She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 619 - How Is She Different?

Chapter 619 - How Is She Different?

Chapter 619 How Is She Different?

Nora chased after him. Was she going to say something?

Justin looked at the woman expectantly.

Then, she said, Youre leaving now?

The womans voice was lazy and filled with confusion.


He knew that this woman did not know how to be flirtatious.

He lowered his eyes and sighed. Yes, I have something to do at the company.

He suppressed the unhappiness in his heart and said in a fit of pique, Is there anything else?

Yes, there is.

Nora said word by word, When I first interacted with you, it was indeed because of the children. And I actually had no plans to get married in this life.

Justins heart slowly sank.

The woman leaned against his car and raised her chin slightly. Her almond-shaped eyes were staring into the distance. You also know that I was very fat when I was young. I was humiliated and scolded by others. At that time, I wanted to live alone in the future. Later on, when I had a child, although I was very curious about how she came to be, I took things as they came. I slowly understood that I could live with the child and I did not need a man to rely on.

She had her own hands and feet. If she was capable, what man did she need to rely on? Justins heart sank.

He sighed.

Indeed, many women looked for men to rely on, but this kind of love was wrong in itself.

Marriage should be for both parties to rely on each other, not purely on men. If a woman looked for a man only to find someone to rely on, then in such a relationship, the woman would naturally be at a disadvantage.

He had never planned to get married before. He even felt that life would be better if he only had Pete.

But later

As he was thinking, he heard Nora say again, Later on, when I met you, I slowly came in contact with you. I felt very comfortable being with you. The two of us were always honest with each other, and you always acted like a qualified father..

Hearing that they were honest with each other, Justins eyes shook guiltily. However, when he heard that he was a qualified father, he felt sad again.

In her heart, was he just a qualified father?

But he did not want her to accept him just for his role as a father!

As he thought about this, he heard Nora say, After that, I realized that I was treating you a little differently.

Justins disappointed heart suddenly lit up.

A light flashed across his long and narrow eyes as he asked, Whats different? Nora tilted her head. Its just different.

Justin was very anxious. Where?

Its different everywhere.


Anyway, its different!

Justin laughed softly.

On the second floor.

Ian stretched his neck and stared into the distance, holding a telescope in his hand. Justin doesnt look too good. Did they quarrel? You just passed by there. Did you hear anything?

The butler said, I only heard Mr. Hunt asking Miss Smith where

Where Ian thought about it carefully. I understand. Are they discussing where to go for a vacation?

The butler: ?

The corners of his mouth twitched. He looked at Ian and suddenly asked, Old sir, dont you care if the Internet says that Mr. Hunt raped a woman a few years ago?

As soon as he said this, Ian glanced at him. Butler, you have to look beyond the surface. How could Justin take a liking to that ordinary-looking woman? Unless hes blind! Even if the Internet is in an uproar, it must be Justin and Noras plan. This is not the main question!

The butler asked, Then what is?

Ian frowned and looked down. The main question is where are they going?

The butler was speechless.

Ian put on his reading glasses and took out a map. Which places did Yvette want to go for her honeymoon years ago? The butler:

Ian looked at the map for a while and then looked outside.

The butler suddenly asked, Old sir, do you agree with Mr. Hunt and Miss Smiths relationship now?

Ian sighed. I just feel that Ive never seen Nora smile like this before.

As long as she had that smile, how could he bear to stop them?


Nora and Justin played around for a while. When Justin questioned her, she took two steps back with a smile on her face.

Her almond-shaped eyes curved slightly, making her look cheerful. She was no longer as cold as she usually was.

In the end, Justin lost.

He knew that this woman was not flirtatious. It was already enough that she could say something different. It was probably impossible for her to say things like she liked him or loved him.

Forget it, this was it!

When Nora was not looking, he suddenly rubbed her head. Her long and soft hair was as smooth as silk in his hands, making him love her so much that he could not bear to let go.

Unfortunately, Nora lowered her head and avoided it. Can you go upstairs now and continue to be a good father? Justin smiled. Theres really something going on in my company.

Nora: ?

The mole between Justins eyes seemed to be smiling. Its true.

Nora finally understood. So this man had just left in frustration earlier and was not really sad?

She seemed to have been deceived by his appearance again!

Nora took a deep breath and took a step back to give way. Alright, go!

Justin nodded happily and got into the car to leave.

When he arrived at the company, Sean and Lawrence happened to catch up.

Lawrence instructed, Boss, I keep feeling that Ruth doesnt have a good relationship with that child. Perhaps the child really isnt hers. Besides, the other party has a mysterious hacker who blocked the signal, preventing me from hearing what he said.

Justin lowered his eyes. Thats not unusual.

The mysterious organization had existed for so many years and even had a tendency to expand day by day. There had to be a lot of power within, so what was strange about a hacker who could block their signals? As he was thinking, Sean said, Boss, our people went to look for Henry.

This sentence made Justin stop in his tracks and look at him. And?

Sean sighed. Hes dead!

These words made Lawrence and Justins pupils shrink.

Lawrence asked nervously, Whats going on? Didnt our people follow him all the time? In order to punish Henry, Justin had someone steal his drivers license and money, making him unable to leave New York.

Ever since then, he had been begging for a


However, he had always been under Justins surveillance.

Logically speaking, bringing him over was a simple matter, but now, it had suddenly turned out like this

Sean said, I also learned about it just now. It happened yesterday. He and a group of beggars were fighting for food, but our people did not see it. When he separated from those people, he kept clutching his stomach and staggered. When he fell to the ground, our people rushed forward and realized that he had been stabbed in the stomach. He died in the hospital today.

When Lawrence heard this, he said angrily, How did he die? Your people are too useless. What should we do now?

Sean did not speak.

Justin suddenly lowered his eyes. His death only proves our suspicions