She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 863 - What Anti Looks Like

Chapter 863 - What Anti Looks Like

Chapter 863 What Anti Looks Like

Nora stared at his data.

Although she only caught a flash of the data that had just been uploaded, she still got a clear look at itEpsons experiment was the same as the one she had done in the past. Its final outcome would only be a failure.

She lowered her eyes and kept quiet.

Many of Epsons students swarmed toward them.

Everyone had painstakingly worked day and night for a month and now it was finally time to get the fruit of their labor. This was the moment that mattered the most to them.

Epson pressed the data consolidation b.u.t.ton.

Epsons students said, Lisa, you have never seen an experiment like this back in America, right? Youll bear witness to a miracle today!

Yeah, you are so lucky! Even though you didnt do anything, you still gained Professor Epsons trust. Its really a blessing for you to be able to take part in an experiment like this!

Yeah! I bet even Professor Anti wasnt this nice to you, right? Moreover, Staav University is much better than the NYU School of Medicine! At the very least, Anti is the only internationally well-known doctor there, whereas Staav University has many! Professor Epson is just one of the many professors here! You should have a better understanding of how great Staav University is by now, right?

Amidst their sarcastic, envious, or admonis.h.i.+ng remarks, Nora didnt utter even a word.

Look, itll be done real soon!

Distracted, everyone stopped focusing on Nora.

At this point, someone tugged on Noras arm.

Nora turned her head to see that Oscar had come up beside her. She lowered her voice and said, Why dont you apologize to Professor Epson later for showing disrespect towards him? Professor Epson may make himself out to be magnanimous and say that he will forgive you but hes actually very petty. Once the project succeeds, he will definitely go around saying that hes better than Professor Anti, and you are going to be the evidence that hell use. Be careful not to let him make use of you.

After speaking, Oscar sighed. You are ultimately just an exchange student, so you have to go back sooner or later. If you offend Anti, your studies wont go smoothly in the future.


Oscar had given her so many kind warnings that she didnt quite know what to do anymore.

Oscar explained, Actually, I secretly really like Professor Anti because shes so cool, but I cant say that out loud. Even if Professor Epson succeeds in his experiment, Im still not going to think that hes really better than Professor Anti. It would be nice if I could meet Professor Anti even just once in this lifetime.

Then, Oscar sighed and added, Unfortunately, there is probably no hope for that anymore because Professor Anti only took one postgraduate student under her wing. I really wonder who it is thats so lucky Nora:

Youll meet her for sure, she said.

After all, they had already met.

However, Oscar lowered her voice again and asked, By the way, you must have already told Professor Anti that Professor Epson is carrying out this experiment, right?

Yeah, she knows about it.

Oscar then asked, T-then can you pa.s.s a message to Professor Anti for me?


Oscar sighed. Actually, I admire her very much. A one-time failure doesnt mean anything-after all, Professor Anti doesnt specialize in pharmaceuticals; her forte is her surgical skill.

Now, Nora couldnt concur with that. She coughed and said, Anti Professor Anti is actually even more skilled in her pharmaceutical knowledge than her surgical skills.


Oscar was a little surprised. Although she did not quite understand why Nora would suddenly say something like that, she nevertheless said, Well, that doesnt matter. Even if Professor Anti is more skilled in pharmaceutical knowledge, I still believe this is just a one-time failure for her. I heard that many of the pills that Professor Anti created have already spread to Switzerland She is still very awesome, no matter what. Now that Epson has beat her in something for once, he will definitely spread talk about how incompetent Professor Anti is. Do tell Professor Anti not to take it to heart

He wont have the chance, Nora replied.

Her reply took Oscar by surprise. What do you mean?

Noras lip corners curled into a smile. Im saying that Professor Epson wont have the chance to do that.

Immediately after she spoke, one of the students at the computer with the experiment data exclaimed, It has stopped! It reached 100%! The result The result will be out in a moment!

Its out!

The next moment following their shouts, however, everyone suddenly fell silent.

Oscar hurriedly tugged on Noras arm. For the sake of the credits for Professor Epsons cla.s.s, just congratulate him

Before she could finish, though, she heard someone exclaim in shock, How how can this be?

Yeah, why did it fail?

Oscar: ??

No, this is impossible! Epson let out a low bark. He hurriedly looked at the computer and said furiously, Something must have gone wrong! Yes, that must be it! Theres no way it would fail! Re-upload it! Re-upload all data!


All the students nodded and re-uploaded all the data.

Epson then clicked the Consolidate b.u.t.ton.

But five minutes later, the lab was still filled with silence, indicating that it was still unsuccessful!

Epson still refused to believe it. He said, Someone among you must have made a mistake in the data! Go and get it checked again, p.r.o.nto! And upload it again within half an hour!


Following Professor Epsons order, all the students once again threw themselves into the intense experiment.

Only Nora and Oscar stood in the corner by the side, one looking like she was waiting for some kind of result and the other looking a little lost-after all, at Oscars current level of knowledge, she couldnt fully understand the experiment yet.

Another hour pa.s.sed.

They uploaded the data once more but it still failed!

Epson stared at his computer in disbelief. The students started to talk among themselves at this point.

Whats going on?

Yeah, its so weird. Whats going on?

It suddenly occurred to me that someone had once said that Anti has tried this idea before, but it unfortunately failed. Therefore, this particular hypothesis doesnt work We were too confident and got careless!

As soon as the student said that, though, Epson looked at her furiously. How can that be? This is the only possible way! How can it fail? This doesnt make sense, something must have gone wrong somewhere! But where? Where does the problem lie?

This Every line of data is extremely accurate, we have already confirmed it a dozen times and there really isnt any problem. How could this have happened? What should we do?

Yeah, the data is too strange!

While everyone was deep in thought, a low voice reached them.

Its the third set, it cant be integrated with the rest of the data. This problem is unsolvable.

Everyone was contemplating the issue seriously, so when they heard this, they all looked at the computer.

Sure enough, everyone discovered the problem.

How did it turn out like that?!

It really is impossible to integrate this part into the rest of the data. In other words, our hypothesis was wrong from the beginning!

Have we been doing pointless work this whole month?

Professor Anti once said that this method will never work, but we simply refused to believe it and insisted on wasting a month to verify it

Amid everyone kicking themselves over their actions, Epson held his head. How can this happen? How?! This is impossible Im definitely better than Anti

Seeing his reaction, the students hurriedly comforted him. Professor Epson, y-you have done your best.

Go away! Even if Ive done my best, I still cant accept this! This is a matter of academic dignity!

Epsons eyes were fixed on the screen.

No one realized that Nora was the one who had pointed out the problem just now.

Oscar, who was standing beside Nora all this time, stared at her in shock. It wasnt until then that she finally recovered and asked in astonishment, How did you know that there is a problem with the third set of data?

Well, I have experienced this failure before, replied Nora.

Oscar was stunned. A moment later, though, she suddenly realized something and said, I see! Did you also partic.i.p.ate in Antis experiment back at the NYU School of Medicine? Thats why you knew from the start that this experiment would never succeed!

You can say that, Nora said.

She had indeed been involved in her own experiment from the very beginning.

But the moment she said that, a besotted look instead came over Oscars countenance. Professor Anti is simply too amazing! As soon as she started the experiment, she noticed the problem and ended it. Gosh, I really wish I could meet her!

After speaking, she lowered her head and took out her cell phone. What are you doing? Nora asked.

Oscar replied, Im going to search for photos of Anti I want to see what she looks like!