She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 797 - Who Gets The Account?

Chapter 797 - Who Gets The Account?

Chapter 797 Who Gets The Account?

Tanya laughed. Then the children cry and kick up a fuss, of course! As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so those who complain the loudest get the most attention. This is very simple logic. Its normal for you to think like this. Even if you were Dads real son, you would still be jealous, much less when you arent!


He denied it. Im not jealous.

Yes, yes, youre right, youre not jealous at all. Tanya laughed. She raised her head to look at him and then said solemnly, You dont need to feel embarra.s.sed about it, any normal person would feel the same way. You will slowly adapt and get used to it. Usually, in families with more than one child, the eldest will eventually also grow to love their siblings. You will find that youve just gained one more family member who loves you, thats all.

Joel: .

Why did Tanya sound as though she was coaxing a child?

Joel lowered his head and started to eat.

Tanya looked at him. Hey, did I manage to comfort you or not?

Yes, you did. Joel offered her a piece of fried chicken, upon which Tanya immediately pursed her lips and said, Im a dancer, you know. Am I supposed to eat such greasy food? Why are you so careless

Despite saying that, she secretly picked up a French fry.


Why didnt he see her being so self-disciplined when she was sneaking the fried chicken into her mouth?!

The smile at the corners of his lips deepened. He said, I will talk it out with Nora later at night. As for Dad, I was too narrow-minded. I understand his actions and I also understand that to him, Nora is ultimately still different.

How could ones feelings for their biological and adopted children possibly be the same?

Tanya, however, said, Its also different between children they raised and children they didnt! Didnt you see that news some time ago? The childs biological parents found and approached him after he grew up, but the child was only close to their adoptive parents. You were raised by Dad, and Dad has a very good relations.h.i.+p with you! Considering Noras personalitybesides, she doesnt know how to wheedle for attention eitherDad will definitely find her too aloof!


Tanya smiled after she spoke. Therefore, to Dad, theres no difference between you and Nora. The two of you are the same to him!

Everything she said beforehand was for the sole purpose of saying this last sentence. Joel suddenly became enlightened. Yeah.

After the two ate and Tanya was about to go home, Joel suddenly stood up. Ill go home with you!

Tanya was surprised. Whats wrong?

Joel smiled and replied, My subordinate did something bad to Nora. As her elder brother, surely I have to apologize to her in person, right? Why dont I cook for you guys today?

Tanya laughed. Okay! Then make me some beef steak! You know how I like it done the best! Eating beef at night helps lose weight!


The two went downstairs together and got ready to go home.

After they left, Mindy appeared at the door. When she overheard Joel saying My subordinate did something bad to Nora. As her elder brother, surely I have to apologize to her in person, right?, she clenched her fists.

She lowered her head, aware that what she did had displeased Joel.

Moreover, it had even nearly destroyed their familial harmony.

Then, she thought of how she had only been able to go to school because of Ian sponsoring her studies. It was just that the old man had never taken the credit for himself.

Mindy took a deep breath. She knew that she had really made a mistake this time!

However, she wasnt going to apologize for it anymore-because Mr. Smith had already shouldered the blame for her. The only thing she could do now was never to take the liberty to act without permission again, and also never to make trouble for Ms. Smith again!

Joel returned home.

Even Ian, who was basking in the sun in the living room and staring out the window along the way, was a little surprised to see him. Why are you back so early?

Joel smiled and replied, Isnt Nora coming for dinner? Ill cook.

Ian was dumbfounded. What are you cooking for? Its not like we dont have a chef. Come over and sit with me for a while instead.

Joel sat next to Ian.

Ian, who was warm and comfortable from the sun, slowly said, Joel, I want to thank you.

Joel was taken aback. Dad, whats the matter?

Ian said, Do you remember the day when your dad I mean, my brother hit you, and you ran over and put your arms around my


Joel nodded.

Ian smiled and said, That day, I actually didnt want to live anymore.

Joels expression suddenly became serious.

Ian continued to speak. But the look in your eyes was simply too pure and innocent. Because you looked at me like that and treated me as your last hope to cling to, I had suddenly found a reason to live.

His words astounded Joel.

Since he was a child, what his uncle had said to him the most was that he must excel and take over the Smith Corporation. And once he inherited the company, Ian would give up on living.

For Joel, that was the most psychologically tormenting period of his life.

Hed thought that his uncle had nothing to live for anymore because the Smith Corporation, the company that his uncle cared about the most, had found a successor.

But as it turned out!

He was the one whom his uncle had cared about?

While he was thinking about it, Ian said, Later, I handed over the Smith Corporation to you. Seeing how youd grown up and your ability to stand on your own, I felt that there was no reason for me to live anymore.


Joels eyes suddenly reddened.

Ian said, Then, Nora came back. It was only when she told me that there are a lot of people after her life and she may not have much longer to live anymore, that I finally found another reason to live. Even then, I still didnt know how to treat her well. Id never taught her, never watched her grow up. I didnt know what she liked or disliked, either

Joel thought of how Ian had accompanied him as he did his homework in the past. When he couldnt complete his tasks, Ian would reprimand the tutor for giving him too much homework.

When he was playing, although Ian didnt play with him, he always sat nearby. Sometimes, he did work in the study instead, but when Joel occasionally glanced over, he would see Ian standing in front of the window looking at him.

In the past, hed felt that his uncle was too cold and aloof and only cared about his work. But in this instant, it was as though he was suddenly looking at those memories from a different perspective, allowing Joel to see what was truly on the other side.

He held Ians hand.

Ian said, Joel, Ill ask you one last time, have you given careful thought to that account? You are a sensitive and introverted child whod always rather make himself suffer just to make me happy. I want to hear the truth from you now!

Joel gave a wry smile.

He understood now, Ian hadnt given Nora the account. He might have just told her the information from the group instead. He was clearly among the people whom Ian cared about.

Joels expression became resolute. Im sorry, Dad, I misunderstood you. Lets give that account to Nora! Im saying this with full sincerity. Neither you nor I was with Nora when she was growing up. This is the only thing we can give to her now. With this, hopefully, she will have an easier journey in the future.

Ian frowned. Are you sure? If you give it to her, the Smith Corporation may never reach the height you aspire to bring it to.

Ian understood Joel.

He was an ambitious and capable man. Under his leaders.h.i.+p, the Smith Corporation had prospered day by day and become even more brilliant than when it was still in the hands of Ian.

Joel wanted even greater glory and wanted to create his own business empire, so he had been working hard all these years.

He would only succeed with the help of the account.

Joel smiled. This time, his smile was happy and rea.s.sured, and also liberated and determined. Yes, Im very sure.

He knew exactly what he had given up.

As soon as he said that though, Nora walked into the living room and asked hesitantly, What are you so sure about?