She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 8 - My Mommy's Over There!

Chapter 8 - My Mommy's Over There!

Chapter 8 - My Mommy's Over There!

Chester, who had come after them, couldn't help holding his forehead when he saw the situation.

It was all over.

The kiddo and the tyrant were at it again.

Pete was stubborn and obstinate.

Justin was domineering. Everything was usually fine if Pete was obedient, but once he refused to behave, chaos would undoubtedly break out at home.

He was just thinking of calling their family home and asking them to save his little nephew when he noticed that the tyrant had suddenly stopped in his tracks. Mild surprise came over his countenance.

The few heated droplets on his neck stunned Justin and froze him to the spot.

This can't be…

He loosened his hold slightly and was immediately faced with a bawling little face.

Cherry was crying hard, and her sobs wracked her tiny little body. She touched Justin's face with her hand. "Daddy… You're Daddy…"

Justin was at a loss for words.

His son always had a sullen look on his face, but his facial expression was a lot more animated at the moment. Big teardrops rolled down from his dark eyes.

It made one feel extraordinarily… helpless.

"Don't cry anymore."

Justin said hoarsely. Then, he stretched out his hand awkwardly, trying to wipe her tears. However, a soft little hand grabbed his fingers instead. "Daddy!"

She finally had a father.

She was no longer a child that had popped out of a rock.

Although Cherry was lively and outgoing, she nevertheless felt terribly envious every time she saw other children being lifted high into the air by their fathers.

Her soft voice caused Justin to swallow back the "Real men don't cry" line that he was about to say.

Pete was only five. He was still a child.

His usually hard and tough heart actually softened a bit.

With a sullen look, Justin chided, "Oh, really now. Crying and kicking up a fuss just because of some food?"

Despite that, he put Cherry down in an unprecedented move.

Cherry clasped his large hand tightly as though she was afraid that what was already in the bag… uh, afraid that her father would disappear. She looked up and said, "Let's have dinner together, Daddy."

Justin pursed his lips and looked at his watch. "I only have an hour."

Chester, who was already dumbfounded a long time ago, was rendered speechless.

In the past, Pete had always rather gone hungry and be punished than give in! Had he become enlightened?

Cherry was terribly excited. She had found such a handsome father! Whether he really was her father or not, it was in no way a loss!

The world of a looks-obsessed fanatic was just that simple!

"Eat this, Daddy! This is expensive!"

"Don't just drink juice, Daddy. It's too filling, and you won't get to eat much."

Justin stared solemnly at his son who was behaving like a totally different person. Meanwhile, Chester, who was seated next to him, whispered, "Justin, has Pete been possessed?"


After choosing what she wanted to eat, Cherry took Justin's hand and walked towards the table in the corner. "Daddy, Mommy's over there."

Justin's vision followed her finger and saw the woman in the corner again.

She was leaning back lazily on the comfortable sofa, her eyes downcast as if everything happening around her had nothing to do with her, and indifferent as if she was isolated from the world.

She supported her cheek with one hand while holding a fork in the other as she ate absentmindedly. There was an inexplicable charm in her movements.

Her fingers were long and slender with well-defined joints. Such fingers were very nimble and flexible and were very suitable for playing the piano. They were very beautiful.

Opposite her, a child sat with their back to them. As the child was too short, they could only see the top of their hair. It was likely her daughter.

Justin retracted his gaze and looked at Cherry solemnly. "She isn't your mommy."

"She is my mommy."

With a cold look, Justin bent over. "Remember this, Pete. Don't trust any women, especially… beautiful ones!"

Cherry's eyes widened.


It would really become a pity only if he didn't accept Mommy!

Her eyes suddenly became red. "If you don't recognize her as my mommy, then you're not my father!"


Justin looked displeased. His sullen gaze was as if it wanted to pierce right through people, and even the mole at the corner of his eye felt scrutinizing.

Just how had that woman bewitched his son?

She actually made Pete say something like that!


He suddenly realized something, and he asked, "Did you come down together with her?"

Cherry replied, "Of course."

It was just like what he had thought.

He knew it. Why would Pete suddenly want pizza?

Justin scoffed. That woman was still flirting with some other man downstairs this afternoon, yet now she was trying to seduce him by using his son again.

It seemed that the verbal warning he gave her last night was not enough.

He turned around forcefully. "Don't talk to her anymore."

Cherry was confused.

She looked at her mother aggrievedly, then looked up at her big and tall father. In the end, she gritted her teeth and left with Justin.

She wanted to help Mommy kidnap Daddy home.

"Daddy, isn't my mommy good-looking? She's even prettier than the celebrities. If you marry her, how impressive would it be when you take her out in the future?"

Justin was perplexed.

Just what kind of indecent things did the woman say to his son?!


Nora, who was eating slowly, was close to falling asleep.

Her daughter was being exceptionally sensible this evening. The usually picky eater surprisingly didn't pick out the carrots and had eaten them all. It was just that she was taking quite a long time to eat.

She was slightly worried. "Are you eating too much?"

Pete rubbed his round belly. He knew that he would probably be grounded by the tyrant when he returned.

He had dawdled for over an hour because he was reluctant to part with Mommy. When he heard her, he pursed his lips and said, "I'll get another cake."

"… Go ahead."

The corners of Nora's lips spasmed a little. Then, she leaned back and closed her eyes.

At the same time, Cherry took the opportunity while the others were taking their belongings to sneak back and check on Nora. When she discovered how sleepy she looked, she felt a little sorry.

Having dinner with her was already taking a lot of time away from her sleep.

Yet she had accompanied Daddy and abandoned Mommy. She shouldn't have done that.

Cherry walked over and sighed. "Are you sleepy, Mommy? Let's go back."

The little fellow's finally full.

Nora stretched and let out an "Okay". Then, she held her hand and left the restaurant.

A minute later, Pete came back, only to see the empty table. The light in his eyes slowly dimmed, and his shoulders also slumped.

At this point, a deep voice came from behind. "Time's up."

Pete's tiny body trembled. When he turned around, he saw the tyrant standing impatiently behind him.

He knew that he would definitely be scolded when they got home.

Unexpectedly, the next moment, Justin bent over and picked him up. He even asked, "Are you full?"

Pete was puzzled.

Did the tyrant decide to turn over a new leaf today?


In the top-class presidential suite.


Nora was about to go to bed when the doorbell rang. She asked impatiently, "Who is it?"

An unfamiliar male voice reached her. "My name is Hunt, Miss Smith."


Nora got up and called out, "Open the door, Cherry."