She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 82 - Rachel Wood, Bring That Face Of Yours Over!

Chapter 82 - Rachel Wood, Bring That Face Of Yours Over!

Chapter 82 - Rachel Wood, Bring That Face Of Yours Over!

Justin suddenly tensed up all over.

He straightened his back, feeling as if all the blood in his body was about to rush straight to his face.

She wanted to buy him?


That woman's way of confessing her love really was very unique.

His lip corners slowly curled up. However, it was at this moment that he heard the continuation of her words: "…r son!"

Justin was a little stunned. A look of surprise appeared in his dark blue eyes, and even the beauty mark at the corner of his eye seemed a little puzzled and confused.

"What?" He asked.

With the alcohol boosting her courage, Nora repeated, "I want to buy your son! Are eight hundred million dollars enough?"

However, the man fell silent after she said that.

Both of them held their cell phones to their ears and kept quiet for a very, very long while.

Nora looked at her cell phone hesitantly and muttered, "Huh? Is my cell phone out of range? Mr. Hunt, are you still there?"


There was still no response from the other side.

"How strange. Why isn't he speaking? …Beep… beep… beep…"

Justin was still at a loss for words even when he heard the disconnected tone in the phone.

He stared at his cell phone hesitantly for quite a while, unable to understand what Nora was thinking at all.

Why was she so fixated on his son every day?

He dried his hair with the towel and changed into his pajamas. After walking out of the bedroom, he saw Sean, who had come to pass him some documents which required his signature.

Justin picked up the pen, signed the documents, and handed them back to Sean.

Sean reached out to receive them, but instead found that he couldn't move the papers at all—Justin was still holding on to them.

He hesitated for a moment before he asked, "Is there anything else you need me for, Mr. Hunt?"

Justin suddenly asked, "What might be the reason behind a woman constantly paying attention to my friend's son, and even offering to buy him for eight hundred million dollars?"

Sean replied, "… I remember Ms. Smith has a daughter herself. Is she trying to get close to you so that she can get the two children engaged to each other?"

Justin, "?"

After a long while, a deep voice said, "Get out."

Sean took the documents from him, turned around, and started walking unhurriedly to the door. He had only just taken a couple of steps when he heard Justin cough and say, "That question was a friend's, not mine. Also, the woman in question is not Ms. Smith."

Sean, who wisely didn't expose his lie, nodded and said, "Yes, Mr. Hunt."


The day of the dance party soon arrived.

Nora was still asleep when Sheril dragged her out of bed and placed her clothes on her bed. She said, "Hurry up and change, Nora. Even though the party starts in the afternoon, you'll need time to do your makeup."

Nora rubbed her eyes sleepily and asked, "Are you still going?"

Rachel and Caden would be dancing at the party, so she had thought that Sheril would definitely give up on attending it.

Sheril, however, was full of fighting spirit. She said, "He's the one who betrayed me, so why shouldn't I go? Come on, hurry and get up."

Then, she went out to do her makeup.

However, the moment she closed the door, the light in Sheril's eyes dimmed.

A breakup was something very painful. Even if one could think of it in a clear and logical manner, there was no way they could get over it so quickly.

However, Mom had said that the ones attending the dance party today would mostly be young people. At the same time, it was also an occasion with the most attendees in the near future. Thus, it was the best opportunity to introduce Nora, a young lady of the Andersons, to everyone.

She mustn't hold Nora back.

When she was done dressing up and about to go to Nora, Nora's bedroom door finally opened. Nora wore a white shirt and a pair of black trousers, and also had a black ladies' blazer on. The outfit was cinched slightly at the waist, making her look neat and dashing.

Sheril was taken aback. "Nora, why are you wearing that?"

Nora waved and answered, "If I dress like this, no one will ask me to dance for sure."

She didn't know how to dance. Should someone really ask her to dance, it would be too embarrassing to say that she didn't know how to dance, so she might as well dress up this way and make it clear that she didn't want to dance… Well, that was one way to go about it, too.

Sheril believed her.

The two went downstairs and got into the car to the dance party. Nora leaned against the window lazily. Suddenly, her cell phone vibrated.

When she picked it up and glanced at it, she realized that it was a text message from Tanya. It read: "Darling, I've arrived in New York! Where are you? I can't wait to give you a big hug!"

She sounded as if she was burning with passion.

Nora smiled and chuckled. Then, her long slender fingers tapped a few times on the cell phone casually and she sent her an address. She wrote: "There's a dance party here. Are you coming?"

Tanya replied: "I'll go, I'll go! Of course, I have to go! I'm going over right now! Wait for me~!"

She just knew that that woman loved joining in on the fun.

Nora put her cell phone down and tossed it into her pocket. A frosty look surfaced in her eyes.

Sheril had said that she would just take it that she was too blind to trust the wrong person, so she would just let the matter with Caden be. She was also thankful to Rachel for helping her screen her ex-boyfriend's character.

However, Nora had always been someone who gave tit for tat.

The dance party was bound to be a very exciting one tonight.

Soon, the car arrived at the party venue.

The dance party, which was held in Hotel Finest's conference hall, was regarded as a gathering of wealthy young ladies and socialites.

Sheril, who was wearing a red gown, held Nora's arm gracefully and entered the venue. As soon as they entered, she heard someone next to them say, "I reckon Rachel Wood will probably be the focus of the party tonight!"

"How can that be? There's also Ms. Smith!"

"Don't you know? Mr. Smith's condition has worsened. Although Ms. Smith is the one organizing the party, she isn't here today."


Upon hearing what they said, Sheril lowered her voice and explained, "This dance party is meant for young people. It's hosted every year by the one with the best family background among the young women of New York. The Hunts don't have any young women of suitable age, so the one with the highest status at present is the young lady from the Smiths. She's Mr. Ian Smith's adopted daughter and is very doted on at home. She's the one who organized all the dance parties during the last few years. She has very good character and is fairly well-known in the circle!"

Ian Smith's adopted daughter…

Nora nodded.

Suddenly, Sheril stopped walking. Nora followed her line of sight and immediately saw Rachel holding Caden's arm and walking among the crowd.

Someone next to them also whispered, "Isn't Caden Sheril's dance partner? Why is he Rachel's now?"

"I heard it's because Rachel managed to invite Tanya to go over to her place to teach her dancing. He's aiming to be a professional dancer, so if Tanya can give him some pointers, he'll probably have a better chance of winning when he participates in international ballroom dancing competitions!"

"Huh? But what about Sheril? Poor girl…"

A stranger's pity was actually the biggest insult to Sheril.

She lowered her head and said, "Nora, let's go to the corner…"

However, before she could finish, Rachel spotted them from a distance and immediately called out with a smile, "Sheril! You're here!"

She dragged Caden with her and came up to Sheril. With a bright smile, she said, "Caden and you always took top place in the past because you had him leading you. I was even thinking of competing with you this year! By the way, where's your partner?"

Sheril clenched her fists.

At this point, the beep of a text message notification rang out.

Nora picked it up and glanced at it—it was a message from Tanya: "I'm reaching in a moment!"