She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 90 - An Identical Child!

Chapter 90 - An Identical Child!

Chapter 90 - An Identical Child!

As a dance teacher in the school, Whitney was authorized to punish students.

However, her humiliating approach was such that even Ms. Lynn, who was receiving the schoolchildren at the school gates, couldn't stand it anymore.

She said, "Mrs. Lowe, let's not do that. There are a lot of people coming and going here. It won't be nice if other parents misunderstand that we're carrying out corporal punishment."

Whitney scoffed, "Why would that be? It's only when the school is strict with their students that we'll be able to show off how good of an international school this is! It's precisely because of people like you who spoil the children that Cheryl Smith has developed the bad habit of lying!"

Her lecturing made Ms. Lynn's cheeks burn. She was about to say something when Whitney added, "I know, they're all children from wealthy families, so you don't dare to scold them. Since I'm the one lecturing them now, you can stop being so meddlesome!"

The teachers in international schools were all doctoral students from prestigious schools!

They were fluent in at least three languages, so they were able to communicate with the children without any obstacles.

After they were hired, they even had to study psychology, early childhood education courses, and undergo other kinds of professional training before they could officially commence work there.

Of course, the salaries were also scarily high.

Ms. Lynn came from an ordinary family, so the fact that she was a teacher in the kindergarten went to show that she was an outstanding talent. She narrowed her eyes and said, "Mrs. Lowe, no matter what, corporal punishment is still against the law."

Whitney, however, remained unmoved. Instead, she even said, "Oh, feel free to call the police and have them arrest me, then."

Ms. Lynn, "…"

She clenched her fists. "Mrs. Lowe, let's not go too far! You were obviously the one who was being aggressive that day and insisted that Cherry wasn't suitable to dance. Her mother only said that she was going to find someone more professional because she was afraid that it would affect the child…"

Whitney had an icy-cold look on her face. With an air of arrogance unique to artists, she said, "Ms. Lynn, one mustn't make up excuses when they make mistakes. No matter what, the children must do what they say."

She looked at Cherry and said, "You can't unring the bell. People have to take responsibility for their actions. Cheryl Smith, go and stand at the gates!"

After saying that, she took Sinead's hand and got ready to enter the school.

At this point, a voice reached their ears. "Tsk, Whitney. Have you already learned how to bully children during these few years that we haven't met?"

Tanya took off her sunglasses. She hadn't said anything just now because she wanted to see if there were any reasonable teachers in the school. If there weren't, then it would be better to withdraw as soon as possible.

Secondly, she was trying to gain an understanding of the situation through their exchange.

When she shot Cherry a glare, she immediately saw the little girl sticking out her tongue at her. At once, she became caught between laughter and tears. No wonder the little fellow had slept with her the night before and insisted that she took her to school today.

Here she was, thinking that the little fellow really missed her!

Tanya mentally dissed Cherry while she admired the look on Whitney's face, which looked as if she had just seen a ghost.

Tanya sneered, "You were just a bad dancer a few years ago, but unexpectedly, even your eyesight has become bad after a few years. Not only has Cherry's physique achieved the golden ratio, but her limbs are also long and slender. She clearly has great potential to be a dancer!

"If it wasn't because her mother dotes on her too much and didn't have the heart to make her suffer the pain of training to do splits and leg stretches, I would've taken her as my student a long time ago. Who do you think you are? How dare you say that she doesn't have any potential for dancing?

"If she doesn't have any potential for dancing, then who does? That chubby daughter of yours? This must be the biggest joke I've heard this year!"

Whitney, "!!"

She was already rendered speechless. The sight of Tanya made her feel as if she had returned to the competition from a few years ago!

Back then, she was young and high-spirited and didn't know that there would always be someone better out there. On the eve of the competition, she had gone up to Tanya—who had already won two championships in a row—and declared, 'I will definitely be the champion this year!'.

Tanya hadn't said anything at the time, but right after that, she had used her own capabilities to make her eat her own words in the competition.

No one had managed to outshine Tanya after that!

To date, she was the only person in international ballroom dancing history who had successfully performed moves of the highest level of difficulty!

Back then, she had glanced at her after she finished dancing.

That glance of hers had exuded a champion's contempt.

For so many years, Whitney had been hailed as the top dancer in the States, but every time in the dead of night, she would always see that contemptuous look in Tanya's eyes…

And now, she was here! She was here again!

Whitney took a step back in fright. She suddenly pushed Sinead to Ms. Lynn, turned around, and got into her car as if she were fleeing. She slammed the door shut and gasped for air.

Everyone was utterly bewildered.

No one had expected Whitney to actually be so weak.

The corners of Tanya's lips were even spasming at the sight. She handed Cherry to Ms. Lynn and said, "Hello, I'm Tanya Turner. Cherry is very talented in dancing."

Ms. Lynn, "!!"

Oh my goodness!

Cherry's mom had really managed to get Tanya over!

Was this what they meant by 'faith will move mountains'?

She looked at Tanya all starry-eyed and said, "Ms. Smith has done so much! Good work!"

Tanya was bewildered.

Nora was still sleeping at home while she brought Cherry to school. On top of that, she even had to help her teach someone a lesson. 'Good work'? Yeah, right!

Seeing that Cherry had entered the school, Tanya turned and shot Whitney a sharp look.

In the car.

Whitney hurriedly shrank back in fear. While watching the video she had just recorded, she instructed the chauffeur, "To Mr. Lowe's office!"

"Yes, ma'am."

When Whitney arrived at the Lowes' company, her husband, Bob Lowe, was just about to head out. He was a little taken aback when he saw her. "Why are you here, darling?"

Whitney grabbed his hand and said, "Dear, I might be in trouble."

A smiling Bob asked, "What's the matter?"

Whitney took out her cell phone and started playing the video she had recorded. She pointed to the exquisite and adorable Cherry on the screen and recounted what had happened to him. She said, "… I've already checked her background. She's a child from a single-mother family and doesn't have a father, so I bullied her a little without any reservations. But in the end, her mother actually got Tanya over! Dear, given how arrogant Tanya is, there's no way ordinary people can get her to help. Is there a chance that this child comes from some sort of influential background?"

Bob smiled and patted her hand reassuringly. "There are only a few families who are more powerful than us in New York. The Smiths' children are in school while the Hunts hire private tutors for all their children, so you don't have to worry. I reckon it's just a coincidence that she managed to get Tanya Turner to help."

It was only then that Whitney heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she realized that she had made a mountain out of a molehill.

She let out a cold laugh and said, "I can put my mind at ease now, then. Isn't the reason why she tried so hard to get Tanya over none other than to take the center position from Sinead? Hah! I'll definitely make it such that she won't be able to bear the consequences of her actions!"

She wanted to dance, right? One must know that there were many different kinds of ways to teach someone how to dance! For example, leg stretches… splits…

Bob comforted her a little more before he left.

He was going to discuss future partnership plans with Mr. Hunt today.

When he arrived at the Hunt Corporation, the secretary led him to the top floor.

As he observed the unique environment around him that was found nowhere else in New York, Bob's respect for Justin grew a little more.

When they arrived, Sean stopped them. He said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Lowe. Please wait a moment. Mr. Hunt is currently keeping his child company while he does his homework. His work hours only start at ten."

It was said that Justin had a child whom he kept very well-protected. To date, there were very few who even knew whether his child was a boy or a girl.

Bob hurriedly replied ingratiatingly, "It's fine! Mr. Hunt is such a good father!"

At ten o'clock, the door to the office opened.

Bob and the others entered.

He kept his head down, not daring to look at Justin. However, his gaze swept to the side out of the corner of his eye to see a small child sitting there doing their homework seriously.

Bob hurriedly retracted his gaze.

However, the next moment, his head suddenly whipped back up.

Why did that child look so familiar to him? He actually looked exactly the same as the child in the video that Whitney had shown him just now!