She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 710 - Let Me Tell You A Story

Chapter 710 - Let Me Tell You A Story

Chapter 710 Let Me Tell You A Story

Iris paused for a moment when she heard Mrs. Landis. Then, she said to Matthew, Give me a day. Tell me about the Ghost Orchids symptoms, or take a photo and send it over. I Ill find someone to take a look at it for you!

Matthew was surprised. Do you really have a solution?

Iris sighed. I recently met a young friend who is very skilled at treating orchids, I will go and ask her for advice. You can give the orchids to Lauren after if my friend cant cure them!

Matthew knew about the dispute between Iris and Lauren. Hearing this, he kept quiet for only a second before he said, Okay! Mdm. Iris, we have been taking care of orchids for so long, so I trust you and am willing to give you a chance. If it werent for the Ghost Orchids, I wouldnt have broken our agreement. But if you still cant solve the issue by tomorrow, then you cant hold that against me anymore.

Iris nodded. I understand.

People who truly loved orchids regarded the flowers as their life. Matthew was one of the best gardeners in the industry, and the Ghost Orchids were his very life itself, so she could understand why he did what he did.

After hanging up the phone, Matthew told her the orchids symptoms. He was very detailed in the description-after all, he had become very experienced after cultivating flowers for so long. He included details about what he had done to the flowers in the past, the soil he planted the flowers in, and so on.

Iris stared at the description for a while before she raised her head and looked at Mrs. Landis. That pot of Ghost Orchids has indeed encountered quite a difficult issue. Im afraid that even Orchidiance would find that pot of flowers rather difficult to save. In that case, lets take a gamble!

Mrs. Landis was a little taken aback. What gamble?

Iris took a deep breath. A gamble on my destiny. If Nora can save this pot of flowers, then that pot of Jade Orchids will be mine. Whats meant to be mine will definitely be mine.

Mrs. Landis didnt understand what she was hinting at. She nodded and said, Of course!

She didnt know that Iris had made a decision at this instant.

If Nora could save that pot of orchids, then she would have pretty much made a miracle.

If so, then she would tell them the truth about what had happened back then.

She didnt want to give the younger generation trouble, but her blood ties with her son were right there. There was one thing that Lauren had been right aboutCherry liked her grandmother.

She could cruelly push Justin away when she was young, but now that she had gotten on in her years, she was no longer as bold and resolute as she had been when she was young.

She also craved the heartwarming and gentle moments of being with Cherry and the others.

With that in mind, Iris took out her cell phone and sent a text message to Nora. First, she sent Nora the symptoms of Matthews orchids, and then she sent another sentence: Can you take a look and see if you can save this pot of flowers for me?

Nora was currently at the Andersons and looking for something in her mothers room.

Despite the unexpected incident at Iris, and Hermans return, Nora had not forgotten what she was the most anxious about right now.

Her mother had left her information about the V16s whereabouts, yet she wasnt capable enough to find it. When she thought of how Xander was still sick, she was filled with impatience and irritability.

Mrs. Anderson was standing at the door. As she watched her turn the study upside down, she asked, Nora, what are you looking for?

Nora asked, Grandma, did my mom leave anything important behind?

Mrs. Anderson nodded. Yes, of course!

Nora suddenly looked up. What did she leave behind? Show me!

As soon as she said that, Mrs. Anderson smiled gently and kindly at her, all the wrinkles on her face squeezing together. She said, She left you! You are the best gift she left the world.


The corners of her lips spasmed and she sighed silently. Okay, Grandma, Ill look for it myself!

She was about to take out the dust-covered things under the bed and flip through them when her cell phone suddenly beeped.

She picked it up and saw the messages Iris had sent to her:

Can you take a look and see if you can save this pot of flowers for me?

If you can, I will tell you a story.

Tell her a story?

Was Iris finally going to reveal her troubles? A touch of joy flashed across Noras eyes and she immediately replied: Ill come to you right away.