Super Gene - Chapter 1090 - Frost Jade

Chapter 1090 - Frost Jade

Chapter 1090: Frost Jade

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When the faction was originally split into four families, the Xue family was given the Frost Sutra. The primary reason for this was how well it suited them.

The Frost Sutra relied on yin power and the ice element. Members of the Xue family had a body-type that was comprised of both traits, which made them the best candidates to learn it.

That being said, the Xue family always knew there’d be a problem if they were to learn it. Before the sanctuaries were discovered, humans were weak. And for the Xue family, that meant they could only learn a portion of the Frost Sutra.

Rarely was someone’s emotions affected by its learning back then.

And furthermore, Iceheart was designed to erase the negative emotions that arose from its learning.

But through the sanctuaries, as it was for every other family, they became stronger. And as a result, the effectiveness of the Frost Sutra increased.

But for this sutra, there wasn’t a vertical ascension of power. Something changed with the Frost Sutra, and now, by the time the Xue family themselves were able to notice, it was too late.

Xue Yiqing became aware of this first, but his efforts were insufficient. He failed and went insane before he could discover the cause. It was currently thought that this was because he had reached the highest tier possible of Jadeskin.

Xue Yiqing gave Xue Feiyan the ice jade before he snapped. That stone possessed the original version of the Frost Sutra. The strangest thing about it was that it could react and determine other individuals in the environment that had also learned the Frost Sutra.

This was displayed through a s.h.i.+ft in temperature. It reacted by growing colder when in proximity to someone who had learned the Frost Sutra.

Tier was not accounted for in this reaction, though. The drop in temperature was not related to whether it was close to someone with a high-level version of the Frost Sutra or a low-level version. The s.h.i.+fts in temperature just seemed random.

When the ice jade was near Xue Yiqing, it was not as cold as it was near Xue Feiyan, for example.

Xue Feiyan was the one who could make the jade the coldest it could be.

The Xue family did not know what this suggested, and neither did they know the benefits one could receive by clutching the jade.

When Lin Feng and Han Sen visited the ice cave, Xue Feiyan was only twenty meters away from them. This provoked a reaction from the jade, with instigated her confusion regarding its behavior.

The jade only started to react after Lin Feng and Han Sen entered. Keen to find out if it was Han Sen who had caused the reaction, she decided to deliver the items he had ordered to him herself.

The results were quite shocking, in that the reaction was far stronger than she expected.

She had never received such a reaction from anyone else in the Xue family. There would have been no reaction at all if someone had not practiced Jadeskin.

This was how she figured Han Sen had learned the Frost Sutra, despite him not giving any indication.

Aside from his smooth skin, there was no frosted air surrounding his being. Those who had learned Jadeskin, typically possessed eyes tinted by a blueish hue.

Because of this, Xue Feiyan was rather confused. Han Sen looked ordinary to her own eyes, but the jade was telling her otherwise.

Han Sen must have at least learned the first stage of Jadeskin, something which prompted the initial reaction. It remained to be seen how far he had developed, and that was why she came to watch the security feed. She wanted to study Han Sen and learn as much about him as possible, and see if she could discern whether or not he possessed any visible traits of Jadeskin.

“Maybe this jade is simply broken.” Xue Feiyan wondered if the ice jade had simply been mistaken and malfunctioned in some way.

She exited the monitoring room none the wiser, but she still harbored a great deal of suspicion towards Han Sen.

If Han Sen practiced Jadeskin, and he had done so without any of the problems she and her family were suffering from, he could end up resolving the issue. He might have the potential to save the Xue family.

To prevent any further tragedies, she wasn’t going to let this go. She herself was determined to find a way in which this entire ordeal could be resolved.

“I have to fight him. If I fight him, maybe I can find out the truth,” Xue Feiyan thought to herself.

She was aware of Han Sen’s condition, however. Like everyone else there, she believed he could no longer fight or make use of his energy flows. But even if this was true, that did not mean he had lost his abilities completely. So, through battle, she thought she could discover the truth.

Xue Feiyan had to find a way, and if she was to do this, she’d have to be careful. She couldn’t boldly request a match and risk inciting the ire and spite of the other three families. Wanting to battle a crippled person was not in good taste, after all.

She had to devise a clever way in which she could fight him.

Han Sen had no idea what manner of thoughts were running through Xue Feiyan’s mind at that point. His mind was currently concerned with only one thing, and that was Jadeskin.

Long ago, when he first learned Jadeskin, he had noticed a problem with it. Back then, though, he had no idea whether or not it was a problem of his own or a problem of Xue Yikuang.

He recalled the time he was robbed of all emotion, and his temper was spiteful towards the silver fox. To calm himself and restore his emotions, he had to use the Dongxuan Sutra to regain control and flush the negative energy of Jadeskin out of his body.

Now that he thought about it, though, he wasn’t sure how it began. It had just occurred.

“Whatever it was, I’m sure the Dongxuan Sutra helped sort it out for me. But it’s not like I can teach that sutra to the entire Xue family.” Han Sen was not charitable, especially when it came to the people that had repeatedly tried to kill him.

After two days had pa.s.sed, the main event began. The meeting started in the hall where all the families convened. There, the Xue family presented the original version of the Frost Sutra and used a projector so everyone could see it. With that, all saw it clearly.