She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 719 - Face-Slapping (4)

Chapter 719 - Face-Slapping (4)

Chapter 719 Face-Slapping (4)

Lauren frowned. What are you doing? This is outrageous, why are you in such a panic?!

The next moment, the security guard said, The Ghost Orchids are dead!

Lauren was stunned. She frowned and said, Thats impossible!

The security guard pointed to where the Ghost Orchids were and swallowed hard. I-its


Lauren strode towards the Ghost Orchids.

Iris and Nora looked at each other. They smiled at each other and followed after her.

As soon as she walked over, she saw that the pot of Ghost Orchids, which had originally been beautiful and charming, had wilted. As though it lacked water, the flowers were slowly drooping

Additionally, it was also visibly withering.

Lauren stared at the Ghost Orchids in shock. At this time, Nora looked down and glanced at the time. She said, 59 minutes and 20 seconds. Mdm. Lauren, youve lost.

Calling her Mdm. Lauren and not Mrs. Hunt, this was no different from slapping Lauren in the face.

Lauren couldnt be bothered to care about something like her name at the moment, though. She stared at the Ghost Orchids and muttered to herself, Thats impossible Absolutely impossible I have tried that prescription on so many orchids before, and nothing like this has ever happened!

Those orchids had all survived. Even the one in the poorest condition had survived for half a month.

More and more people were gathering around them.

Seeing that everyone had come over, Lauren felt even more embarrassed. Suddenly, she turned to Iris. What did you do to the orchids?

Iris: ?

She raised her eyebrows, a smile forming on her lips. Thats really interesting. From the moment we made the bet, we have been sitting in the corner. There are so many people here who can testify to that! Besides, isnt the security guard keeping watch over the flowers someone you had found? Are you saying that your security guard didnt keep a good watch on the flowers?

The security guard panicked when he heard her. He hurriedly defended himself and said, Yes, I did. I was staring at this pot of flowers the whole time. How would I dare to leave its side when its worth more than a million dollars? I didnt even dare to blink the whole time, for fear that something would go wrong. I can guarantee that everyone had stayed far, far away from the flowers and did not come close at all during this period of time.

Everyone at the flower exhibition was from wealthy families, and all of them were very smart and shrewd. Lauren had already made it clear that she was using the pot of flowers to fight with Iris. No one would be blind enough to go forward and mess with the flowers.

Lauren panicked. Why would something go wrong with the flowers when no one went near it? It must be because you didnt watch over it properly!

The security guard panicked even further. He pointed to the surveillance camera at the side and said, There is surveillance camera footage as proof!

At last, Lauren couldnt find anything else to blame it on, so she could only look at the orchid again.

At this point, Nora said, I told you, that ingredient you added can indeed speed up the Ghost Orchids recovery, but its just like how a person would suddenly be in very good spirits before their death. You have made the Ghost Orchids spend all of its future vitality in just one day, so it withered faster than before!

Lauren shouted, But my prescription has been verified to be useful! All the other orchids were fine!

Nora said coldly, Its not that they are fine, its just that nothing has happened to them yet! Ghost Orchids are more delicate than other orchid breeds, and there are only a few pitiful varieties of them. Different orchids are like different people, so the dosages they are given would definitely have to be different. All the orchids you used the prescription on should have withered within half a month to a months time.

Before returning to America, Lauren had already known that Matthew was looking everywhere for someone to treat his pot of Ghost Orchids. Thus, when she was still abroad, she had already figured out the prescription and tested it on numerous pots of orchids.

She had only returned after she verified the prescription.

But little did she think that her plans would actually fail because of the Ghost Orchids?

While she was thinking, her cell phone rang. When she answered, her domestic helper from abroad said, Maam, two of the orchids that you cured have withered in the greenhouse!

Those words were just like a slap in her face, making Lauren finally realize that there was indeed a problem with her prescription.

At this point, Matthew had also heard the commotion. With the help of someone, he walked over unsteadily.

Matthew was already here a long time ago. He wanted to watch over his Ghost Orchids, but because he was already so old, after he came and put the pot of Ghost Orchids down, he had gone to the VIP lounge upstairs immediately.

When he saw the Ghost Orchids condition, he panicked at once. He looked straight at Lauren and demanded, Whats going on? Youd best give me an explanation for this!

Lauren swallowed and clenched her fists. She could only grit her teeth and deny it. She said, Matthew, your flowers were incurable from the start. My prescription had at least allowed it to recover for a day. Besides, when you passed me the flowers, I was already just making a Hail Mary effort. I also feel very guilty that they didnt recover, but there is really no other way around it.

She sighed quietly and added, Im sure you have also already exhausted all the solutions you could think of during the last few months, thats why you could only give Orchidiances method a try in the end. I have also really tried my best, Matthew. You wont blame me for it, right?

Lauren was slinging accusations when she was the villain herself. However, her words indeed shut Matthew up.

He had indeed tried all sorts of ways to cure the Ghost Orchids, but they had all failed. In the end, he could only try treating them with Orchidiances method.

But how many people really knew how to do that?

When he chose to give Laurens method a try, he had been taking a gamble.

In all honesty, though, if Lauren hadnt looked so confident at the time, how could he have allowed her to try treating his orchids so easily?

Come to think of it, although Lauren had been very confident that she could cure the flowers, the things she said had been very watertight. It was true that she had never promised that she could cure the orchids.

When he thought of this, Matthew was so angry that his chest felt all tight as though he couldnt breathe. He looked at the pot of Ghost Orchids in distress and said, Why cant it be cured? Why cant it be cured?!

Lauren tried to counsel him. Matthew, Im afraid that theres really no cure for that pot of flowers anymore. Even if Orchidiance were here, she probably wouldnt be able to do anything, either.

Would Orchidiance also be unable to do anything about it if she were here?

Lauren sighed. I have already thoroughly mastered Orchidiances method, so I am sure that I was indeed using Orchidiances method to treat the flowers. Im really sorry for your loss!

Matthew hung his head in frustration.

At this time, Nora suddenly said, Its not completely impossible to treat it.

Her one-liner made everyone present raise their heads and look at her.

Matthew also looked up hopefully. Nora stepped forward and stared at the pot of Ghost Orchids. I do have a solution here.

Matthew asked excitedly, What kind of solution is it?

Nora was about to speak when Lauren said, Ms. Smith, Id advise you to be careful when you speak. I told you just now, people good at alternative medicine may not necessarily be able to cure flowers. After all, there is still a very huge difference between flowers and humans. Not everyone can imitate the essence of Orchidiances skill!

The moment she said that, Noras lips curled into a smile and she slowly said, You are right, it is certainly true that not everyone can imitate the essence of my skill.