Spirit Vessel - Chapter 982: Shameless Woman

Chapter 982: Shameless Woman

"Firmaments will not forgive you!” A member of this sect had bloodshot eyes. He gathered his power and his muscles bulged immensely.

Golden radiance flowered through them, nearly breaking his own armor. He used an embryo of Firmaments and summoned a strand of its power, delivering a downward slash.

“Not a bad sword, where is the real thing?” The evil woman took out a miniature red ship from her sleeve.

It erupted with a bloody light as ghosts crushed out from the deck and captured the sword embryo.

He carefully looked at it and was impressed with the excellent material. There was a mysterious sword energy within, seemingly embedded by a sword god.

A claw made of corpse energy rushed out from behind her and picked up that cultivator by the neck.

Her cold eyes seemed to be the eyes of hell itself as she slaughtered these men. No one would pay attention to her beauty because overwhelming fear would come first.

Feiyun saw the red ship and realized that Mao Guwui had been captured. It wore the ship like a hat before and thought that no one could ever successfully rob it. Alas, there were exceptions to everything.

This woman had no limit to her evil, going as far as victimizing a poor turtle.

He thought that maybe she was already showing mercy by not taking his shell and making armor out of it.

Previously, after combining her three corpses and removing the evil blood, her power became extremely pure.

Now, he found her to be more murderous; her aura grew colder with more evil affinity. This might be due to the red vessel affecting her.

She was able to control its power, meaning that there was a connection. Perhaps she could even control its source.

The expert from Firmaments looked like a helpless duck while being lifted in the air. His face turned red then purple, puffing up like a tomato. He gritted his teeth and threatened: “Monster, you court death if you dare to think about the divine sword!”

“Boom!” She glared at him for a few seconds before deciding to wring his neck and toss him to the ground.

It only took a few seconds for her to slaughter half of the group. Corpses piled up as if this was a butcher house.

The young ones shuddered in fear and had no courage to fight back, not even the top geniuses such as Liu Sulu, Liu Sulan, You Zilin…

The enemy was just too strong and they had no chance of resisting. Those from the previous generation have been annihilated. Only twenty or so survivors remained.

The three daoists from Lifeless lay dead on the ground. Their spirit veins have naturally been taken by the evil woman.

Liu Suzi whispered: “Is she really your boss? Why do I feel like she’s about to kill us too?”

Feiyun hid the fruit carefully to stop the evil woman from spotting it. He coughed and said: “There’s something wrong with her current state, but look, she’s not attacking us. She can clearly tell that we’re her allies…”

“Feng Feiyun, hand your spirit stones over, they are of use to me.” The black clouds slowly receded, revealing a supreme beauty - porcelain skin and black-pearl-like eyes. She looked like an angel with a holy glow.

She demanded without any shame. 

“Spirit stones? What? I don’t have any.” Feiyun’s expression darkened.

“Are you sure she can tell between allies and enemies?” Liu Suzi whispered again, looking confused.

“Who the hell knows!” Feiyun begrudgingly said before gripping the spatial stone hanging on his waist.

“Hand it over, I need them right now and will pay you back later.” Her red lips parted as she spoke.

My ass! Feiyun didn’t buy it and wanted to curse.

He risked his life for these spirit stones and couldn’t afford to lose them.

If he were to throw them into the river, he might be able to find one or two back. Giving them to this woman? Not even a single cent would be seen again.

Plus, she had killed numerous senior cultivators just now and took their spirit stones. She should be just as rich as him yet she still wanted to rob him? He was nothing more than a fat sheep in her eyes.

Feiyun stroked his chin and said: “Your Excellency, if you are in need of spirit stones right now, you should ask the three princesses. They are ladies of high status and are far richer than me.”

The three princesses cursed Feiyun for being too shameless right away, dragging them down this mess as well.

“You are a princess?” The Evil Woman’s hair fluttered as she turned towards Liu Sulu.

Liu Sulu was prideful but this time around, she had no choice but to nod her head obediently. The woman ahead was a monster who had no problem killing.

“Yes, I am the fourth princess of Crimson Territory.” She quietly said.

“I need spirit stones right now, hand over your spirit stones and treasures.” Alas, the Evil Woman was even more arrogant.

“I am the fourth princess of Crimson and might become its lord in…” Liu Sulu couldn’t bear this indignation and gritted her teeth.

The Evil Woman frowned and didn’t want to waste time. She raised one finger and pierced Liu Sulu’s forehead. Blood streamed down the back of her head.

She fell backward to the ground since her brain and mind have been destroyed. A supreme genius has fallen just like that.

Even Feiyun lamented her fate.

The Evil Woman then crushed Liu Sulu’s dantian and took out treasures and spirit stones. Her action was elegant and beautiful, devoid of any hint of violence.

It didn’t take long before she got everything, even the pin on Liu Sulu’s head. She took it down and wore it on her head.

This frightened the crowd even more. This monstrous woman dared to kill the fourth princess? Who the hell was she?

“Are you a princess too?” She turned her attention towards Liu Sulan. There was no trace of evil or malice on her flawless face.

Liu Sulan immediately handed over her spirit stones and treasures without any hesitation, not wanting to die.

The woman took a look at the spatial stone and then said: “You may leave.”

Liu Sulan immediately flew away, not daring to linger for a second.

Feiyun heaved a sigh of relief. Though she became more murderous, it seemed she became more sentient and emotional as well. The previous Evil Woman wouldn’t have let anyone leave this place alive.

Next was Liu Suzi who was smart enough to not provoke the monster. She also handed everything over.

The survivors were all robbed then allowed to leave. Feiyun was the last person.

He felt that she was too shameless, not having the style befitting that of a corpse king. She went as far as to rob a bunch of juniors.

“Your Excellency, this is all I have, my everything that I worked hard for after many years.” He had prepared a different spatial stone for her.

It had one-tenth of his actual wealth. This was still enough to surpass all of the other geniuses.

She had been tricked by him before and didn’t trust him. Her eyes lit up with waves of light - this was a daoist technique meant to find hidden treasures.

Feiyun felt great pressure. He secretly performed his Grand Change Domain in order to twist the natural order, preventing her from seeing through him.

After a meticulous observation period, she didn’t notice anything amiss and said: “I’ve reached my cultivation limit again. In order to break through, I need to buy an immemorial evil land capable of gestating my corpse shell. This requires ample spirit stones so tell me, how do I gather more in the shortest time frame?”

Her cultivation is at its limit again? Feiyun thought that he was fast but it seemed like she was improving even faster.

Well, she was also a ninth-ranked Heaven’s Emergence cultivator returning to life. She had no mental and comprehension blockade, only sheer energy and resources. Moreover, she wasn’t restrained by external matters like Feng Feiyun.

“There might be a hidden treasury in this ruin, if we can find it, it should be enough to buy the evil land you need.” He said.