She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 860 - How To Make Up For It

Chapter 860 - How To Make Up For It

Chapter 860 How To Make Up For It

Despite being a well-known hacker, Solo didnt really take the fact that Interpol was after him seriously.

After all, all these years, he had only undertaken private commissions and most of the money he earned was legal. He had only run to America because-first, he wanted to visit Nora, and second, he found being targeted by Interpol very troublesome.

But even if he was caught, he would be released from jail after just two or three months. Moreover, if he took the initiative to cooperate with Interpol, he could even join them, start out on a clean slate, and become a white hat.

The Interpol had even invited Solo to join them before, but he had declined.

Now that he knew that Brenda was an Interpol officer, he started having thoughts of joining them. That was why he had kept displaying his professionalism just now

That was why Solo was not afraid at all, despite Aaron subduing him, and was even asking him what was going on.

Aaron didnt hold back at all, which made Solos shoulders hurt terribly. However, none of it could compare with his desire to know what on earth was going on with Brenda.

Aaron stared at Solo, the deep hatred in his eyes almost overflowing.

He sneered, Fine, if Captain Brenda wont tell you the truth, then Ill do it. The two of you will never be together because


Before Aaron could finish, Brendas frosty voice came over, preventing him from saying the rest of what he wanted to say.

The woman, who stood tall and straight, came out of the room and her gaze fell on Solo. Her pretty face was tense and frosty as she slowly said, Dont waste your breath telling him unnecessary things!

She took a step forward. She clenched her fists tightly, stared at Solo, and said, You and I have been walking two different paths from the start. Ive told you a long time ago to stay away from me but you keep sending yourself up to my doorstep again and again. In that case, I might as well accept this achievement that youre offering me! Aaron!

Aaron stood up straight. Present!

Brenda lowered her eyes and kept quiet for a long while.

Solo was also staring at Brenda, his eyes full of incredulity. However, he quickly reacted and said, Captain Brenda, I know I may have done some things that violate international law, but I dont think Ive done any huge wrongdoings, right? Seeing that I am repentant and have also offered to help you, why dont you consider recruiting me into the


Brendas fists were shaking a little.

Next to her, Aaron also sneered. His eyes were all red and all his muscles seemed to be bulging as though he would kill Solo with a punch the very next moment.

Before he could speak, Brenda said, Detain him for now, then get the local police to take over. Our main priority now is to arrest Barbarian!

Captain Brenda! Aaron yelled furiously.

Brenda was shaking all over. Do as I say! We will do everything according to the system!

Aaron looked at Solo. The way he was gritting his teeth in fury confused Solo and put him at a loss. Regardless, after a short pause, Aaron replied, Yes, maam!

At last, Solo couldnt help but say, No, you two, Im asking to join you guys here. Also, arent I just a tiny little criminal? Do you really need to gnash your teeth so hard? You make it seem like Im some kind of heinous murderer. I

Shut up!

Brenda suddenly glared at him and let out a low shout, which shut Solo up.

Only then did Brenda look at Aaron. Take him to a solitary cell and keep him there.

Yes, maam.

Aaron left with Solo.

Nora, who was standing at the side, glanced at Brenda.

Brenda took a deep breath.

Nora walked up to her and suddenly asked, Just what exactly is going on?

Brendas eyes were all red and there were faint tears in her eyes.

She lowered her eyes and suddenly smiled. You know something, Nora? Some people with certain abilities may not have done anything wrong, but their abilities are, in themselves, a mistake

After leaving behind those words, Brenda turned around abruptly and said, Im going to look for Peters body. If I cant find it today, Im afraid well really be turned away tomorrow. Ill leave for now!

With that, she left.

Noras jaw tensed up as she stared at her from the back.

However, she didnt go after Brenda but followed Aaron instead.

Solo was a hacker, so he was physically very weak and posed no threat to her at all. Yet Brenda hadnt escorted Solo in person but gotten Aaron to do it, instead

This showed that Brenda had actually been covering up for Solo all this time!

She was giving Solo the chance to escape.

After all, for Solo to successfully dodge the pursuit of so many police officers all these years, he must have had his ways too.

It was just that after she walked over, she found that Solo had kept his head down and followed Aaron the whole time, showing no intention of resisting whatsoever.

Halfway, when Aaron pa.s.sed by the washrooms, he suddenly paused. He looked at Solo and said, Im going to the washroom for a while. Stay here and dont run, you hear


Solo looked at him blankly. Okay.

Aaron glanced at him again before he finally entered the washroom.

Nora hurried over and grabbed Solos arm. Lets go.

However, Solo stood still and shook his head. Im not leaving.

Nora didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Aaron left you out here to give you the chance to run!

I know.

Solo let out a quiet sigh. As though a confused child, he lowered his head and said, Thats why I cant leave. I want to know why on earth Brenny is ignoring me. Surely I have to find out why, right?!


To be honest, Nora had roughly guessed what the reason might be but she only had a vague idea as to what might have happened, so she would have to investigate to get the specifics. She said, Ill check what happened for you.

Even so, Im still not leaving.

Solo squatted on the ground stubbornly and hugged his knees.

Nora could only bend down as well, her patience close to running out. Whats up with you?

Solo sighed. If I go, Brenny and I wont ever have a chance of reconciling. I have to stay!

It was only when Nora heard this that she suddenly realized what he meant.

Solo wasnt stupid. Otherwise, he would not have gotten so many things done for her so quickly all these years. He knew and understood everything deep down.

He knew very well that he would become a fugitive if he ran away. Brenda didnt want to arrest him, but at the same time, Brenda was completely pus.h.i.+ng him away.

He looked at Nora blankly. Even if Ive really done something wrong, I have to know what it is. Surely I have to find out whether theres any possibility of making it up to her? I dont want to give up Brenny just like that.

Solos crimes would only put him in jail for two or three months at most.

Nothing much would really happen to him.

Seeing that he was being so stubborn, Nora sighed quietly and said, Fine.

But as soon as she said that, Aarons voice came from the washroom entrance. You can never make up for the mistakes youve made!

Solo hurriedly turned around and looked at Aaron. What on earth is going on? What did I do wrong? What did I do?

Aaron clenched his jaw.

He looked at Solo savagely. What youve done wrong? You owe us a life!

Solo was stunned but he quickly came back to his senses. I I didnt. Ive never killed anyone, Ive never taken such commissions!


Before he could finish, Aaron asked, Do you remember someone named Marcus?

Solo paused for a while before he suddenly realized who he was talking about. Yeah, I remember him. Isnt he a hacker? He even provoked me and said that he was a better hacker than me

After saying that, Solo asked, But what does it have to do with him?

Aaron lowered his eyes. He was my and Captain Brendas partner!

Solo was taken aback.

Aaron continued to speak. Marcus, Captain Brenda, and Ithe three of us were close friends and we always worked together whenever we handled cases. Marcus was in love with Captain Brenda, so he always worked hard to coordinate with her during operations. Marcus was very capable. The higher-ups once talked to him about having him lead a team but Marcus never agreed. Instead, he willingly worked under Captain Brenda-not because he admired her abilities, but because he wanted to protect her!

Aaron clenched his fists, his whole body shaking. There was hatred and resentment in his eyes as he stared at Solo.

His appearance caused a foreboding feeling to suddenly arise in Solo. W-where is he?

Aaron lowered his eyes. Hes dead!

Solos heart sank. B-but I wasnt the one who caused his death. What does it have to do with me? I

Before he could finish, Aaron suddenly looked at him. He was not convinced of your hacking skills, so he once publicly clamored that he wanted to pit his skills against yours,


Solo nodded. Yes, but I ignored him.

Aaron sneered and lowered his head.

He suddenly asked, Three months ago, did you take a commission to hack into someones cell phone?

Solo nodded. Yeah, how did you know?

Solo had always been taking private commissions from others but he had never done anything terrible like murder. Additionally, the people commissioning him were required to inform him of what they intended to do post-commission.

He didnt allow them to make use of him to do bad things.

When he thought of that, he suddenly looked at Aaron. That phone Was Marcus?.

Aaron lowered his eyes. No, it was Captain Brendas.

His reply made Solos eyes widen abruptly. He suddenly thought back to three months ago when someone had sent him an email, saying that his girlfriend had betrayed him. She had cheated on him with many people at the same time and was a sc.u.mbag. Therefore, hed offered Solo $3,000 to pinpoint the girls GPS location.


$3,000 was just peanuts to him, but he hated such women the most, so hed accepted the simple commission.

He checked the cell phone number given by the other party, whereupon he found that the girl was indeed an unfaithful woman and a playerbecause the cell phones GPS location was often in places like nightclubs.

After Solo sent the GPS coordinates to his client, his client had replied, Shes too much! How dare she be a town bike! She cuckolded me for so many years but I didnt even realize! Man, Im p.i.s.sed!

With the mentality of someone watching a show, Solo had replied, Just break up. Shes not worth it.

But his client then sent a message begging him for help. Can you help me hack into my girlfriends cell phone for ten minutes? I want to lock her in the toilet and scare her a little as punishment.

For Solo, a small request like that was not even worth mentioning.

He agreed immediately. In fact, hed even felt that he was punis.h.i.+ng evil and promoting good.

But he didnt understand how could she have been Brenda?

While he was in a daze, Aaron sneered and spoke again. That day, after much difficulty, Captain Brenda, Marcus, and I finally managed to get hold of Barbarians whereabouts. In order not to alert the enemy, Captain Brenda went in to scout the place first. We agreed that she would give us a signal in five minutes but we suddenly lost contact with her! Marcus was worried about Captain Brenda, so he rushed in at once He thought that the signal source he had set up was inadequate, causing Captain Brenda to be unable to send us the signal But we had never thought that the reason why she hadnt come out was just because of a hackers little prank!! Marcus, in order to save Captain Brenda, was brutally killed by Barbarian.

At this point, Aaron suddenly raised his fist and slammed it in Solos face!

Nora didnt do anything. Instead, she watched the two fixedly.

Solo didnt duck either. It seemed like he had never imagined that things could have turned out like that

Hed only hacked into someones phone for ten minutes and prevented them from using it. How did it involve someones death?

On top of that, out of everyone it could have been, that person was Brenda!

He even remembered that he had had a few conversations with the owner of the cell phone back then.

Using an unknown number, he had sent the other party text messages and scolded her, saying that she should repent and that her boyfriend was still waiting for her.

The girl had replied: Are you nuts?

At that time, hed hara.s.sed the girl by sending her a ton of text messages because he wanted her to change her mind and return to her boyfriend.

In fact

After hacking her cell phone for ten minutes, when he returned control of the phone to the girl, he had even left a message on the screen: Hahaha! You must have been scared silly, right? You deserved it!

Solo staggered a couple of steps backward.

He thought of how those big mocking words would have suddenly appeared on the phone as Brenda came out dragging the body of her comrade who had died tragically. When he thought of how he was the one who had sent that message to her

Solo suddenly clutched his chest.

No wonder no wonder Brenda had said that there was no misunderstanding between them.

Yeah, there certainly wasnt any misunderstanding.

There was only hatred and a feud between them!

That was why Interpol, who had always ignored him, had started to come after him when the charges were not even serious. Even if he was caught, he would only serve two or three months in prison.

Solos nose was broken, warm liquid slowly trickled down.

He suddenly didnt know what to do anymore.

Aaron pointed to the outside. Leave! We investigated after the incident and found out that it was just a hackers prank and that you indeed dont have anything to do with Barbarian

Yes, you are innocent and you were deceived, but no matter how many excuses I make up for you, it cant erase the fact that you caused Marcus death! So, you get it now, right? Captain Brenda will never forgive youbecause the moment she sees you, she thinks of the text message, those short ten minutes, and Marcus tragic death! Get lost! Im not interested in detaining you. Stay away from us in the future!

Aaron really wanted to beat up Solo and kill him, but of all people, Captain Brenda had fallen in love with him.

Marcus only wish when he had been alive was for Captain Brenda to find someone she loved Now that she had, Aaron couldnt really kill Solo to avenge him.

Solo, however, remained where he was. He murmured to himself, W-what can I do to make up for it?

Make up for it? Aaron sneered, Only if you can bring Marcus back to life!