She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 566 - A Date

Chapter 566 - A Date

Chapter 566 A Date

‘Never offend Justin’…

Joel mentally repeated the words and looked at Ian, perplexed.

Uncle Ian had transformed the Smith Corporation from a company always in second place into one that was ranked equally with the Hunt Corporation. Over the years, he had seen so much happen in the country, yet in spite of that, he had still reminded Joel to stay vigilant and not to offend Justin. Just how powerful and capable was Justin? While he was musing, Ian said, “If he truly cares about Nora, then he won’t mind even if I make things difficult for him now. But if he’s not, then let me be the one to offend him. I don’t have that long to live anymore anyway. You’re still young, you shouldn’t do things that might jeopardize your future.” Hearing the graveness in his words, Joel nodded hurriedly and replied, “I will keep that in mind, Dad.”

Fortunately, he had accepted Justin’s goodwill when he took the initiative to build a good relationship with him. Thus, the two of them currently shared a pretty decent relationship.

He also suddenly understood why Ian hadn’t reprimanded him when he allowed Justin to enter the house the other time. On the contrary, he had even somewhat given tacit approval to it. In the beginning, he’d thought that it was because Ian was ultimately still somewhat satisfied with Justin, but now it seemed like that might not be the case, after all.

Just as Nora left the house, she ran into Pete and Mia returning home hand in hand.

Pete was carrying a large schoolbag on his back, his little face was expressionless. He was totally a mini Justin. When his big round eyes caught sight of Nora, he subconsciously pulled his hand out from Mia’s.

Nora’s gaze swept across Mia. There was no sign of unhappiness on the little girl’s small face with the pointed chin, indicating that the events in the kindergarten indeed hadn’t affected her.

Moreover, Mia had always been very timid in the past and seemed fainthearted at everything she did.

However, the timid look on her face seemed to have dissipated a little. It seemed like Pete had given her a lot of confidence. Joel was rightthe two times when Tanya had met with cyberbullying and experienced reputation crises had indeed made Mia mature quite a fair bit.

While Nora was observing Mia, a puzzled Pete asked, “Mommy, where are you going?”


For some reason, Nora felt a little guilty. Her eyes shifted about and she looked at the sky as she replied, “Mm, I’m going out to discuss some work matters with someone.” She couldn’t help but keep feeling a little guilty that she and Justin were going out on a date without Pete and Cherry.

Pete hesitated for a moment. “With who? Do I know them?”

If she said that it was Justin, how would she reject Pete if he said that he wanted to come too?

With that thought in mind, Nora subconsciously lied. “No, you don’t. I’m leaving.”

She hurriedly walked past Pete and Mia. After getting in the car, she drove out in a hurry, her face looking a little panicked.

Pete turned his head and looked at her.

Seeing that Pete was not moving, Mia also stayed where she was.

After a while, Nora’s car disappeared from their sight. Even then, Pete was still standing still.

A puzzled Mia asked, “Pete, what are you looking at?” Pete heaved a silent sigh. “At my family running out of time.”

Mia: “?”

Pete looked back at Mia with sorrowful eyes. “Mommy was lying just now. She doesn’t dare to look into my eyes any time she lies.”

Mia thought for a while and said, “Adults are all like that! Why would Aunt Nora lie to you, though? You mean she isn’t going out to discuss work matters with someone?” Pete nodded. “Mommy never discusses work face to face, always over the phone-because going back and forth to meet someone is a waste of time! She might as well sleep instead! I’ve never seen her go out for work before.”


Although Mia wanted to defend her aunt and explain on her behalf, after thinking about what he said, she actually felt like there was nothing she could refute. She could only stare at him and ask, “So? If Aunt Nora isn’t going out to discuss work, what is going out for?”

“It’s almost dinnertime. She’s likely going out on a date.” Mia: “?”

Pete continued to analyze the clues. “If she were going on a date with the tyrant, she would definitely take Cherry and me along with her. Even if she doesn’t take me, going by how much the tyrant dotes on Cherry, she would definitely take her.”

With that in mind, he took out his cell phone and called Cherry.

The call was answered as soon as he dialed the number. Before he could say anything, he heard Cherry ranting at someone. “Hey, do you really know how to play? Is your boat stranded? … Pete, what do you need? Hurry up and say it! I’m playing games right now!”

Pete kept quiet for a while before he asked, “Where’s the tyrant?”

“Daddy has a very important meeting with foreign business partners tonight, he’s in the meeting right now!”

Puzzled, she asked, “What’s the matter?”

“… Nothing.” Pete hung up silently.

“Pete, why didn’t you tell Cherry the truth?” Mia asked.

Pete sighed. “She’s still dreaming that we will be together as a family. Let’s not make her worry, too, sigh!” He straightened his back.

Among the people in his family—the tyrant was unromantic, Mommy was obsessed with sleeping, and even his younger sister wasn’t any reliable, either. He was the only one bearing a weight that he should not be bearing at his age! Mia nodded as she listened. Nevertheless, she still tried to comfort him. “Maybe Aunt Nora and Uncle Justin are going out on a date? Maybe it just wasn’t convenient to bring you guys along. Pete, don’t think too much into it!” Pete shook his head. “What would stop them from bringing us along?”

Mia wanted to tell him that there were too many possible reasons.

For example, she was clearly sleeping in her mother’s room every night, yet when she woke up, she would always find herself in her own bedroom instead. Whenever she asked her mommy about it, she never gave her an answer.

When she secretly asked her father about it, her father would also blush.

Sigh, the adults’ affairs were simply so complicated!

While Pete kept worrying about her, Nora was currently seated in a private room in a Chinese restaurant and looking at the plate of roast duck on the table.

With the fork in her hand, she grabbed a piece of meat, planning to stuff it into her mouth. Justin stopped her with a smile and said, “You’re supposed to eat it with the flatbread.”

“I know.”

Nora looked at the numerous plates of exquisite side dishes, the thinly sliced meat, as well as the small and delicate slices of flatbread, and said disdainfully, “It’s just too much work.”

Not only did she have to pick up the flatbread and wrap the meat and side dishes in it, but she even had to dip it in the sauce afterward!. Whether one ate it in small bites or gobbled them all down, It made no difference since it all ended up in the same place anyway!

So what was the point of wasting all that time?

Justin let out a low chuckle. He picked up a piece of flatbread, wrapped a piece of meat within, and held it up in front of Nora’s mouth. “Open your mouth,” said Justin.

A surprised Nora opened her mouth, upon which the wrapped roast duck entered her mouth.

She subconsciously closed her mouth, her lips closing around the wrapped roast duck, as well as around the man’s fingers that he hadn’t been able to pull back in time…

Nora was stunned. Justin also froze. He had chosen a private room that evening. The two of them were sitting on the same side, and his body was turned slightly toward Nora. His fingers were in her mouth, and his fingertips just so happened to come into contact with her lips and her tongue…

Justin swallowed.

A certain scene flashed past his mind, and his cheeks turned red all of a sudden.

As for Nora, her lips parted slightly in a panic and she turned sideways. After she swallowed the mouthful, she looked at the ceiling and started looking for a conversation starter. She said, “The roast duck tastes pretty good with the bread.”

“Is that so?”

Justin’s low chuckle rang out in her ear. Then, Nora heard him say, “Then let me have a taste too…”

Accompanying that sentence of his was a large hand cupping the back of Nora’s head. Then, her vision went dark as the man leaned forward and started kissing her…