Super Gene - Chapter 1038 - The View That Contains a Thousand Birds

Chapter 1038 - The View That Contains a Thousand Birds

Chapter 1038: The View That Contains a Thousand Birds


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Who are you?” Holy-Sword Emperor asked.

“That is of no concern to you,” Han Sen said.

Holy-Sword Emperor balked and pulled out his sword. Without delay, he thrust forward, taking aim at Han Sen’s forehead.

Han Sen leapt away like a bird, evading the attack with ease.

Holy-Sword Emperor raised his arm and pointed with his fingers. Suddenly, they all took on a life of their own, each one becoming a free-thinking sword. The index finger was thin like a rapier, whereas the middle finger was hefty like a greatsword. The thumb was like a plump dagger.

The five fingers became five different swords, and swiftly, they went after Han Sen.

Holding Bao’er, Han Sen rode the air and dodged every finger that wished to skewer him. Despite the spirit’s grand display of power, none of his attacks found their target

Holy-Sword Emperor was wielding ten swords, one for each finger. Each one weaved between each other, striking with an unbelievable amount of precision and speed. Han Sen did not believe any other spirit he had come across could have managed to achieve such finesse with a weapon.

As Han Sen danced through the air, his mind recalled the birds in the palace.

As the swords launched towards him, his mind flashed back to a movement he had witnessed off one bird. He applied it to Aero and evaded whichever sword came for him, alternating through the vast array of different movements he had learned.

Han Sen was incredibly happy at what he was able to achieve. He had only opened eight gene locks and had eighteen hundred fitness—figures which made him weaker than king spirits—but that did not matter.

Han Sen was able to dodge every single attack that came his way, from a foe that should have been out of his league. What he had learned from the birds was incredible.

Of course, much of what he was doing now was all thanks to Aero. If he didn’t have it, even if he was a king spirit without it, he’d have been unable to pull off half the graceful evasions that now came to him effortlessly.

Holy-Sword Emperor’s senses had been restricted in this place. Although it did not stifle the power he possessed, it made him unable to determine Han Sen’s actual power.

Xie Qing King, on the other hand, had a third eye that enabled him to now see more of who his follower actually was. He could most certainly tell the power Han Sen held. And as he watched with great interest, Holy-Sword Emperor had yet to determine whether the foe he was battling was a human or a spirit.

Han Sen maintained a firm grip on the baby, as he pranced through the air. Continuing to evade with such grace and finesse was a remarkable feat, and a display of fantastic talent. Although he may not have been able to correctly gauge who his enemy was, Holy-Sword Emperor was at least aware Han Sen was a powerful person.

Brother Seven was not aware of who Han Sen was, and he could not determine the level of power he possessed, either. The only thing he could tell was that he was a human. He knew this from the structure of his face and the clothing he wore.

He had heard of humans being able to effectively do battle with royal spirits, but he had never heard of a human being able to compete with a king spirit.

The person was very young, too. It greatly surprised him how brilliant the young man was. Regardless of what was going on or what would happen later, he knew he was witnessing something quite brilliant.

Plus, to top it all off, he was holding a baby. To engage in battle as he was doing, Brother Seven was in immediate adoration.

“Have humans really become this strong?” Brother Seven wondered to himself, in awe.

He knew it was only natural for humans to improve and become stronger and better able to compete with the spirits; it was an inevitability of the pa.s.sage of time. But this was far beyond his wildest expectations of what was possible, at their current stage in time. Whoever this person battling Holy-Sword Emperor was, he was strangely powerful.

Holy-Sword Emperor, frustrated with his inability to determine who his foe was and how powerful he might have been, decided to up his game. He split his swords into a hundred smaller versions. The stakes had been amped up, and it actually put Han Sen into some degree of danger.

Even though Han Sen was continuing to use Aero, it was difficult and far more trying for him to dodge his aggressor’s attacks now.

Three minutes later, he slipped up. A sword nicked his arm and broke the sacred-blood armor there.

“I was almost expecting a challenge. I see the truth now; you are nothing but a wimp. You are a coward that can only flee to and fro, not daring to face me like a proper opponent,” Holy-Sword Emperor taunted Han Sen, and then fired a greater number of swords in an attempt to finish him off.

Han Sen knew the odds were lop-sided from the get-go. The only reason he was still alive was due to Blood-Pulse Sutra.

But due to the buffs being unable to increase his fitness level, he hadn’t been able to open more gene locks.

If Han Sen’s Blood-Pulse Sutra could go higher than eight, he’d have a power that was equivalent to two thousand fitness.

But Han Sen’s base fitness was still only one thousand eight hundred, and because of this, he could not continue this way forever.

And adding to that, the more Han Sen dodged, the more the callous spirit wanted his blood.

Suddenly, Han Sen had an idea. He dive-bombed down with haste, landing directly behind the still-petrified Xie Qing King.

Holy-Sword Emperor had been fixated on Han Sen the entire time, and had initially believed the calcified Xie Qing King to be an inanimate statue. So, he did not relent and simply decided to blast the statue with all his might.

“My Emperor, the time is now!” Han Sen happily proclaimed.


The statue shattered, and a man drenched in blood appeared. A silver light encompa.s.sed his body, healing his wounds. In the time that it took Xie Qing King to take two steps, he became fully healed.

“Good job; you were smart to save me.” Xie Qing King laughed out loud, having come to really like Han Sen.

“Thank you very much; it was my pleasure.” Han Sen feigned happiness, but in his heart he thought, “You’d still be a rock if I was able to kill Holy-Sword Emperor with my super king spirit mode.”

Holy-Sword Emperor looked upon Xie Qing King with remarkable shock, and he actually exclaimed, “Xie Qing King!”