She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 564 - Joel is Not Their Son!

Chapter 564 - Joel is Not Their Son!

Chapter 564 Joel is Not Their Son!

After Heather said this sarcastically, she saw Nora looking at her with a faint smile.

It was as if she was looking at a clown making a fool of itself.

Nora was unwilling to say more. After all, saying anything before the truth was revealed might cause some unwanted changes.

She only spoke vaguely, “Perhaps he’s in there for tea with a friend?”

Karl was an informant. Going to the police station was like going to work!

Heather was about to say something when she felt Ian’s gaze.

Faced with this third brother, she was naturally afraid. She said, “No matter what, Karl’s matter has affected Mia. As her grandparents, the two of us have to interfere in this matter.”

Her granddaughter was not doing well at home, and it seemed reasonable for her grandparents to come looking for justice.

However, Joel said, “Tanya and I are the child’s parents. Her legal guardianship also belongs to Tanya and me. Even if we go to the court, it doesn’t seem like you have any right to order her around, right?”

Amos was furious. He slapped the table and roared, “Joel, do you still want to go to court with us? Don’t you find it embarrassing enough?”

Heather’s eyes turned red as she looked at Ian. “Ian, we rarely interfered in Joel’s matters for so many years, but look at this heartless person. He keeps threatening us. Aren’t we doing this for Mia?”

Ian would definitely protect Joel, but before he could say anything, Joel jumped in, “Since you care about Mia so much, you guys should know that she’s actually doing very well in the kindergarten! What are you trying to say here by taking things out of context?”

Heather was stunned. “What do you mean by taking things out of context?”

Joel snorted.

He patted Tanya’s shoulder and took out his phone. He opened the video player app. There were a few videos inside. They were all taken from the kindergarten’s surveillance cameras.

In the beginning, her classmates pushed her aside.

After all, the children were very simple-minded and felt that the granddaughter of a bad person must be another bad person.

Mia was indeed very sad.

However, after five minutes, Pete walked in with the Math Olympiad book in his arms. He only took a few casual glances before walking over to Mia and sitting beside her.

Someone said, “Cherry, aren’t you afraid that she’ll be a bad person and kill you in the future?”

Pete looked up at the child as if he couldn’t be bothered with him. However, he still said, “You’re so timid. Are you even a boy?”

Five-year-olds felt that they were already old enough and hated being mocked for being timid.

When that little boy heard this, he raised his chest. “Of course! How am I timid?! I dare to sit with Mia!”

He quickly walked over and sat near Mia.

Pete looked at the children looking over and pursed his lips. “Are you all cowards?”

“Of course not!”

“Of course not!”

“I’m very bold!”



A group of children quickly gathered around.

They surrounded Pete and Mia and watched as Mia rebuilt the Lego toy. She learned to dance, was agile, and had quick fingers. Soon, she used the Lego pieces to build the little princess from Frozen. It was very lifelike. “Wow! Mia, you did a good job!” “Mia, can you teach me?” “I want Elsa! Build another Elsa!”

Mia blushed and said, “But there aren’t enough Legos.”

“There’s more here!”

One of the children took out his own Legos and gave them to Mia. “My Legos are all here! Mia, hurry up. I want to see Elsa!”


The group of brats who had made Mia feel upset earlier was now dragging their chins as they watched Mia meticulously build the Lego models. The atmosphere became joyful. When the model was done, the group of people surrounded Mia and applauded.

“Mia, you’re so awesome!”

“I want to play with you in the next class!”

Hearing this, Pete stood up and pursed his lips. “You’re all cowards. Your mommies just scared you a little and you don’t dare to play with Mia anymore. Mia will ignore you now because the world of the strong doesn’t need fence-sitters.”

With that, he held Mia’s hand and walked out.

The other children looked at each other and stood where they were.

The surveillance cameras could only see Mia and Pete’s backs. Mia suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked at Pete. “Brother Pete, I understand! I shouldn’t care about what others think of me. You never played with them, but they still like you a lot because you’re the best!”

Pete nodded. “Yeah.”

The two children then skipped out of the classroom.

The video ended there.

Joel looked at Amos and Heather. “Life isn’t always smooth-sailing. Sometimes, some small bumps can increase the child’s courage to overcome them. Furthermore, Ever since Tanya’s return, Mia is clearly more confident than before! Therefore, she doesn’t need your so-called care at all.”

With that, his eyes turned cold as he said, “I still have something to ask the two of you. Only the children’s guardians are allowed to watch the surveillance camera footage from the kindergarten. How did you know that Mia was being bullied? You got someone to steal the footage, and now you’re even trying to use it to trick us?”

Joel’s questions got sharper and sharper. In the end, his voice was already icy cold.

Of course Joel knew that Mia might not be doing well in school.

Joel had still insisted that Mia go. Mia was too timid. She had to learn how to face the world.

However, this did not mean that Joel had thrown his daughter out. He had been paying attention to her every moment in school. Therefore, when he saw Amos and Heather’s video, he was not surprised at all because he had already known about it long ago.

Amos and Heather swallowed hard. The two of them clearly did not expect Joel to realize so quickly what they had done!

As they hesitated and thought about how to explain this, Ian said forcefully, “Amos, Heather, if there’s no reasonable explanation for this, then you should know the consequences!”

Amos instantly looked up and straightened his neck. “Ian, we were anxious because we saw the video and didn’t understand the situation! Besides, no matter what, Joel is our son! What’s wrong with us meddling in his family matters? Can’t parents control their children?!”

Heather said, “That’s right, Ian. As his parents, can’t we criticize him a little?”

Their unreasonable behavior made Ian take a deep breath.

He looked at Joel and suddenly sighed. “From today onwards, he’s no longer your son.”