She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 623 - Nora is Here!

Chapter 623 - Nora is Here!

Chapter 623 Nora is Here!

Justins heart beat wildly. He did not expect Noras answer to be Yes, but he still said, Okay, Ill bring him to see you.

No, Ill come to you.

After Nora finished speaking, she hung up the phone. Justin did not know whether to laugh or cry. At the same time, he inexplicably began to feel uneasy.

He, who was always calm and collected, actually had a scary thought at this moment. What if this child was not his and Noras but really belonged to him and another woman?

Why didnt Nora say a few more words earlier to let him know?

As he was in thought, he turned around and saw Xander looking at him curiously.

The childs eyes were pure like a sheet of paper. However, when he looked over, Xander deliberately put on a calm and composed expression.

The little man had his own pride, but the innocence that occasionally leaked out made Justin purse his lips.

Justin admitted that the way Xander had secretly looked at him earlier had pierced his heart. It made him unable to hate or detest this child for a moment.

He sighed silently and walked to Xander. He touched his head and was about to speak when Xander said, Did you get a call from a Tigress?

Justin: ?

Xander rolled his eyes. Look at how scared you are!

The hand Justin had used to touch Xanders head suddenly felt very itchy. He really wanted to give him a good beating on his butt. He said, I havent beaten a child before.

Xander was stunned. He was about to speak when he said in a deep voice, I hope you wont give me a first time for it.

Xander was frightened!

Justin pointed at the porridge on the table. Eat.

Xander looked down at the food on the table and picked up a spoon to eat.

Seeing that he had finally calmed down, Justin heaved a sigh of relief. When Xander was done eating, he said, There will be a beautiful aunt coming to see you later. I hope you can be more obedient, understand?

Regardless of whether Xander was Noras son or not, Justin did not want Nora to have a bad impression of Xander.

Xander did not look like Cherry. She looked identical to Pete. Before he knew it, the two of them had already known each other for a while and developed deep feelings for each other. Xander was a complete stranger to Justin, and his personality was also very unpleasant.

To Justin, if Nora and Xander got into a fight, or if Xander angered Nora and the two of them could not live under the same roof

Justin would definitely choose Nora and Cherry without hesitation.

When Xander heard him say this, he pursed his lips. Ive always been very obedient, okay?

Justin felt that this child might not understand the word obedient well.

He sat beside him and sized him up.

The little fella did not sit properly. He liked to curl his legs and move them continuously. He was like a child with ADHD who could not sit still for a moment.

He wolfed down his food without any hesitation, like someone who had been hungry for a long time.

Pete had grown up with him. Food, clothing, and housing were all arranged in strict plans. Even at a young age, he was very noble.

Although Cherry was a little naughty, she was loved by everyone. Her words were especially pleasant to the ear, and her bearing was comparable to that of a foreign princess.

He had heard from the little girl that her grandmother had hired a nanny for her. She was Princess Lucys family teacher at the palace in the UK.

Comparing Xander to those two-they were simply incomparable.

Justin really felt a headache this time.

A persons personality solidified at a young age. Later on in life, even if one could forcefully correct their habits, their personality could not be changed.

Under Justins troubled gaze, Xander finished his meal.

He threw his spoon on the table casually. The dining table and the floor around him were filled with the dishes he had eaten. He patted his tummy and sighed. Frank isnt here, unfortunately. Otherwise, the ground would have definitely been licked clean by him.

Justin: Whos Frank? Xander: My dog!



Justins temples throbbed.

At this moment, Xanders phone suddenly rang. He picked it up and Ruths voice came from the other end. Xander, why are you still picking up the call? Have you left?

Xander stuck out a finger and dug his ears. He placed it at the front and blew on it before saying slowly, Yes!

Thats good, thats very good! Ruths voice was very weak. She was clearly extremely hungry. Then what time is your flight? When can you get here?

Xander raised his brows. In the morning.

Morning? Then youll have to wait for a few hours. Why didnt you ask your father to buy you the earliest flight?

Xander: I meant yesterday morning.

After a moment of silence, Ruths voice suddenly rose. Yesterday morning? Then you havent boarded the plane yet? Or have you already arrived?

Im here!

Xander continued slowly.

Ruth: !!

She was really anxious this time. Why didnt you tell me?!

You didnt ask me!

Xander was bold and confident.

Ruth shouted, Didnt I tell you to contact me when you get here? Besides, I told you before, what do you have to do when you get here?

Xander: I have to send you food. I remember it!

Then what are you doing now?

Xander blinked his eyes. Im eating!

What are you eating?! Ive been hungry for five days! Hurry up and come down to bring some food to me!!

Whats the hurry? Xanders voice was still slow and roguish. You havent starved to death yet, right?

Alright, alright. Im coming. Stop screaming. Youre even worse than Frank.

The corners of Justins mouth twitched as he listened by the side.

This brats ability to anger people was really good.

He did not go to the basement because he could already feel Ruths hysteria!

Then, Justin saw Xander hang up the phone and look at him. Just as he thought Xander was going to ask if he could go to the basement, he asked, Which room am I staying in?

Justin: ??

At this moment, with a screech, the jeep stopped outside his villa. Nora strode in.