Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 2203 - 2203 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 44

Chapter 2203 - 2203 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 44

Chapter 2203 - 2203 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 44

2203 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 44

Barry deliberately moved slowly as he poured tea and set out the snacks for Luke.

That was what Luke and Barry had agreed on in the car.

He wasnt deliberately messing around with Barry; this was to highlight Bales money-making abilities.

Dont think that they didnt have to play it cool just because the prison guards were police officers.

Putting wages aside, whether or not the prison guards worked in a good environment depended on what profits they could make.

So, Luke had Barry act as an attendant.

The guard captain didnt even dare fart. He quietly took a few steps back. There was no hatred or jealousy in his eyes at all, only admiration this was the true definition of the elite rich!

The tea set was pure white with gold embellishments, and looked extraordinary.

After the orange tea was poured out, the rich tea fragrance made the captain feel that he too had become more elegant, and he subconsciously took a deep breath.

He subconsciously looked at the Italian coffee machine against the wall on the other side, and felt that the coffee no longer smelled good.

Also, the snacks on the three-tiered tea stand hadnt crumbled at all. They were as exquisite and beautiful as ever.

Based on this att.i.tude, Mr. Bale probably had some British aristocratic blood in him, right?

Hm it was just that the attendant was a little shabby.

Putting aside the tuxedo and white gloves, he wasnt even wearing a suit; he was just wearing a clean and tidy uniform.

Still, the captain loved the rich, but he didnt hate the poor.

After all, it was just that Barrys clothes werent enough; they still couldnt be bought off a rack, and were still a little more upscale than what the captain usually wore.

But that was just a small shortcoming. The real point was still Luke.

In the captains eyes, Luke was no different from what Master Wayne had looked like in Barrys eyes earlier it was the same bright golden light and the ding ding sound of money.

Luke unhurriedly stirred the black tea, took a sip, and ate a pastry.

He ate like a gentleman.

Five minutes later, he finished his pastry unhurriedly and crooked a finger.

The guard captain, who had almost retreated to a corner, heaved a sigh of relief and stepped forward carefully. Mr. Bale How can I help you?

Luke nodded. This reception room is pretty good. You pa.s.s.

The captain was immediately relieved again. Thank G.o.d, he had finally taken care of this rich man!

The prison hadnt spent a single cent on this so-called private reception room. It was all thanks to Lukes donation that this sudden refurbishment could be carried out.

But Luke had also said that depending on how well the prison fulfilled its duty, he would donate up to two million dollars to improve the prison guards living quarters.

Luke had deliberately mentioned this in front of the ordinary prison guards.

If anyone tried to sabotage this good thing which could impact the quality of everyones daily life, it would be bad luck for the guard captain.

After all, this wasnt targeting a single person, but harming the interests of all the prison guards.

Of course, that wasnt Lukes only request. During the refurbishment of the room, he had tested the prison guards obedience.

He had gotten the interior design team to deliberately pick a fight, and the prison guards had resolved the matter tactfully and peacefully.

However, the prison guards were still worried that this rich man would be unhappy and withdraw his investment.

Refurbis.h.i.+ng this reception room alone had cost more than 200,000 dollars how much better could a pledge of two million dollars do?

No matter what, it would be better than their old pigpen-like digs!

The warden should be the one to receive such a huge benefit, but Luke didnt want to waste time with someone who had to maintain some dignity as a higher-up, so he had chosen an experienced guard captain as the mouthpiece.

Before both sides met, there was room for negotiation, and Luke didnt have to waste his breath.

Ignoring the captains expression, Luke finally got down to business. How has Mr. Henry Allen been in the last few days?

The captain had a rea.s.suring look on his face. After your last inspection, we immediately processed the upgrade for Mr. Allen and found a psychiatrist to calm him down. Hes currently in a stable mood.

Luke said, Then invite him over.

The guard captain immediately walked out of the reception room and had his men carry out the order.

A few minutes later, Henry Allen entered the reception room.

The captain wasnt going to follow him in, but Luke waved at him. Come in. We should still follow the rules.

Even if he and the guard captain were different, it wouldnt be good if the father and son misunderstood this as a power transaction.

Since the big patron had spoken, the captain didnt hesitate. As soon as he entered, he automatically retreated to a corner and pretended to be invisible.

On the other side, Barrys meeting with his father didnt devolve into tears.

Henry didnt seem too concerned about his own future, but he was very excited about Barrys contract as an external consultant. Is this real?

Barry nodded vigorously.

Henry said, This is a proper job, right?

Barry: I guarantee its aboveboard.

A relieved smile appeared on Henrys face. He slowly sank into a chair and murmured, Thats good. Thats great. You can finally live a normal life.

The invisible guard captain didnt react to this scene. Why would someone with too many emotions be a prison guard?

Luke, on the other hand, was a little touched.

It wasnt just because of the father and sons interactions, but also because Henry was a neutral yellow in the system panel.

Clearly, Henry hadnt killed Barrys mother, whether it was by his or someone elses hand.

Even then, Henry hadnt turned into a bad person after being imprisoned for more than ten years. Instead, he was afraid of holding his son back.

Barry had always wanted to clear his fathers name.

Luke was touched by this family bond.

However, he quickly calmed down.

Since he had personally confirmed that Henry wasnt a bad person, he had to rescue him aboveboard.

He didnt disturb the father and son.

Staying on the other side of the reception room, Luke took out his phone to look up information on Henrys wifes murder.

An hour later, after Henry personally thanked Luke, he was politely escorted back to the prisons first-cla.s.s cell.

Both Barry and his father didnt have any misgivings about this.

That was how it worked.

As long as you had money, you could be upgraded to a separate room or even a suite.

Some private prisons even provided services at the level of a rated hotel, and it was completely legal to charge a fee according to the level.

As long as you had enough money, your days in prison wouldnt be as painful as you might have imagined. You suffered only because you didnt have money, or not enough of it.

The captain followed them out of the prison.

Different from before, his att.i.tude toward Barry was clearly friendlier, and he was even more respectful toward Luke.