.” Han Sen was well and truly perplexed.

But just as these thoughts came, the smoke began to shrink and manifest in the shape of a dagger.

“Wait a minute… can it become a sword?” Han Sen then wondered.

The dagger turned into smoke again, before re-a.s.sembling itself as a sword.

Han Sen was delighted. The smoke could turn into any weapon he desired.

But weapons were the extent of what it could shape itself as. It could not embody the shape of armor or a s.h.i.+eld.

Unfortunately, it was not as tough as Taia nor as sharp as the Phoenix Sword, but the versatility was great. The fact that it could take on any shape was remarkable.

“With this Devil Pill, I don’t need to swap weapons when I wish to change my moveset.” Han Sen liked this a lot.

He imagined his enemies trying to deflect the gentle swings of a sword, and then suddenly going up against a huge hammer. He thought that’d be pretty sweet.

More importantly, though, Han Sen could have it manifest as a bow. He had always wanted a super-cla.s.s bow.

It could also turn into an arrow, but he could not have it form the bow and arrow at the same time.

Han Sen tried to flex its powers, and he believed it to be no worse than any other super beast soul he could have received. The only real downside to it, though, was the lack of any elemental powers.

Also, you’d need a good deal of energy to support the Devil Pill.

The pros and cons were obvious and plain to see, so Han Sen figured it must have been a geno treasure.

The badge could still be used if he collected another ten thousand Devil Presences. If he did that, he could do another trade.

What’s more, if he went into the Devil’s Realm even deeper, the collection would be much faster.

Seeing the numbers turn to zero, Han Sen decided to return to the shelter for the day.

There were many abandoned shelters in those barren lands, and Han Sen had decided to make his temporary residence inside the confines of a derelict royal shelter. If any creatures sought to infiltrate them, Disloyal Knight always remained vigilant in defending him.

Han Sen figured he should return to the Alliance for a bit, too. But just as he was about to, he suddenly heard a sound.

“The Divinity’s Bout has started! The Martial Monument has opened.” Han Sen was shocked, not expecting the third sanctuary’s Divinity’s Bout to have already started. He was still injured, so there was not much he could do there. Even if he was in tip-top shape, he doubted he could do much versus the emperor spirits there.

“Ah well, I might as well join.” Han Sen signed up. He was the only person living in that shelter, so he was the first and only contestant there. He was accepted into the tournament by default.