She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 878 - Threat! Splitting The Loot

Chapter 878 - Threat! Splitting The Loot

Chapter 878 Threat! Splitting The Loot

The sports car droned, its engine running at high speed.

But no matter how much Liam sped up or overtook the other party, he simply couldnt shake off Nora.

Gradually, he began to panic.

His hands around the steering wheel were perspiring and cold sweat trickled down his forehead

He looked over at Nora again-only to see that the woman was still following him leisurely at the side. She was obviously overtaking him at times and could easily block his way by drifting horizontally, yet she deliberately slowed down and fell behind him.

She was just like a cat that clearly could catch the mouse but chose to tease its prey by deliberately letting it escape and then catching it again.

The look in the womans eyes when she looked at him also carried a sense of determination to get what she wanted.

Liam felt even worse. He looked ahead of him again and swallowed nervously.

His physical fitness had always been poor and he started to fumble about somewhat frantically despite only having driven for such a short period of time. His legs had even become a little weak from consecutively overtaking cars at high speed on the highway.


He slammed on the brakes and nearly collided with the car in front while the car behind also nearly collided with him. The driver behind was so mad that he swore at him loudly when he drove past.

However, Liam didnt have the leisure to care about that. Instead, he looked at the big black jeep speeding past him.

He originally thought that the jeep would race off into the distance and would not be in time to brake, but unexpectedly, it instead steadily came to a stop once more with a screech at only 300 feet away. The woman was even in the mood to turn on the blinkers and stop the car at the shoulder.

Her calm and collected att.i.tude made Liam feel humiliated.

He clenched his fists.

Liam suddenly dove back into the car to start it up again. However, by then, Nora had already gotten out of the jeep and placed one hand on the door. She stood there quietly like a great mountain suppressing Liam. He simply couldnt step on the gas pedal for the longest time.

Liam, who was shaking all over, broke down mentally. Before Nora could even speak, he yelled, The V16 is with me! Let me go and stop coming after me! Or else I will destroy


Nora raised her eyebrows.

Seeing that she wasnt saying anything, Liam finally started the car. His car had only traveled 600 feet when the jeep caught up with him from the back again.

Liam panicked. He rolled down the window furiously and shouted to Nora, I told you, dont come after me! Or I will destroy the V16!

However, Nora ignored him and continued to follow him.

Barbarians voice also reached Liam through his earphone.

Whats going on? Is she out of her mind? Shes really not threatened by you?! Liam snapped, Who the f*ck knows whats going on?! Barbarian, where did you glide to? Can you come over and provide reinforcements?!

Barbarian fell silent. He replied, I wont be able to make it there in time. As a precaution, I glided a few hundred miles away. Youre too far away, even if I do get to you, it will take me two or three hours You have to calm down and keep yourself together

I cant! Liam hammered the steering wheel furiously. Its driving me nuts!


Suddenly, Liam said, Ive made up my mind, Ill return her one of the V16s. This way, she wont keep haunting me anymore!

His words instantly enraged Barbarian. He said, Which of us are you going to use it on if you bring back only one?!

Liam yelled, I dont have the G.o.dd.a.m.n time to care about you anymore! I just want to get away asap!

Nearly right after he said that, Liam suddenly took off the Bluetooth earphone on his ear and flung it out the window.

The cars on the highway moved too quickly, the earphone was instantly crushed by the car behind the moment it fell to the ground.

Barbarians voice faded into the wireless network..

Liam looked aheadthere was a bridge.

He suddenly drove the car toward it. Then, he parked it and stood on the edge of the bridge.

In a mere span of about ten seconds, Noras car stopped beside him. She stood a short distance away and looked at him quietly.

Liam, however, took out two serums and opened the lids. He pointed them at the bridge deck and said, Dont come over, Nora! Lets make a deal! You let me go and we each take one of these two serums. But if you refuse to give me a way out, then I will empty them both into the river!