She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 890 - She's Fake!

Chapter 890 - She's Fake!

Chapter 890 Shes Fake!

The man opposite her fell silent at once. A while later, Karl finally coughed and spoke again. Actually, what you say makes sense too. Um, are you sure you want to go?

Nora was a little surprised to see that the man wasnt actually that agitated. However, Karl was a worldly man after all, so Nora thought that he must have already guessed a thing or two long ago. Thus, she said, Yeah, lets go.

Whew! Karl stood and patted her on the shoulder. Okay then. Uncle Karl owes you one, Nora! If we can get away with it, Ill give you a big gift. If not, well pull out halfway through, no matter what happens. Remember, nothing is more important than your safety, okay? Nora: ?

Why did she feel like she didnt quite understand what Karl was saying?

While she was contemplating, Karl said, But you sure are a dedicated one, Nora. Its a shame that youre not in the acting industry. Its right for you to start getting into it right away, though. Its only when we all firmly believe that youre Black Cat that they wont be able to spot any flaws! After all, no one has ever seen what Black Cat really looks like!

Nora: !

So, despite her already blowing her cover, Karl still didnt believe her?

Noras lip corners spasmed. I really am Black Cat.

I know, I know! From this moment on, you are Black Cat!

Karl had I understand written all over him.


Forget it, she had already told him the truth anyway. The man could believe what he liked.

She was tired of explaining!

Karl didnt give her the time to explain any further, either. He called someone in and instructed, Have the men get ready, and then we can set off!

Black Panther, who had just entered, glanced at Nora and asked, Its okay for us to move out again now?

With a stern look, Karl said, Watch the way you talk! Youd better show some respect to Black Cat! Also, tell all the men in the know that Ms. Smith is Black Cat!

Black Panther nodded. Yes, sir.

Then, he went out. A short while later, all twenty of them were ready to move. They were responsible this time for picking up the Queen at the airport and then escorting her to the hotel where she would be staying. After that, they were to protect the Queen and ensure her safety for the next three days.

Of course, the Queens personal guards would be the ones protecting her in close proximity; they were only responsible for the security of the periphery.

With the Queen visiting, the Swiss president would have to meet with her. The two would also be shaking hands and discussing matters. During this period, they would be responsible for part of the security work. The specifics were wholly arranged by Switzerlands Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection, and Sport; commonly abbreviated DDPS.

After the twenty of them were ready, Karl stepped forward and said to Nora, Black Cat is the strongest member of our organization, so youll undoubtedly be the leader when we head out for missions. Do you have any experience with the security industry?

But after he asked the question, without even waiting for Nora to answer, he hurriedly comforted her and said, Dont be scared, you dont have to panic. Youre just the leader on the surface. I will get Black Panther to secretly a.s.sist you, so youll only be the commander on the surface. In reality, all orders will be issued by Black Panther.


Just like that, the words Yes, I have on the tip of Noras tongue became stuck.

The corners of her lips spasmed and she said, Okay.

The group set off with mighty momentum.

Out of the twenty of them, fifteen rode in black cars. With each five sharing a car, a total of three cars were deployed. As for the remaining five, they rode motorcycles.

As the commander, Nora would most certainly have to ride a motorcycle. After all, motorcycles were more convenient and they also allowed one to have a better understanding of the surroundings, which would help her in making appropriate judgments.

Black Panther also rode a motorcycle.

The five of them put on identical black uniforms. Then, Nora put on her mask while Black Panther took out his and put them on. He looked at Nora contemptuously and said, Can you ride a motorcycle? If not, you can ride one of the cars. Youre a girl anyway, so it would make sense even if youre in the car.

But as soon as he spoke, he saw that Nora was not paying him any attention at all. Instead, she put on her mask and got onto the motorcycle skillfully. Her slender leg struck and pushed the kickstand up. Then, her hand wrapped in a black glove twisted the handlebar and the motorcycles engine roared to life.

Lets move out!

Following her order, the motorcycle sped out with a whoosh, leaving behind only a cloud of dust for Black Panther.

Black Panther:

Black Panther hurriedly got on his own motorcycle and went after her.

Five motorcycles and three black cars headed to the airport with great momentum. Sometime during the journey, Black Panther accelerated and caught up with Nora.

When he was about to say something, Nora suddenly accelerated and overtook him. Black Panther: ??

Why did he feel like he had been rejected?

Nora certainly was rejecting his presencehe talked too much! Moreover, Black Panther had a habit of chewing gum when he was on a mission and the sight of his mouth constantly moving got on her nerves.

The group arrived at the DDPS and reported for duty.

The DDPS staff members began to check their ident.i.ties.

Nora didnt have to worry about that, though, because Karl had already prepared an ID card for her.

The Minister heading the DDPS picked up her ID card and glanced at it. Just as he was about to let her pa.s.s, a voice reached them.

Mr. Clifford, are you sure she is Black Cat?

Clifford was a little taken aback by the question.

Nora looked behind to see a group of ten people dressed the same as them walking over.

At the sight of them, Black Panther explained softly, They are members of the Hitman League. The one in the lead is their captain for this operation, his name is Abbott. He likes talking trash and his looks make one feel like beating him up.


Actually, she felt that Black Panthers way of speech kinda made one want to beat him up too, but she didnt say anything.

When Clifford heard Abbott, he asked bemusedly, What are you trying to say?

Abbott smiled and came up to Nora. He circled around her twice and then said, Mr. Clifford, we are here to protect the Queen, you know. Are you sure you want to let her wear a mask here? Arent you afraid that she may be a copycat?

Clifford smiled and replied, Black Cat is very well-known in both the world of and the DDPS. Besides, how would someone from the Alliance possibly be a copycat?

Abbott laughed and said, Then Ill show you how shes a copycat!

Practically right after he spoke, Abbott went for Noras face.

He had already received reliable information that Karl had found a copycat to impersonate Black Cat. Since she was just pretending, her fighting skills must not be much.

If he took off her mask in front of Clifford, he would be able to show him Black Cats fighting skills, or lack thereof. With that, her ident.i.ty as a copycat would be exposed.

Look out!

Black Panther cried out but it was still too late.

Who would have thought that the man would suddenly attack when they had only just met?

Abbotts hand was already around Noras mask. The moment he applied a bit of force, he would be able to remove it. With a smile, he asked, Are Black Cats moves this lousy?