She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 712 - It’s Cured?

Chapter 712 - It’s Cured?

Chapter 712 Its Cured?

On the way here, Nora had already looked at the photos and the description of the symptoms that Iris had forwarded to her and silently computed the formula.

The prescription contained very low drug dosages, so they shouldnt pose any danger to the flowers.

Nora had always been very confident in her knowledge of her specializations. After all, when she was in California, no one would come to her for medical consultations. In order to improve her medical skills, she had instead treated the flora and fauna at home!

That was why she was so knowledgeable about orchids.

Of course, this was really difficult to achieve.

Because flowers were undoubtedly different from humans. If it werent because Nora had experimented with flowers and plants for so long, she probably would not have mastered such fine control of drug dosages. Iris was a little dumbfounded when she saw the piece of paper she was offering to her.

She immediately took a photo of the prescription and sent it to Matthew.

It was only after she sent it that she raised her head and said, Nora, you wrote that prescription so quickly.

She had settled on a prescription without even speaking with Matthew.

Nora slowly replied, I have treated that disease in other flowers before, so I kinda understand it.


As the corners of her lips spasmed, she received a call from Matthew. He said, Mdm. Iris, this prescription that you sent me?

Iris glanced at Nora and said, My daughter-in-law came up with it. You can give it a go! I can at least guarantee that nothing will go wrong with it.

Matthew sighed. Its not that I dont trust you, its just that you gave it to me a little too late!

Iris was taken aback. What?

Matthew said, Lauren has just borrowed that pot of Ghost Orchids from me, saying that while she cures them for me, she would also like to hold an orchid exhibition so that the people who like orchids in New York could admire them.

What Matthew didnt say was that Lauren hadnt just approached him, but also people from various wealthy and aristocratic families in New York. After all, precious and expensive flowers like orchids werent things that ordinary people could afford.

Lauren had assembled a group of people with the euphemistic excuse of letting everyone visit an exhibition featuring famous flower species. This way, everyone could learn something new and widen their horizons. Therefore, people shouldnt hide and keep all the good things to themselves

The meaning between the lines was that Iris was too petty.

Matthew didnt want to sow discord between them, so he had left that part out.

Iris frowned. She has cured your Ghost Orchids?

Pretty much. Matthew sighed. Actually, when I called you, Id already used the prescription she gave me. I didnt expect the Ghost Orchids to really become much more alive just half an hour later.

Iris sighed silently.

She hadnt expected things to develop this way! What an unfortunate turn of events!

She said quietly, Congratulations.

What is there to congratulate me about? Matthew smiled wryly and said, She will be holding an exhibition tomorrow. Even if its just for the sake of my flowers, Ill have to attend. Not only do I have to contribute my flowers, but I also have to contribute my presence. That woman is just so Mdm. Iris, orchid lovers like us are usually people at peace with the world. We just take care of the orchids for our own joy, but look at her, isnt what shes doing no different from forcing me to

Iris didnt like talking about people behind their backs, let alone when it was about Lauren. Thus, she said, Its for the best that the flowers are cured.


Matthew then said, Your daughter-in-law is very talented, though! Her prescription is only one herb off from Laurens! Using alternative medicine to cure orchids is Orchidiances specialty. Many alternative medicine practitioners also wanted to give it a try. As a result, so many orchids have died from their attempts over the past few years. Lauren is the only one who has finally mastered the technique after studying it for a long time

At this point, Matthew sighed heavily. Unable to stop himself anymore, he said, Mdm. Iris, you have to be careful. Lauren is bent on beating you in orchids this time. I heard that after she caught wind of the fact that you like orchids, she has been imitating Orchidiances methods in treating orchids for the last five years. Who knows how many orchids she has destroyed before she finally became as experienced as she is today

Matthew, who sounded like he found the orchids somewhat a pity, added, Who knows how many precious orchid varieties she has destroyed just to vent her frustrations, sigh!

Matthew looked down on Laurens actions very much.

They were taking care of orchids because they truly loved orchids, but Lauren was just using the orchids as a springboard to edge out Iris.

It was just a pity that no matter how much one was into their hobby, they would still have to bow down in the face of reality.

Iris didnt pay any attention to those things. However, she still found it somewhat a pity.

She had already lost the gamble before it even started.

She looked at Nora and said quietly, Alright, Im hanging up!

Unfortunately, the next moment, Nora grabbed the phone.

Nora stared at the phone and asked, Which other herb did she add to the prescription?

Matthew seemed surprised by her voice. In the end, he named a herb.

The corners of Noras lips curled into a smile. After Iris hung up the phone, she said, Lets go to the orchid exhibition tomorrow.