She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 895 - King!

Chapter 895 - King!

Chapter 895 King!

Nora simply had the ability to end a conversation in one second flat.

Her reply made Abbott choke, it was only a while later that he finally spluttered, Hmph, its because you dont dare to offend them, isnt it? Are you still trying to get into their good books? Come on, they are completely looking down on you! No, wait, I just remembered something: youre a copycat! If the real Black Cat was here, she would never allow them to look down on all of us!

After all, Black Cat was the crowned head of the community!

Seeing that Nora was staying silent as though she couldnt care less, Abbott became all the more convinced.

Real all took great pride in themselves.

He immediately lost interest in chatting with Nora, and he went to chat with Black Panther instead, to which Black Panther thought, The two of us dont know each other that well, either, do we?

The Queens visit did not have any influence on anything, so there wasnt really anyone who attempted to her, and they safely and smoothly reached the hotel where she would be staying.

The Swiss government had specially made arrangements at the hotel for the Queens reception. For that purpose, they had cleared out everyone in the hotel, keeping only some of the hotel service staff.

Nora and her party were at the back of the entourage, so by the time they arrived at the hotel, the Queen had already checked in.

After they parked the cars in the parking lot, they went to the hotel lobby and waited for further instructions.

The Queen would be in Switzerland for three days, so the security a.s.signment would also span three days.

In the hotel, the Queens personal bodyguards were allocated rooms on the same floor as the Queen herself, while the Swiss authorities internal personnel was allocated rooms on the two floors below them.

Needless to say, they were not allowed to stay in the hotel rooms all day. They were to change over guard duty every two hours and take turns to rest.

However, when it was Nora and her partys turn to be allocated rooms, the captain of the Queens personal bodyguards suddenly said, My apologies, but there arent any rooms left. You will have to look for a place to rest by yourselves.

Abbott and Black Panther were outraged at once.

Abbott immediately retorted, How can there be no rooms left when there are so many here?

The entire hotel had been vacated and it wasnt like the guards on the mission had filled up all the rooms.

The captain of the bodyguards calmly replied, Her Majesty is terribly averse to noise, so the two floors above and below the one she is staying on have been left empty. Everyone else occupies one room each. Of course, there are still three vacant rooms left, but there are thirty of you in total, so Im afraid it wont be easy for you to make appropriate arrangements there, right? Even if they arranged for two people to share a room each and took turns resting inside, they would still need at least seven and a half rooms.

The captains decision was logically sound. After all, it was guaranteed that the Queens personal bodyguards and the Swiss personnel were trustworthy, but one couldnt say the same for them.

Therefore, it was normal that their welfare would be overlooked and their living arrangements prioritized at the lowest. Abbott was about to say that they had only ten people among them and, therefore, could have the rooms allocated to them when the captain added, To avoid causing infighting among you, lets just leave those three rooms empty, lest you go against the rules and get into a dispute over a few rooms.


The captain regarded them with total contempt, so immediately after he said that, he turned around and left.

The people behind Abbott spoke up right away. What the h.e.l.l? We have to stay here for three days, you know. Are we really gonna forgo sleep for the next three days? They are too much!

The rest of the group also looked at Black Panther. Black Panther, what should we do?

Abbott broke into a frown.

Black Panther thought for a while and then said, The s.h.i.+ft changes every two hours. Go to the cars and nap for a while after someone takes over your s.h.i.+ft. We have stayed in environments harsher than this when we were out on missions in the past; this is nothing to us. Once we push through the next three days, we will be starting over with a clean slate. Think about it-in the future, all of us will be able to openly go on the streets and we wont need to sneak about anymore. So, lets just put up with it for these three days!

Black Panthers words were very impactful, everyone nodded after hearing him.

After thinking about it for a while, Abbotts men also came to the conclusion that this was their only option.

They would just grin and bear with it!

With that, the two groups split themselves into teams and half of them went to the cars in the parking lot to rest.

Black Panther glanced at Nora and then walked over and said, Get some rest! You dont have to report for duty unless necessary.

Abbott sneered, Why should she be exempted from duty? Is Black Cat unable to endure hards.h.i.+ps like this?

Black Panther gave Abbott a warning look. Because she is a woman!

Had it been anyone else, perhaps they might have retorted, So what even if shes a woman? However, Abbott wasnt that shameless, so Black Panthers words shut him up immediately.

Black Panther was in charge of the operation and Nora had never contested him for the right to command all this time. Therefore, when she heard him, she merely nodded and went to the parking lot to look for a car to rest in.

When she found their cars, she got into one and sat in the pa.s.senger seat. Then, she leaned back and closed her eyes.

While she was resting, some people walked by. One of them said, Have you heard? A special guest will be coming tonight! And theyll be right in this hotel! For the Queen of the UK and the Swiss president to give them so much importance, I wonder who the guest is?

Give them so much importance

Noras first thought upon hearing them was King is coming! Her eyes flew open suddenly.

In that case, she couldnt slack off like this anymore. After all, in addition to completing the three-day-long a.s.signment, she was also here to meet King and foster a good relations.h.i.+p with him.

Almost immediately after the idea formed in her mind, Clifford walked out from the side. The man, who was in the midst of a phone call, said, I will definitely send the most professional bodyguard to protect the distinguished guest! I will also take care of all the commuting arrangements for them. Dont worry about it! Ill go select someone right away!