Super Gene - Chapter 1081 - Marriage

Chapter 1081 - Marriage

Chapter 1081: Marriage


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ji Ruozhen brought in a few demi-G.o.ds to check out Han Sen and evaluate whether or not there was something they could do for him, but nothing worthwhile came from their observations. The crystals were firmly lodged in his body and had become a part of him. The demi-G.o.ds were strong, and even though they could have broken the crystals, destroying them would mean destroying the organs. And destroying the organs would mean killing Han Sen.

A few days later, a middle-aged man came to see Han Sen with Ji Yanwu.

Ji Yanwu, from what Han Sen could immediately see, respected the man he had brought with him a great deal. And although he didn’t say a word, Han Sen could tell who this person was.

It was Luo Haitang, the G.o.dslayer.

After Luo Haitang examined Han Sen, all he did was sigh and leave. He never returned after that.

Many people came to know about Han Sen’s poor condition. Although the specifics weren’t widespread, it was common to hear people whisper about Han Sen having suffered an unfortunate accident. The wounds Han Sen had incurred were so grievous, not even the legendary G.o.dslayer could fix them.

Han Sen wasn’t in any danger of dying, and his condition wouldn’t have been a big deal had he been an ordinary person, but Han Sen was Han Sen. And without his powers, Han Sen was useless. He felt useless.

Many people came to visit. Some came kindheartedly, to see if they could do anything or, at the very least, express their condolences. Others just came to see if what they had heard was true: the great Han Sen had fallen.

No matter what they thought though, Han Sen did not give in to sadness. He wasn’t going to abandon hope of recovery because he had a solution of his own.

He might not have been able to open his gene locks, but he could still make use of his super king spirit mode. With that, he himself could remove the crystals slowly over time.

Because the crystals were a part of Han Sen, they had to be removed bit-by-bit, slowly. It would take a long time for this crystallization process to be reversed; a very long time.

Han Sen actually had another method of fixing himself, and that was to use the demon language he had learned while in Devil’s Realm. If he spoke it, he could heal and improve his body quickly.

But of course, Han Sen still preferred to get rid of it the slow way. He wasn’t going to immediately fix himself, if doing so allowed the light to change him.

“What a shame.” The Zhao family feigned sadness over the entire affair. But obviously, behind the scenes, they mocked Han Sen.

The Zhao family and Han Sen had much bad blood between them, so it was only natural for them to feel this way. Their history was an ugly one, after all.

The people who were genuinely close to Han Sen, though, who believed he could not recover, were incredibly upset over what had occurred.

“Handsome.” w.a.n.g Mengmeng and w.a.n.g Yuhang came to visit Han Sen one day, and when they looked at Han Sen, they did so with red eyes. Evidently, they had been crying their eyes out upon learning of his condition.

Qin Lan, Yang Manli, Tang Zhenliu, Lin Feng, Lin Beifeng, Su Xiaoqiao, Liu Meng, and Huangfu Pingqing all came to visit him, over time. Even Ning Yue came to visit.

Ning Yue did not say much, given the circ.u.mstances, but before he left, he said, “Recover soon, yes? Without an opponent as formidable as you up and about, this world seems rather dull already.”

Han Sen smiled and responded, “You can always buy me a drink sometime.”

Queen also came to visit Han Sen. She didn’t stay long, though. All she did was slap Han Sen’s forehead and swiftly leave.

Even Han Sen was confused by this behavior, and after she left, he nursed his forehead and mulled why she had acted that way.

Many more people came to visit Han Sen, and it warmed his heart far more than he thought it would. He was delighted to learn he had so many friends who genuinely cared for his wellbeing.

Han Sen’s mother, Luo Lan, did not sound worried at all, though, upon learning of his affliction. She even had the gall to say, “Perhaps this means you can stay at home and make some babies for me. I’ve been waiting a long time for a grandson.”

Han Sen could only present her a wry smile after this, not fancying himself as a baby-making machine.

“Don’t you need to work?” Han Sen asked Ji Yanran, who came to visit and was peeling an apple for him.

Ever since what happened, Ji Yanran had practically moved into the Han household to look after him.

“I retired,” Ji Yanran said.

Han Sen was shocked to hear this, and said, “I thought you wanted to be a captain! There’s no need for you to worry about me.”

Ji Yanran looked at him and said, “You owe me a wedding. You still owe me a proper proposal. Have you forgotten about how terrible your first was?”

“No…” Han Sen answered.

“Give it to me now.” Ji Yanran demanded.

“But now I…” Han Sen wanted to say he was planning to give her a better one, once he was healed.

“You need someone beside you 24/7, and I want that person to be me.” Ji Yanran was firm in this stance.

“But I…” Han Sen didn’t want Ji Yanran to waste her life and career by nursing him.

“You owe me. And besides, the psychic said if I don’t marry this year, it’s best I wait another ten years. And I don’t want to wait ten years before I get married!” Ji Yanran pleaded.

“Yanran…” Han Sen held her, thinking her kindness to be immeasurable. He was so touched, he felt he’d have to spend his entire life trying to repay her sacrifices just to be with him.

Han Sen proposed and they got married. The wedding ceremony was simple, held between close family members and friends. Once it was done, they became husband and wife.

After their wedding, Ji Yanran opened an aircraft company on Planet Roca. Han Sen spent his time researching hyper geno arts.

He could not practice hyper geno arts at this time, so all he could do was research them. Bai Yishan taught him much, but he also spent time studying ancient languages to help him practice the Dongxuan Sutra in the future, amongst other things.

Han Sen confirmed what he wished to research, opting not to learn about the more famous hyper geno arts or the hyper geno arts that were applied to the use of weapons.

He researched the powers of the Coin Toad. He wanted to make it a hyper geno art.

Han Sen didn’t want to just make it any hyper geno art, as it currently was. He wanted to make the low tier coins even more powerful, so they could match with high tier gene locks.