Skill Build Online - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"d.a.m.n, this is the first time I spent my time with character creation."

I look at my character in the mirror's reflection. Satisfied with the character's tall, lean and feminine (but still a male) appearance, he let out a sigh of admiration.

The wide range of character makeup surprised me. My character looks way more feminine than I am in real life; other players can mistake me for a woman. Fufufu, just wait and see Raijin, I'm going to make you pay for taking advantage of me.

"Now, choosing the player name. Etto, Mercenary A is for FPS game, and this time is RPG…"

Using the translucent keyboard, he began to enter his player name.

"『Villager A』. I'm glad no one takes it yet."

It's a very safe name. I won't stand it if I chose an unfortunate name and made it to Raijin's video. If this is the case, there will be no leaked ident.i.ty. I'll take Junji as an example.

"Finally, it's ending. Eh, it's been an hour?! Pon, Raijin, I guess I've finished the tutorial."

When I checked the time, it was already 13:19. More than an hour has pa.s.sed since the game officially launched.

According to Raijin, the beta testers can take their character straight to the official launch, so they don't need to make their character again. They probably already finished the tutorial, there are 20 new messages as evidence.

『Presence recognition complete… Recognition fixed… Initiating transfer…』

The eyes in the middle of the ghost sphere twinkled. When it emits light, my body became solid from my previous semitransparent state. Because of the job I pick during my character making, a wooden bow a.s.signed as the initial equipment is placed on my back and feels a little heavy.

"Wow… the wind and clouds are flowing through the sky… It feels like I'm getting lost in a different world."

When he looked up to the sky, the clouds in the sky float slowly, and it feels calming.

WWO also had a great graphic, the natural reproduction was close to reality, but it's not wrong to say that this game almost like another whole reality. That's the truth.

Looking back towards the ghost, they float on the spot as if they had been waiting for me.

『Master, let's go. To the journey to regain your memory.』

"Please show me the way, Ghost."

Bang! I can hear a notification sound for a new message, feeling like I was in a hurry, I started running towards 【Faust】 with Ghost.

Hunter (Archer). 【Hawk Eye】 make it possible to look at distant object clearly, not only during the battle but to detect the presence of the enemy MOB. 【Hidden Information】 can remove the icon from the mini-map above. At the same time, you are in combat when you are near the enemy MOB you get a.s.signed with a quick bonus 【Fight Withdrawal】. Despite the initial job excellent skill, there's a reason why they win by a wide margin in the first rank as the most unpopular job.

"d.a.m.n it! I've heard the story, but is it really true?!"

This is the reason why. The arrow can load just fine. If you choose this job, the natural flow and your body will move as it pleases. And then the next problem.

The arrow doesn't hit the target. Is there any fatal drawback the other job had? Like a gun, it would be helpful for the arrow to fly straight for a certain distance if there's wind resistance since the bow is quite affected by the wind. And since I have never done archery, I don't have any experience on how to use a bow.

As he scowls, he loads his bow and attacks the slime that jumping around his body with his untrained arrow attack.

"All right! Can we experiment while getting used to it?! I'm a man who has reigned the best in j.a.pan with effort and self-improvement!?"

You said you don't want prestige? Shut up! This is another matter!!

"Don't hit me! Ugh."

My fifth arrow missed the slime wonderfully, and the counterattack turned my HP zero.

『Master… if you suffer that kind damage from the slime, maybe we should reconsider the future…』

After my third resurrection in front of the Slime, the Ghost began to get agitated. Urghh, but the slime…

『Errr, we can ignore the monster on our way to Faust? Don't overdo it.』

"I absolutely don't want to lose against a slime?! At least I need to win before I run!"

If I lose, I will continue to challenge myself until I win. My motto is that even if you are killed and beaten, give it back with all your might!

『Haa… If my Master wants to do that, fine.』

"d.a.m.n it! I'm out of luck."

While collecting the dropped arrow, he put it back inside a quiver. Uhh, is there a way to hit the target using the arrow somehow…?

"Wait, you don't need to hit it with a bow, right?"

When I changed the way I think, an idea comes into my mind. That's right, from the start it isn't necessary to use a bow.

"Let's f.u.c.king do this!"


Swinging the arrow's arrowhead that he picked up on his hand, it pierced the slime. The slime is surprised! For a moment, the Slime trembled and then disappeared in a blue light polygon.

"Fu, fuahahah, fuahahahahah!!! We won. We won fighting the slime!!"

The players that were heading to Faust glance at one weird player who raises their fist in high spirit. After relis.h.i.+ng defeat in a long time. It's a complicated feeling, and perhaps Slime is the weakest opponent.

"This is the truth of an archer's way to fight! Using the bow (arrowhead) to hit physically. How amazing an archer is!"

『Master… I don't think you supposed to fight like that.』

While the Ghost shocked and he is basking in the lingering victory's afterglow, the battle result is displayed.

【Battle Result】

【Enemy】 【Slime】

【Battle Time】 30:42

【Acquired EXP】 2 EXP

【Acquired Manny】 3 Manny

You've reached the required proficiency. The acquired skill will rise to the next level.

【Archer Lv1→3】

Improved bow handling. Increased flight distance.

You've acquired a t.i.tle from a special battle.

【Wild Hunter】

You've acquired skill from the acquired t.i.tle.

【Hand-to-hand combat Lv1】

Increased hand-to-hand combat power.

"I spend more than 30 minutes on Slime!?"

I wasted my 30 minutes to defeat a Slime. Why this game difficulty level is so high! (It took a minute to select another job)

"Haa, c.r.a.p. I'm sure that Pong and Raijin are mad…"

There's no more notification after I received 30 messages. Isn't the majority only takes 2 hours in the tutorial area? I guess it was supposed to be like that… I'm afraid to see it.

"d.a.m.n it! This must be happening because of the blasted name!"


He retaliates using the bow to shoot at the Slime that was jumping everywhere, bull's eye. The Slime turned into a polygon and disappeared.

"…What? Did they silently fix the user?"

Blinking in surprise, I was surprised looking at the arrow that jumped straight a while ago. That's strange. It didn't even hit a while ago, and suddenly it hit the target?

"Don't tell me when you level up your skill… you get corrected?"

He shoots the bow one more time, it didn't hit the slime but pierce the ground near it.

"Fu, fufufu. Uahahahhaha."

Finally. I'm coming. This is my era. Even hitting with a bow, I'll make them regret.

"I will certainly hunt all the Slime in the tutorial area!!!!!"

Too absorbed in the Slime hunt, he forgot his intention to go to Faust.

"…Eh? Are you a noob who took three hours to complete the tutorial area? Do you have anything to say to us who've been keep waiting here all the time?"

"No, I took an hour in character creation… Ahaha excuse me. It's all my fault. I'm sorry, please forgive me."

The time is 15:10. When I became in-sync with my bow, I was absorbed in Slime hunting. It was so much fun that I forget the time. With that a.s.sistance, my level has risen by 3, and my 【Archer】 Skill Level was raised to 5.

In return, I was scolded while doing seiza in front of the fountain square of Faust, the town of the beginning. There are quite a lot of players, but the number has decreased from peak time after 3 hours of service.

"Ano… who about Pon?"

"He's buying items and equipment. Be-cau-se some-body is late."

"I'm sorry!!!"

Looking up from his dogeza, he looked closely at Raijin's equipment. Noticing that he's already changed his initial equipment into leather armor. …No way.

"Naa, Raijin, can I buy a set of equipment using the initial money?"

"Ha? Ah, um, that's right. (He averted his vision)"

"Huh. (His gaze is suspicious)"

"I remember! I went on the hunt! With Pon!"

"Oh, you don't wait for me?! You cheater!"

"What did you kill?! You take your time hunting in the tutorial area for a long time!? It's a draw!?"

While bantering with Raijin (nothing serious), I saw a player approach.

"Thank you for waiting, Raijin-san! I hate this job because the cost performance is bad. I hope I will get more in return… Ah, is this Mercenary-kun?"

"…Who is this beautiful girl? Are you Raijin's acquaintance?"

The only people who called me Mercenary-kun is Grepon Maru. Grepon Maru uses tough ossan character, and he probably will look different. Uh, I don't know this person.

"Aa, that's right. Mercenary didn't know. This girl is—"

"Tsk. You are late, Mercenary-kun! You've been running around enough in the tutorial area! I'm a Launcher, so it's hard to fight, did you have a hard time fighting the Slime?"

Eh? Someone who uses fireworks and calling me Mercenary-kun.

Maybe, but maybe not—

"Ah, the self-introduction is late. I'm Grepon Maru. In this game, I decided to use Pon as a name!"


A girl who smiles sweetly with the name 『Pon』 displayed above her head, my shrieking voice was outrageous.