She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 75 - A Stray Cat

Chapter 75 - A Stray Cat

Chapter 75 - A Stray Cat

How exactly had she gotten pregnant back then?

Nora was really curious about this, so she looked at Justin eagerly, hoping that he could give her a logical answer.

However, Justin's smile gradually faded.

Pete's mother was something unmentionable to him. No one had ever dared to bring it up all these years.

The moment he thought of all those things she did, he couldn't help but wish he could find her and kill her!

Yet when the person asking about it was the woman in front of him, for some reason, Justin actually found that he couldn't get angry with her.

She must be worried that Pete's biological mother would suddenly appear and end up affecting their life together, right?

Justin cast his deep-set eyes down slightly. Although his tone was mild, his choice of words was strong. "Don't worry, I won't allow Pete's mother to show up in front of me and him again!"

Nora fell silent when she sensed the acute frigidity bursting out of the man.

Hello, she was already right in front of him, though?!

Besides, what was he telling her not to worry about?

She decided to be blunter about it and asked, "What I want to ask is—was Pete conceived naturally?"


Why were her questions becoming more and more explicit?

Something occurred to Justin and his ears gradually turned a little red. He put down his cutlery, took a sip of water, and chuckled softly. "Is Miss Smith concerned that I may have problems of a particular nature?"

Nora was bewildered.

"I'm a normal man."

Nora, "!!"

She had only spent five years abroad, but she actually found that she didn't understand English anymore!

The woman in front of him widened her eyes as a look of surprise came over her palm-sized face. For some reason, this put Justin in a great mood.

He felt a rare urge to tell her the secret hidden in the depths of his heart, but at the thought that it would damage his image, he suppressed the desire to talk and instead asked, "What kind of person is your daughter's father?"

"Huh?" Nora didn't expect him to actually ask questions of his own. On top of that, he had even asked about something like that.

Her slender fingers tapped against the table and she chuckled softly. "I'll tell you if you answer my question."

Was she talking about whether Pete was naturally conceived or not?

Justin suddenly realized that perhaps what she was concerned about was whether he'd had relationships with other women instead. That was why she was pressing the issue.

He pressed his lips together. With the beauty mark at the corner of his eye exuding a bit of a serious aura, he suddenly said, "If I say that I don't know how Pete came about either, would you believe me?"

He only recalled vaguely that he seemed to be missing a night's memories…

Dark light flickered in his eyes. He reckoned that probably no one would believe him even if he said so, right?

Unexpectedly, the woman nodded seriously and replied, "I believe you."

Justin, "…"

He suddenly felt a little warmth in his heart, as if a ray of sunshine had suddenly shone into a flower on the verge of blooming, making it slowly bloom.

How could Nora possibly not believe him?

The exact same thing had happened to her, too.

Curiosity made her ask another question. "Since you don't know what had happened, what if Pete's mother is also innocent? You—"

Before she could finish, Justin lowered his gaze and said, "She's not worthy of being someone's mother."

Nora's words came to an abrupt end.

The man's tone was full of murderous intent.

As if he had thought of something, Justin said with a cold expression, "Let's not talk about that vicious woman anymore."

He looked back up and changed the subject. "Can you tell me your story, Miss Smith?"

"Oh." Nora gently rested her chin on her hand. In a slightly husky voice, she said casually and calmly, "Cherry's father… has a problem with his brain, so he's an idiot. He goes on and on about fighting and killing people every day, and also thinks that every woman in the world is in love with him. Sigh!"

Since he had called her a vicious woman, it wasn't too much to curse him a little, right?

It's just tit-for-tat!

Justin frowned.

An idiot?

He had always thought that her premarital pregnancy was because she had been young and foolish, and ended up being deceived. He asked, "Isn't Miss Smith the best at resolving problems with the brain?"

Nora waved. "He's very ill. I can't cure him."

Justin felt a little uncomfortable, yet he was also puzzled. "Why did you have a child with an idiot, then?"

Nora, who was trying to suppress her laughter, glanced at him again. "Who knows? Maybe God thinks he shouldn't be left heir-less?"

Justin scoffed and said sarcastically, "You're pretty much just doing charity with that. After all, apart from you, that idiot probably won't be able to find any other woman for the rest of his lifetime."


He sure had a foul mouth.

Nora looked at him with amusement.

Seeing the woman's smile, Justin suddenly realized something—what was the point of him taking an idiot so seriously?

He picked up the cutlery and continued eating.

Inwardly, however, he suddenly became very curious and he couldn't help thinking, 'I wonder what that idiot looks like?'

While he was eating, Nora, who simply found the whole affair very troublesome, said, "I'm full, Mr. Hunt. You—"

"I'm not done yet."

"… Take your time to eat? I'll leave first?"

Justin, who continued to dine leisurely, said, "Is this how the Andersons treat someone to a meal, Miss Smith?"


Nora sat back down in silence. She realized that the man really was very particular about his meals. He ate the cold dishes first before going on to the warm ones and even drank a bit of water in between every once in a while.

He carried himself elegantly and beautifully, much like a beast in human clothing.

When Nora, who had always felt that eating was a waste of time, calmed herself down, she couldn't help but think, 'So, the act of eating can actually be that beautiful?'

Two hours later, Justin finally put down his cutlery.

Nora heaved a sigh of relief. When she asked for the bill, the service staff said, "Mr. Hunt has already paid."

Taken aback, Nora looked at him.

There was a small smile on Justin's handsome countenance. He said, "It's my treat this time. You can treat me next time."

"Alright, then."

She stood up together with him and followed him out of the private room. It was only after they left the restaurant that Nora finally realized what he had said just now.

What the f*ck?

This meal alone was already torturous enough; were they going to do this again?

That scumbag! He was trying to waste her time, wasn't he?

The corners of her lips spasmed a couple of times. The two of them reached the underground car park. When Nora pressed the car key, the big black jeep lit up. She was about to walk over when she realized that Justin had walked over one step ahead of her.

What was he doing? Didn't he drive here?

She was just thinking about it when Justin actually walked over to where the driver's seat was, opened the door for her, and gestured politely for her to get in.


The light in the car park was a little dim, yet when the man stood there, it was as if all the light was shining on him. His actions were gentlemanly and thoughtful. "Be careful not to knock your head."

Nora felt her throat going dry.

After she got in the car and left, Justin stared at her from the back. He suddenly smiled.

That Mercedes Benz jeep was very big and had a taller chassis. There was no doubt that women who liked driving that car had a wild and feral nature.

Then, he thought of the young woman's lazy appearance—she looked just like a cat.

And on top of being a cat, she was even a wild little one.

Nora drove back to the Andersons.

Midway, however, she suddenly received a call from the kindergarten. "Miss Smith, please hurry to the kindergarten! Something has happened to Cherry!"

Something had happened to Cherry?

Nora's eyes widened.. She did an abrupt U-turn, stomped on the accelerator, and raced straight to the kindergarten.