She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 788 - It's Time For Some Face-Slapping!

Chapter 788 - It's Time For Some Face-Slapping!

Chapter 788 Its Time For Some Face-Slapping!

That one line of Noras immediately went under a.n.a.lysis by everyone, who then posted it on the Internet.

Some peoples interpretations were:

Shell give us an answer in two days? Gold prices will probably hit a new low in two days! When that happens and the Smiths become the most profitable company of the year, shell then announce her break with the Hunts?

Friend, are you kidding? Her children can already inherit the Hunts property. What will remain of Ms. Smith if she breaks off ties with them? That bit of dividends from the Smiths?

Now that youve mentioned the dividends, wont the Smiths give Ms. Smith the position of successor? After all, everyone knows that the current head of the Smiths is the previous heads nephew!

Haha, I am a Smith Corporation employee. I can tell you very clearly that Ian Smith has already transferred the company shares to Joel Smith, so he now has 51% of the shares, which gives him absolute control over the company. The previous head only gave Ms. Smith 10 of the shares, so all your speculations are nonsense!

Youre from the Smith Corporation? Then can you tell me if your company and the Hunt Corporation have really been in a compet.i.tive relations.h.i.+p all these years?

Of course we are! We are not only competing with them on the outside but also internally. Every project always has two teams studying and developing it. Only compet.i.tion can motivate a persons most primitive pa.s.sion, but as far as I know, the Smith Corporation does not care about things like being first or second. The Smith Corporations annual turnover is not much less than that of the Hunt Corporation!

Even if its not much less, its still less than theirs. Even if they dont care about whos first or second, they are still in second place. Who wouldnt want to get rid of their fate of being in second place forever? Besides, Mr. Hunt only has one son. Even if Ms. Smith plays a few small tricks and makes the Hunt Corporation lose 80 million dollars, all that will happen is that theyll become the second in terms of annual turnover this year. The Hunts wont be too concerned. But by doing so, the Smiths can take first place for once, so why not? Its just 80 million dollars, the Smiths probably dont even think anything of it, right?

Some believed it while some didnt. Everyone gloated over others misfortune while they chatted about the gossip and waited quietly for the results that would come in two days.

Nora wasnt one to bother listening to what outsiders said. Instead, she was dealing with the Hunt Corporations affairs as well as looking for an overseas project so that she could find an excuse to go to Switzerland.

In the company, she approached Celine, a female staff member who was temporarily taking Lawrences place in the secretarial department, and asked, Does the company have any projects in Switzerland?

With her head lowered, Celine answered stiffly, No. If you have the time to be looking at overseas projects, then why dont you settle the companys domestic affairs first? Regarding the gold futures, what exactly are you thinking?

After Justins accident and in Lawrences absence, Celine had temporarily taken over the latters position as the leader of the secretarial department.

However, she had always been supportive of Nora. Her current att.i.tude, though Something wasnt right.

Nora looked up to see the woman, who was usually mild and gentle, staring at her with her clear and attractive eyes. Her voice was obviously very gentle, yet the way she spoke was very stiff. She said, Gold prices have dropped again today. Why arent you doing any trading in the market? With the way youre behaving, dont you think youre letting down Mr. Hunt?

Nora: ?

She raised her brows. Suddenly, she asked, Do you also think that I am not doing my best for the Hunt Corporation?

Celine bit her lip. Isnt that right? If you really were doing your best for the Hunt Corporation, then why would you fire Lawrence?

Nora was taken aback. What did you just say?

sneered, Ive already found out about everything that happened, so you can drop your act! Lawrence is very familiar with the company and he is also Mr. Hunts right-hand man. You fired him because you want to bypa.s.s him and do things unfavorable to the company, right? Ms. Smith, when Mr. Hunt was still around, we could all see for ourselves just how well hed treated you. Dont you think your actions have really let him down? Lawrence is very loyal to Mr. Hunt, how can you fire someone like him just like that?

Nora: ?

She countered with a question of her own. When did I fire Lawrence?

Celine sneered and said, You dont have to pretend anymore, I already know all about it. You fired Lawrence the day Mr. Hunt died. His resignation letter is right there in the companys email inbox. Ive already seen it!

Nora: !

She went through the email inbox at once. Sure enough, she saw Lawrences resignation letter, which was sent on the day that Justin died.

Lawrences resignation letter was written very clearly. To sum it up roughly, he wrote that Mr. Hunt had been very kind to him, so he needed some time to get over what had happened. He also told them not to look for him. After that, he left


To think she had been wondering why no one noticed that Lawrence had disappeared just like that after Justin faked his death. As it turned out, it was because he had already made all the necessary preparations in advance.

So, he had left together with Justin?

Where had they gone, though? Switzerland?

They must have done that and concealed their ident.i.ties just so they could go to Switzerland to look for the V16, right?

But when she thought of the man in black who was still alive, and how hed forced her and Justin to retreat all by himself, as well as how Justin had also been forced into faking his death as a countermeasure; deep worry arose at the bottom of Noras heart.

No, this wouldnt work. She must go to Switzerland right away.

Nora made up her mind. Suddenly, she looked up at Celine and asked, Who told you that I was the one who fired Lawrence?

Celine had already seen Lawrences resignation letter a long time ago, yet her att.i.tude towards her a few days ago had still been very good. However, this had suddenly changed today. Someone must have said something to her.

Sure enough, the next moment, the look in Celines eyes changed. She lowered her head and replied evasively, I promised that person that I wouldnt tell you their ident.i.ty. Dont bother trying to find out who told me the truth. That person is someone you trust, otherwise I wouldnt have believed them so easily.

Someone she trusted?

How many people did Nora trust?

Her friends were all absolutely worthy of her trust. It was impossible for any of them to betray her.

Nora didnt think any deeper into it. Instead, she said, I didnt fire Lawrence.

However, Celine yelled agitatedly, Are you still denying it at a time like this? Lawrence was in such a bad mood after he was fired that he has been keeping his cell phone switched off all this time! He doesnt answer my phone calls at all! You dont understand Lawrences feelings for the Hunt Corporation! If he does anything silly, I wont let you off!

Her behavior

Nora raised her eyebrows. Youre in love with him?

Her words made Celine choke. Then, she said, Yes, Im in love with him, Ive had a crush on him for five years. Ms. Smith, I can tell you this very clearlyif you cannot handle the matter about the gold futures well, then please forgive me for not being able to cooperate with you!

After speaking, she turned and walked towards the door. However, when she reached the door, she turned her head to the back, looked at her with determination, and said, Feel free to fire me. With the Smiths abilities, I believe that youll be able to find someone to take over my duties in no time. However, I didnt stay in the Hunt Corporation for so many years for nothing. If you fire me, everyone in the secretarial department will also leave with me! I am not Lawrence. He may allow himself to be driven away by you, but I wont!

After saying that, Celine went out the door.


She looked at Celine. The woman was highly efficient and extremely capable. When Nora first took over the Hunt Corporation, she had helped her a lot.

Celine was not like Mr. Livingstone. She was loyal to the company. Even now, she was still protecting the Hunt Corporation in her own way.

Such people were relatively to becoming loyal to a fault.

Unfortunately, such people were also extremely easy to make use of!

Nora wasnt going to fire her. How could she fire someone who did their best and gave their all for the companys interests?

She just needed to wait one more day to pa.s.s. Once Celine understood her efforts, she would surely regain trust in her character. Going by how loyal Celine was to the company, she would definitely tell her who the one sowing discord behind the scenes was.

Thus, when the next day came!