She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 573 - Nora’s Academic Qualifications!

Chapter 573 - Nora’s Academic Qualifications!

Chapter 573 Noras Academic Qualifications!

The two of them were still standing outside the meeting room, and there was no one beside them. Nora had also deliberately lowered her voice.

Brendas eyes, which were as beautiful as Justins, stared at Nora in astonishment.

Nora was about to explain why she was hiding her identity when Brenda held her hand up and said, You dont have to say any more, Nora, I get it all!

Nora: ?

Brenda sighed silently and said, I know youre trying to comfort me, but you shouldnt joke about something like that.

Although I do find it a bit of a shame that I didnt get to meet Black Cat, I really dont think its that big a deal. As an outstanding member of the Interpol, I will always have a chance of meeting Black Cat if I really want to!

Brenda patted her on the shoulder. Then, she couldnt help shaking her head and sighing. She said, Nora, dont comfort anyone like that in the future. Youre lucky Im the one you did that to, otherwise, you will get beaten up.

After saying that, Brenda took another look at the meeting room. Then, she turned and left.

Nora looked at her quietly from the back, the corners of her mouth spasming.

Never mind.

In any case, she had already told her the truth. At least Brenda would not feel deceived when the cat got out of the bag in the future!

However, she didnt leave. Instead, she walked over to the lounge nearby and stared at the conference room.

She really was very curious. Just what kind of proposal would someone who had openly made a statement on an international platform saying that her interrogation methods were too aggressive and discordant and that one should instead interrogate suspects humanely, come up with?

She twiddled her thumbs in boredom. After about two hours, the meeting rooms door opened.

Everyone looked at the meeting room, upon which they saw Damon and Ernie walking out with dazed and confused looks on their faces. Ruth was holding documents in her hand, her chin slightly raised.

Damon and Ernie were looking at her with great admiration in their eyes.

The very moment they came out, everyone who had been paying attention to them all this time rushed over and started asking questions one by one. How was it?

Did you guys finalize the interrogation plans?

Damon nodded, but then shook his head again.

Ernie also had an indescribable look on his face.

The people around them became even more anxious. They gave him a push and asked, Come on, tell us, what exactly happened?

Someone even went straight to the point and asked, Did you guys see Black Cat?

With regard to that question, Damon replied, Yes, we did.

Everyones ears perked up. What is he like? Damon sighed and replied, He was wearing a facial mask and sunglasses, so I couldnt tell. But he talks very little and looks a little thin

His description was somewhat similar to the image painted by the people abroad who had seen Black Cat before.

There were also people who were more concerned about the case itself. They asked, Are the plans done, then? How are they? Are they simple or complex?

Ernie replied, Yes, but I dont understand them.

Everyone: ?

Ernie coughed. I dont know how to say it. Black Cat and Ruth were speaking in French the whole time and you guys know what my fluency in French is like I dont understand even a single technical term Boo_ Everyone then looked at Damon. People in the IT department should understand technical terms, right?

Now, this was actually a misconception toward software engineers. Although there were a lot of technical terms in software engineering, one didnt actually need to know them all. It was enough as long as they understood the ones related to their specialization.

Damon had taken French classes all the way till the end of college. This was already considered a high level of fluency in the department. But with all of them staring at him like that, he flushed and replied, Actually, I didnt really understand, either. Its mainly because Ruths academic qualifications are too high, and they were using too many technical terms. I really couldnt understand them.

After speaking, he even scratched his head.

Everyone was speechless. Then, everyone turned to Ruth and asked, Come on, Ruth, are the plans done?

Ruth smiled and replied, Yes, but only in French, so they need to be translated. After saying that, she stretched and asked, Is there an interpreter in our department?


With everyone keeping quiet, Ruth immediately understood. She said, Im sure Captain Brenda can do it. I just dont know if shed be willing to deign helping us translate


Brenda was already standing outside the crowd when they came out of the meeting room. She was also very curious about what exactly Black Cat and Ruth had talked about, as well as what kind of interrogation plans they had come up with. Was it really possible to get someone to tell the truth without torture?

Never would she have thought that the woman could turn the topic to her without her even saying a single word, though.

On top of that, she even wanted her to translate the documents

To be honest, there wasnt really anything wrong with her translating documents. Brenda had already hung out enough with the men that she wouldnt fuss over such little things.

But now!

Ruth was telling Brenda to be her assistant instead!


She was a member of Interpol. Even Morris and Johnson couldnt dictate her actions in the special department, so where did that woman get that much confidence from?

She was practically speechless!

Brenda sneered, Im not free.

She turned around and left right after she spoke.

At the sight, Ruth sighed and asked, Captain Brenda, are you still mad about what happened?

Brenda didnt even bother reasoning with her this time.

She had already known a long time ago how big of a hypocrite she was anyway.

Seeing how Brenda didnt reply, Ruth lowered her gaze and sighed. Captain Brenda seems angry with me! In that case, is there anyone else who speaks French well?

One by one, the rest of the boorish men either lowered their heads or looked at the sky.

Members of Interpol would definitely need foreign language skills, but this was a specialized department of the United States, so there werent many among them who were fluent in foreign languages.

However, someone suggested tentatively, If its someone whos well-known internationally then how about Nora? She is the internationally famous surgeon Anti, she might also be fluent in other languages, right?

Ruth looked at Nora. She wanted to speak up but suddenly realized something. She said, Oh, I heard that it seems like Ms. Smith has never been to school? Even if youre fluent in French, what about English itself?

Noras almond-shaped eyes lifted slightly.

She was just watching the show. She wasnt here to give herself more work.

Besides, translating documents would take up time, wouldnt it? Which of the foreign documents she read didnt need a few days for them to be translated?

Therefore, Nora replied decisively, Im bad at both.

Ruth sighed silently. Forget it, Ill do it then!

Johnson walked over from the side when she said that. Upon hearing what she had said, he couldnt help but frown. He said, It seems like the academic qualifications of the people in the special department are a little low. Isnt there anyone with high academic qualifications here? Ruth is a Harvard graduate majoring in psychology, you know!

The moment he said that, everyone was stunned. All of them looked at Ruth in disbelief.

Harvard? No wonder shes so impressive! Yes, when I was watching her talk to Black Cat, the two of them were speaking completely in French. Although I didnt understand what they were saying, they still looked so amazing!

A Harvard postgraduate majoring in psychology? It feels like some kind of strange life-form has infiltrated us!


While everyone was laughing and joking around, Johnson suddenly realized something. He looked at Nora and asked, By the way, what are your academic qualifications, Ms. Smith?

Nora raised her brows.

Johnson suddenly turned and looked at Morris, who had just walked over. He said, I remember that for recruitment into the special department, candidates must have a bachelors degree or higher, right? But it seems like Ms. Smith has never attended school. Arent you giving too much leeway for your special recruit here?

She has never been to school? Some of the people there had already found it strange when Ruth made that remark just now. They were even more weirded out now. How did you become a well-known surgeon if you have never been to school?

Nora explained, Oh, Im self-taught. Self-taught? Thats amazing! Yeah! To think you could become the top surgeon in the world when youre self-taught! I also heard that youre even Dr. Zabes only disciple and that youve inherited his mantle in alternative medicine!

Huh? Is she that amazing?

Yeah, didnt you know?

In the midst of the discussion, there were also some dissonant voices mixed in. But she has never received any orthodox training. Is she really qualified in things other than medical examinations?

I cant help but keep feeling like the talk about direct disciples and whatnot is a little too pass. I mean, are you going to say in a job interview that youre some guys disciple instead of presenting your own academic qualifications?


Johnson also attacked Morris with this. He said, What is going on here, Captain Ford? I need a reasonable explanation from you! Morris frowned. I But before he could finish, Johnson sneered, In other words, even her medical skills came from some unorthodox background and she has never received proper training before. No matter how highly praised she is out there, the special department cant have someone like her here! Whats the matter with you?! Are you ignoring even the hard conditions for recruitment into the special department? We wont even talk about a bachelors degree anymore. Does she even have an elementary school background? Im definitely going to report this to the higher-ups! Your behavior is really becoming more and more ridiculous!

Johnsons words became more and more unpleasant.

The others also shut up one by one. But when they thought about it, they felt that Johnsons words made sense.

Ruth, who was standing at the side, felt a faint sense of superiority.

She had finally found something that she could crush Nora with. Once news of how she had no academic qualifications whatsoever spread she would probably become a laughingstock!

As the person in the center of the storm, Nora was surprisingly calm.

She had no academic qualifications whatsoever?


Just as Ruth was feeling awfully smug, Morris suddenly said, Captain Johnson, who says that Ms. Smith has no academic qualifications?!