Super Gene - Chapter 100: Contest Center

Chapter 100: Contest Center

Chapter 100: Contest Center

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It was Han Sen’s turn. His opponent was a guy called Lei Ban. The moment Han Sen got on the stage, Lei Ban summoned a beast soul bow and three beast soul arrows and shot all three arrows at him. The three arrows almost flew to Han Sen at the same time.

Han Sen was surprised. Lei Ban was at least as good at archery as him, and even had better techniques than him. Judging from the look of his bow, it was likely a sacred-blood beast soul bow and two of the three arrows were dark green, so they were probably poisonous like his mutant black stinger arrow. The third arrow was made from blue crystal and sounded as if it could tear air apart when it was in the air, which suggested it could be a sacred-blood beast soul arrow.

"Sure enough, there is no one weak here." Han Sen swiftly dodged the strongest blue crystal arrow and summoned his mutant sawfish spear to ward off the other two arrows.

Han Sen felt a bash as the arrows and his spear collided. The spear almost fell from his hand.

"Excellent archer and weapons," thought Han Sen in awe. He squeezed the spear and approached Lei Ban.

Lei Ban was not only fast, but was also able to shoot while running. The arrows were not affected by his movement at all. Unable to trap Lei Ban with his spear, Han Sen had to run after Lei Ban while dodging his arrows.

Han Sen had a lot of respect for this opponent, who had much better footwork than him and could shoot arrows in all positions when moving with both great strength and accuracy. Han Sen had also worked hard on archery but he was only able to shoot when standing still. His accuracy would suffer a lot if he tried to move.

Lei Ban was indeed much stronger than him in archery, so Han Sen was not in a hurry to end the match. Instead, he started to observe his opponent and learn from him.

Han Sen's match had also attracted a lot of people's attention. After all, Dollar was popular. But compared with Yi Dongmu, his performance was less than impressive. More than half an hour had pa.s.sed and they were still running after each other, rendering the audience drowsy.

In First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, people were quite disappointed in Dollar, except for his hardcore fans. Since a match with an unknown person had cost him so much effort, Dollar didn’t seem to have what it took to become the Chosen.

When the match had been going on for more than an hour, Han Sen shapes.h.i.+fted into the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer, approached Lei Ban and beat him in a close combat, which Lei was not good at.

The same day, all major media in the Alliance had covered the contest. Although there was no image, the reporters managed to depict the matches vividly with words.

Their main focus was on Yi Dongmu’s match. Yi’s background was also published—the grandson of Senator Yi who had graduated with stellar grades from the best posh school before entering G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

His background and his seckill of Dragon Swordsman made him a major contender this year.

The victory of Tang had also made him a favorite.

Another top contestant was Lin Feng. His match, however, benefited his opponent, who was considered to have lost by a narrow margin by the media.

There were articles on Han Sen too, but they were rather short in general. The longer ones were all focused on the disappointment in Dollar.

Most of the reports were filled with phrases like "narrow win," "work to be done," "hard to live up to the reputation" and "to be improved." There was not much description.

In fact, those who saw Han Sen’s match, including his fans, had to admit Dollar was just average.

The team of the TV program "Contest Center" was holding a meeting in their office building. In the conference room, the station director Xu Kangnian was tapping his finger on the table. He looked at Fang Mingquan sitting on his right side and suggested with a smile, "Fang, do you think we need to make some alterations to today’s show?"

"Which alterations do you have in mind?" Fang Ming frowned, as he could guess what Xu Kangnian wanted to say.

Since Dollar’s video became viral, Fang Mingquan was poached by Huaxing Station’s "Contest Center" team. Because he had taken the place of an old host in the station, he was not the most popular person here. He was targeted here and there, which made it difficult for him to realize his career goals.

"Fang, we journalists have to focus on the hot issues. Contest Center was designed for this contest and we ought to focus on the more outstanding matches." Xu Kangnian paused and said, "Shall we put Dollar’s content on hold, and release it when he had a better match? Let’s focus on Yi Dongmu first. What do you think?"

"The director has a point. Yi is so popular right now, of course we should focus on him. Dollar was just lucky to have killed a badly injured Shura. His weakness was exposed in the contest and he couldn’t even be in the top 100, let alone the Chosen. There is little point covering his match. We need to focus on Yi who could be the first place." w.a.n.g Changqing said with his face stern, giving Fang Mingquan a cold stare.

This program used to belong to w.a.n.g Changqing, and he was replaced by Fang Mingquan in the end, which explained why Fang was not his favorite person.

"Yes. It’s settled then. Fang, let’s roll with Yi Dongmu for this one," said Xu Kangnian.

Fang Mingquan curled his lips and felt suffocated. He suppressed his anger and scanned each onlooker. Shooting w.a.n.g Changqing a cold stare, he looked at Xu Kangnian and said calmly, "Director Xu, if you still want me to host Contest Center, I will talk about Dollar, not just for this episode, but for all future episodes. I will also tell everyone that Dollar will be the winner of the contest."

Everyone in the conference room paused and looked like Fang Mingquan as if he were crazy.