Super Gene - Chapter 1017 - Blood Fruit

Chapter 1017 - Blood Fruit

Chapter 1017: Blood Fruit

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“Mister Liu, I thank you. You have greatly opened our eyes,” Chen Hu said.

He believed the beasts were so kind because of Liu Yuxuan’s behavior.

With a forced smile, Liu Yuxuan pretended that had been the case and said, “You are welcome.”

“Brother Liu, when we return to the Alliance, we will send you a reward in return for your kind deeds. But if I may ask, where do we go from here?” Lin He knew it wasn’t actually Liu Yuxuan who had made the beast king so friendly, but he was still oblivious to his evil thoughts and intentions. So, he just went along with his credit-taking and thanked him.

“Well, that’s me. Helpful as always.” Liu Yuxuan smiled and went on to say, “There is a path you’d do well to take, just up ahead. Come, I will lead you there.”

“Ah, in that case, we thank you again,” Chen Hu said.

Liu Yuxuan then turned to ask Han Sen, “Have you seen the Blood-Wing Beast King before?”

“No.” Han Sen shook his head.

Liu Yuxuan had no reason to believe Han Sen was lying.

“Is this guy the luckiest man in existence or what? Why would this brat be given a blood fruit?” Liu Yuxuan did his best to contemplate why.

Liu Yuxuan forced another smile and tried to weasel his way into getting a nibble of it. He said, “That blood fruit is a gift for everyone; why don’t you share it?”

Cheekily, having not received it, he tried to lie and say it was something that belonged to everyone.

If Han Sen was willing to share, it meant he’d be given a slice. With a fruit so brilliant as that, even a small nibble would be wondrous.

If Han Sen was not willing to share, others might end up upset. They might even revolt against the man they all seemed to be blindly following.

“I gave it to Bao’er.” Han Sen pointed at her.

Liu Yuxuan had only focused on Han Sen the entire time, not noticing Bao’er was munching away at the fruit as its juice stained her cheeks.

“How could you?!” He was unable to hold his tongue and feign kindness at this point, and like a sudden barking, he yelled at Han Sen.

He was infuriated to learn that Han Sen had fed a fruit that was greatly desired by a king spirit to what he deemed a useless pet.

“I shouldn’t have done that?” Han Sen smiled.

Han Sen had actually tried having some earlier, but it had no effect.

When Bao’er showed him she really wanted it, he had no problem giving it to her.

“Let her have it. We don’t need it, anyway,” Chen Hu said.

“The beast king provided it to Han Sen as a gift. It was his to decide who should or who should not receive some,” Lin Weiwei spoke out, in defense of his decision.

She could tell Liu Yuxuan hadn’t actually helped them, as well. If the king had really been nice to them because of his kowtowing, the fruit would have been given to him.

Seeing that he had lost his temper this way, Lin Weiwei was now positive her hypothesis was correct.

With everyone else also saying they did not mind not having it, Liu Yuxuan was again left struggling to comprehend why everyone was so supportive of Han Sen.

Seeing Lin Weiwei looking at him, Liu Yuxuan tried to swallow his flaring temper and gently explain, “It can merely benefit the human body, that’s all. I just thought it was a shame to give it to a pet.”

“It’s fine. I treat her like a daughter, anyway,” Han Sen said.

“Fine. Whatever. Let’s keep walking.” Liu Yuxuan marched ahead as soon as he finished his sentence.

Liu Yuxuan went with a smile, but inside, he was thinking, “F*ck! That’s it; I’m not allowing any of you to live. That *sshole Han Sen must die.”

Liu Yuxuan despised Han Sen more than ever, and the fact he had ruined his plans was driving him nuts. He wanted them all dead, especially since they had seen him shamelessly kowtow in front of a super creature.

He hadn’t told anyone which shelter he actually came from, fortunately. But regardless, he wasn’t going to allow anyone there to walk away and possibly mention the shameless act they had seen from him.

But these thoughts and desires were all manic concoctions of his disturbed mind. No one thought anything ill of his behavior so far. They actually appreciated his willingness to go down on the ground in a subservient manner before the beast king. They might not have known his true intentions, but still, that was besides the fact.

Right now, though, Liu Yuxuan was leading them to a dead end. They were headed to the territory of another super creature. It was another place the king spirit would not dare tread.

Compared to the Blood-Wing Beast King, this super creature was ten times more ferocious, Liu Yuxuan reckoned. It was known to kill and gorge on whatever living thing came near its lair. Not even the bones of its victims would be left uneaten.

When they were almost there, Liu Yuxuan stopped and pointed in the direction, saying, “I can’t lead you any further. Beyond is where you should head, and not soon after, you’ll be led away and off the mountain. Be careful on your way, lest you make your presence known to the king spirit.”

Liu Yuxuan was lying, of course. The super creature was said to lurk directly ahead of the party now. He had no actual clue where the mountain’s exit might have resided, and he had no idea what was past the doom-bringing beast he was leading them to. Not that it mattered to him.

“Mister Liu, wait.” After everyone thanked him for his guidance, and he was ready to turn away and leave, Han Sen stopped him from going.