She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 95 - How Do You Become A Boy?

Chapter 95 - How Do You Become A Boy?

Chapter 95 - How Do You Become A Boy?

Cherry the Doggy?

Pete's expression immediately turned cold. His big round eyes, which looked exactly the same as Cherry's, were dark and somber.

He wasn't someone who talked a lot, so he ignored Sinead and entered the classroom.

When Ms. Lynn saw him, she subconsciously walked over and gave him a hug. She even pinched his delicate and round cheeks and said, "Wow! Little Cherry looks even cuter today!"

Pete stiffened.

However, when he sensed Ms. Lynn's kindness, Pete resisted the urge to push her away.

To be honest, he was indeed mildly autistic and disliked having physical contact with people, so he was an anomaly among the Hunts. He couldn't even accept the occasional hug from his Great-Grandma…

However, it seemed like his level of tolerance had become much stronger after he found his mother and younger sister.

Just as he was about to reach his limit, Ms. Lynn finally let go of him. Pete breathed a sigh of relief, carried his stool over to the side, and sat down.

After a short while, another child came. After bringing his own stool over and sitting next to him, he took out some Mathematical Olympiad worksheets. Then, he said, "Good morning, Cherry."

Pete glanced at him calmly and pursed his lips.

He must be the 'very good-looking' Seth Walker that Cherry mentioned, right?

He looked so small and skinny like a pretty boy. Why did Cherry even find him good-looking? Pete lowered his gaze and looked at the Mathematical Olympiad worksheets. "I heard that you're very good at Mathematical Olympiad problems?"

Seth's narrow eyes blinked. "So-so, I guess?"


Pete opened his schoolbag, rummaged about in it, and took out a set of Mathematical Olympiad worksheets. He handed them to him and asked, "Can you solve these?"

Seth, "?"

He was taken aback. When he took the worksheets from Pete and took a look at them, his expression became even more dazed. He shook his head and replied, "No, I can't."

"How stupid." At this point, Pete suddenly remembered that he had to imitate Cherry's way of talking, so he forcefully changed the rest of what he wanted to say and said, "I could already solve these problems a year ago… yeah!"

Seth, "??"

He wanted to say something, but Pete had already turned away. He said, "You can only sit next to me again when you can solve this set of problems… yeah!"

Cherry had definitely been duped by him. He wasn't great at Mathematical Olympiad problems at all!

Seth, "!!"

Cherry had just picked him the day before. Was she already despising him now?

Before today, he had merely found Cherry cute and likable. However, at this moment, Seth felt that she practically couldn't get any more outstanding.

Therefore, he would definitely sit next to her and ask her for advice!

Pete was completely unaware of what he was thinking.

The timetable set by the kindergarten was very packed. At about ten in the morning, the teacher allowed the children to rest.

Pete stood up, intending to go to the bathroom and relieve himself.

He was wearing a skirt. Instead of bouncing about like how Cherry walked, every step he took was very steady. After he exited the classroom, he subconsciously turned into the men's toilet at the side.

Brandon, who had used the opportunity during rest time to come over and look for him, was puzzled.

He followed after Pete and entered the men's toilet together with him. He was about to say something when he saw Pete standing there and peeing…

Brandon was stunned.

After Pete was done relieving himself, he turned and immediately saw Brandon staring at him, which startled him.

He suddenly realized that he should have gone to the women's toilet instead!

With this, wasn't the cat completely out of the bag now?

While he was trying to think of a way to explain and gloss over the topic, Brandon stretched out a trembling finger and pointed at him. He said, "Ah! Ahhh! Y-you really became a boy?!"

Pete, "?"

Brandon rushed forward and grabbed his hand. "You're so amazing! You actually really became a boy! Can you also turn back into a girl?"

Pete replied, "… Yes, I can."

Brandon's eyes shone. The little boy's imagination was already running wild. He said, "So, Mommy was wrong! People can change their gender! Cheryl Smith, I declare that you're my boss from now on!"

Pete, "…"

He felt that the boy might not be very mentally sound, so he circled around him and entered the classroom.

Sinead had been staring at him ever since the last period ended.

When she saw Brandon also going out of the classroom after Pete left, she immediately knew that he must have gone to intercept him.

With that, Cheryl would definitely cry.

She was happily imagining the scene when a voice suddenly reached her. "Boss, do you want water? I'll pour a glass for you!"

"No, I don't… yeah."

Pete opened the door and entered the classroom after replying to him.

Sinead immediately saw Brandon following after him obsequiously.

"… Waaaa!!"

Sinead burst into tears at will.


There were no secrets among children.

In just a morning's time, the way everyone looked at Pete had changed. Every one of them had a look of amazement on their face as if saying, 'Wow! Cheryl Smith is so amazing! She can conjure a little willy out of nothing!'

Pete turned a blind eye to their gazes and continued attending classes.

At the end of the first lesson in the afternoon, a small and skinny girl came up to him. The little girl was a little shorter and smaller than most kids and had delicate and lovely facial features. It was just that she had a timid look in her eyes and her voice was also very soft. She said, "C-Cherry…"

Pete looked at her.

The little girl immediately lowered her head as if she didn't dare to make eye contact with him. "M-my name is Mia Smith…"

She didn't dare say anything more after that.

Pete had always treated everyone coldly, but the girl looked so frail and delicate. It was as if she would burst into tears from fear if he spoke even just a little louder.

He couldn't help but frown. He said as mildly as possible, "Is something the matter?"

Mia Smith was Brandon's cousin. She looked as if she would keel over the moment the wind blew. In a very small and soft voice, she asked, "Can you turn me into a boy, too?"

Pete, "?"

With a sullen expression, he explained with a straight face, "No, I can only switch my own gender… yeah."

"Oh, I see." Mia hung her head as if she was sorely disappointed. Even her eyes had turned red.

The way Sinead cried turned off people and disgusted them, but the way Mia looked at the moment, only filled one with sympathy.

Pete asked curiously, "Why do you want to become a boy?"

Mia bit her lip and answered, "Because my mom often says, 'If only you were a boy'. I want to make her happy."

After saying that, Mia left in disappointment.

Soon, school ended.

It was Tanya who came to pick him up again. Pete got into the car and made up an excuse that he had forgotten his books at the Quinn School of Martial Arts that morning, so he asked Tanya to take him there before going home.

In the distance.

"Mommy? Mommy?"

Mia called out softly. Only then did her mother, Hillary Jones, come back to her senses. However, her gaze was still fixed on the car driving into the distance.

If her eyes weren't deceiving her, that woman just now was Tanya… Why was she back?

Hillary clenched her fists.

Tanya, who was driving, wasn't aware of this. After arriving at the Quinn School of Martial Arts, Pete hopped off the car and ran inside.

At the same time, another car was also parked at the side.

Justin had deliberately come a little earlier today.. He strode into the Quinn School of Martial Arts.