She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 621 - Little Devil!

Chapter 621 - Little Devil!

Chapter 621 Little Devil!

Mrs. Hunt, something big has happened! Someone who looks identical to Mr. Hunt has come to our door and he claims to be Mr. Hunts son!

Mrs. Hunt was drinking afternoon tea when her personal butler rushed over and told her what had happened at the door.

The old lady was shocked and stood up suddenly. What?

She swallowed. Who gave birth to that child? Whats wrong with Justin? How many children does he have out there?!

The butler:

Yes, he had become a father once five years ago. Now, he was going to be a father again!

Mrs. Hunt held the butlers hand. Lets go and take a look!

On the way, she could not help but say to the butler, You have to keep this matter a secret! Dont let the Smiths hear about it!

The butler was stunned. Didnt you disagree to this marriage with the Smiths?

What nonsense are you talking about? In all of New York, the only person worthy of being pampered is the eldest daughter of the Smiths. Yvonne is gone, and now, only Nora is left. Furthermore, shes Petes mother! What Im worried about now is that if the Smiths find out about this child, they will call off the engagement!

Mrs. Hunt frowned. When she thought of her maiden familys matters she lowered her voice even more. Besides, we have a request for her now!

The butler immediately understood and nodded.

When the two of them arrived at Justins villa, they happened to hear a low cry coming from inside!

She rushed in and saw a little boy carrying a black backpack. He was holding a bodyguards hand and biting it.

The bodyguard wanted to snatch his finger back, but he was afraid that it would hurt his teeth. If he did not use force, his fingers could not be retracted.

This little brat was using all his strength to bite him!

The steward beside him was Justins trusted aide and was loyal to him. When he saw this, he shouted anxiously from the side, Xander, let go of his hand! His fingers will break off if you keep biting!

Xander glared at him with a pair of long, narrow eyes identical to Justins. He refused to let go and muttered something.

The butler couldnt hear him clearly, so he said, We just want to take your saliva. We dont plan on harming you!

Xander continued to growl.

The butler said, I swear, Im really not trying to hurt you! Its just that you said youre Mr. Hunts son. Shouldnt we go and check? What if hes not your father? You dont want to call a stranger your father, do you?

Hearing this, Xanders eyes darted around before he finally let go.

The bodyguards fingers had already been bloodied. There was a row of small teeth marks, and it was shocking.

The butler wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and heard Xander say, You have to tell me before doing such things, okay? You didnt say anything and stuffed a cotton bud into my mouth. I thought you making me eat it!

The butler:

The butler was speechless and simply nodded. Yes, yes, yes. Youre right!

Only then did Xander open his mouth. Hurry up and take it. I also want to know if Justin is my father!

If not, he would be anxious to go back and see his bunny No. 3 and 4!

The other bodyguard stepped forward in fear and took out a cotton bud. Xander, dont bite


Xander raised his brows.

The bodyguard reached into his mouth and stirred the cotton bud at his throat. Just as he was about to take his hand out, Xander suddenly pretended to bite.

The bodyguard was so frightened that he hurriedly took a step back and staggered. Hahahahahaha! Xander pointed at the bodyguard and raised his head to laugh. He looked arrogant and wanton, but his eyes were filled with mischief. How fun!

The butler:

He suddenly missed Pete.

When Pete was young, he was autistic and did not like to talk much. He hid in a corner quietly. He was the opposite of this little demon who played with people everywhere?

He wiped his forehead and carefully placed the cotton bud in the bag. Then, he got someone to send it to Nora.

After sending him off, he turned around and saw that Mrs. Hunt was already standing in front of Xander. She asked in a trembling voice, Youre Justins son? Wheres your mother?

What about you? Xander asked. Old grandma, are you Justins mother? Arent you too old and ugly? Dont tell me Justin looks like you and is very ugly? I dont think Im his


Mrs. Hunt: ??

She took a step back and pointed at Xander. You, you, you

Xander took two steps toward the butler and said in disdain, Butler, shes already demented. Why is she still living here? Shouldnt she be sent to a nursing home?

The butler: ?

Mrs. Hunt:?

The butler beside Mrs. Hunt said, Mrs. Hunt isnt demented!

Xander blinked. Is that so? Then she stammers? Its so fun. Old Grandma, how old are you?

Everyone: ??!

Mrs. Hunt was indeed old, but because of the Hunts high status, no one had dared to speak to her like this all these years.

Her hands immediately trembled in anger as she pointed at Xander and shouted angrily, You, you, you!

My name is Xander. Can you call me by my


Xanders eyes were extremely bright like black grapes and were filled with anticipation. If you stammer, wont you be calling me Xan, Xan, Xan Hahahaha!

Mrs. Hunt: !!

She rolled her eyes in anger and fell back.

Mrs. Hunt!

The butler cried out in shock and hurriedly grabbed Mrs. Hunt. Hurry, call the family doctor over!

Therefore, when Justin came back, he saw that Mrs. Hunt had been carried out. He could only go to Mrs. Hunt without looking at Xander.

Mrs. Hunt had just fainted from provocation. The family doctor measured her blood pressure, gave her some medicine, and used Zabe Corporations Calming Pill to calm her down.

Mrs. Hunt stared at Justin. Justin! W-Where did you get such a son?!


When the old lady finished speaking, she was frightened.

She covered her mouth. Why did she really start to stammer?

At the Smiths.

After the Hunts sent Xanders DNA sample over, Nora drove straight to the hospital.

After all, it was time to check up on Quentins again.

Just as she arrived at the door of the ward, she heard Quentin say to Lily, You dont seem very busy lately?

Lily nodded. Yes. Boss hasnt asked me to do a DNA test for a long time, after all. Its simply awesome! You dont know it, but Im a top student. How can I do such menial tasks every day? Thats simply an insult to me!