She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 881 - Do You Want To Go In?

Chapter 881 - Do You Want To Go In?

Chapter 881 Do You Want To Go In?

Ever since she was born, Nora had known that she had an Aunt Queenie.

Even Henry knew of her. Her aunt would also come back to the country to visit her once a year.

Henry thought that Queenie lived a very difficult life abroad, so he had never shown her much civility. However, Queenie treated Nora very kindly. She told her that she was her mothers G.o.d-sister and that her mother had once saved her life. Nora hadnt thought much about it back then.

Later, Queenie continued to treat her very well.

Five years ago, when she brought her from the United States to Switzerland, one could say that she had saved her life. After all, a woman was actually at her weakest and frailest during labor.

Moreover, she had even been pregnant with twins no, triplets. To make matters worse, it had never occurred to her that she might go into labor in advance, so she hadnt been prepared.

It couldnt have been easier for someone to take her life at that time if they had wanted to.

It was her aunt who had nursed her back to health. Later, she even gave in to all of Cherrys demands, which gradually made Nora lower her guard towards her.

But Nora was still very curiouswho on earth was her aunt?

She had founded and raised NTT from the ground up Nora had checked NTTs success story before and one could say that it was totally a savage one. She had first resold counterfeit goods in Southeast Asia, where she made a lot of money amid a hail of gunfire. After that, she came to Switzerland and started a money laundering business.

This continued until she founded NTT and established it into a world-renowned enterprise.

The woman had taken only twenty-odd years to develop NTT to the flouris.h.i.+ng business it was today!

However, there was nothing about the first twenty years of the life of someone like her.

Given how much of a talented and intelligent woman she was, how could she possibly have led a dull and uneventful life during the first twenty years of her life?

Just like Yvette, it was impossible for one to conceal their talent. Despite not having a dramatic personality, Yvettes name had still become known to others in New York back in that era.

Outstanding peopleespecially those who reached the apex in an industry-would always s.h.i.+ne, no matter how low-key they stayed.

But this wasnt the case for Queenie.

The first twenty years of her life were too ordinary. She was a girl who had grown up in a normal family and then suddenly emerged dazzling when she turned twenty years old This was simply too unusual.

Upon hearing Noras words, the corners of Queenies lips couldnt help but curl into a smile. She said, Whats the matter? You dont trust me?

Nora stared into Queenies eyes with her own almond-shaped ones.

Queenie had very attractive eyes. They were slightly upturned and looked very charming. When her lips curled up into a faint smile, she formed a particularly bewitching sight.

Nora sighed. Why wouldnt I?

If she didnt trust her, would she have sent the three children here?

One could say that Nora trusted Queenie the most in this world-even if she knew next to nothing about her.

Even Justin would have to take a backseat

Queenie scoffed. Dont bother thinking any further about it. You will know who I am, and everything else you should know, when its time for you to find out. Do you want to know Justin Hunts secret or not?


Nora waved Queenie off and said, Id rather have him tell me himself.

Queenie stared at her speechlessly for a while. In the end, she snorted and said, I didnt expect you to fall for a man.

Nora knew what Queenie meant.

Back when she was living abroad, Queenie had introduced several men to her, but she had rejected them all. It was true that she hadnt had any plans for romance at that time.

Besides, she felt that being in love would affect her sleep time too much! Therefore, she had once declared that she would never fall in love with anyone in her whole life, nor would she ever get married.

Who would have thought that she would meet Justin after that

Nora was about to speak when Xander, who was next to her, blinked with his big eyes and interrupted them. He asked, Is Mommy supposed to fall in love with a woman then?

Queenie: ???!

Nora: ???!

Pete and Cherry: ???

All four of them turned and looked at Xander in unison, making the little fellow shrink back. W-what?


His interjection stopped Nora and Queenie from conversing further, though. Instead, Queenie stood and said, Alright, kiddos, how about coming upstairs with me and having a look at your room? Okay!

Pete and Xander got up.

Cherry took their hands and said, Come on, lets go! Ill show you guys around our home! My room is really, really big, so we can sleep together, yeah!

Hearing Cherry calling the place our home brought a smile to Queenies eyes.

Nora also stood up. She was about to head upstairs with them when her cell phone suddenly rang. When she answered, the voice of Cindy, who was helping her take care of the houses, came from the other end: Boss, there is something wrong with Rene Whats wrong?

Noras eyes turned a little chilly.

Cindy replied, She hasnt left her house since yesterday. I found it strange, so I went in to take a look just now, and thats when I found her on the bed with her hands and feet bound. Later, I found out that it was Liam who had tied her up He had sent Rene to get close to us, but now that she isnt of use anymore, he abandoned her here.

And then? Nora prompted.

It stood to reason that Cindy should be more than capable of handling these people smoothly, so why was she still calling her for instructions?

Cindy sighed and said, I untied Rene and told her to leave-after all, I know you probably wont hold it against herbut she refused to. She says that Liam was just pranking her and would definitely come back for her. She simply refuses to leave the house no matter what

Also, theres something mentally wrong with her. She has stayed curled up in a corner all this time, neither eating nor drinking. She just huddles up with her arms around her knees. She looks kinda pitiful, so Im wondering if its okay if we take her in for a few days?

After speaking, Cindy also became sure that she was being soft-hearted this time, so she hurriedly added, I wont let her come into contact with you guys ever again.

Nora sighed silently.

Rene was a pitiable person.

Being adopted by abusive parents at a very young age, she had left one h.e.l.lhole with much difficulty only to be brought into another by Liam.

Liam had treated Rene really wellso well that Rene must have even begun to believe in love, right?

But in the end, he had only been making use of her.

How could so many instances of love between people of unequal statuses possibly exist in this world?

Nora thought for a moment and then said, Mm, just let her live there if she doesnt want to leave. We are not short of that bit of rent anyway.


Nora hung up the phone and went upstairs.

As soon as she arrived on the third floor, she heard Cherry pointing to a room and explaining to Pete and Xander, That room is full of Grandaunt Queenies secrets, so we cant go in there, okay~? No matter the circ.u.mstances, we are not allowed to go in, okay?

Noras eyes fell on the door.

Ever since she came to Switzerland five years ago, she had been told all this time that she was forbidden from entering Queenies room.

Nora had never once pried into Queenies privacy or secrets, either.

However, it would be a lie to say that she wasnt curious.

In fact, there were so many times she had wanted to push the door open, only to restrain herself in the end

It was at this moment that Queenie suddenly stood in front of her and asked with a smile, Wanna go in?