She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 534 - Trying To Take Advantage of The Smiths? Are You Worthy?

Chapter 534 - Trying To Take Advantage of The Smiths? Are You Worthy?

Chapter 534 Trying To Take Advantage of The Smiths? Are You Worthy?

Lily’s car couldn’t enter because the gates were completely blocked. She could only park the car at the roadside. With the DNA test report in hand, she walked around the crowd and strode towards Nora.

Nora was still standing at the side and watching. After receiving Lily’s report, the corners of her lips curled upward slightly-it was just as she had expected!

However, she didn’t immediately step forward to say anything. Instead, she continued to observe the situation with a look in her eyes that seemed as though she had the whole situation under control.

Lily whispered, “Anti, can I finally…”

She stretched out two fingers, made a gesture as if a little figure was walking, and asked happily, “… go to bed now?” “… Go ahead,” replied Nora.


Lily breathed a sigh of relief and took two steps toward the porch. But she had only taken two steps when her phone rang. No one knew what the person on the other side said, but Lily’s expression suddenly changed. She messed up her hair irritably and shouted angrily, “Shit!”

Then, she turned and complained to Nora with her cell phone in hand. “Quentin simply refuses to relieve himself without me. I ultimately am not fated to have any rest.”

Nora: “?”

She asked hesitantly, “Didn’t you hire several caregivers for him?”

When Lily heard this, she became even angrier. Lily, who had initially teased Quentin and infuriated him every day in the hospital, looked utterly helpless in this instant. She said, “In the beginning, I wanted to tease him, so I helped him with it every time. He was shy at first, but he eventually got used to it. When I got someone else to do it, he kept complaining that he can’t do it with anyone else now, so he keeps holding it in!”

Nora: “…”

Lily glanced at her. “Can I hook Quentin up to a urinary catheter and drainage bag?”

Nora glanced at her and quietly replied, “No.”

Quentin had very strong self-esteem. If they hooked him up to a drainage bag, it would probably scar him mentally. He was someone who liked to show off and bask in the limelight. Nora really didn’t want to make him feel like he was handicapped.

Lily was also just joking. Different patients must be treated differently. Besides, Quentin was really very handsome and she liked his looks very much, so she would just let it be.

She shrugged. Then, she squeezed her way out of the crowd that she had only just squeezed past to come in, and drove off.

As Nora looked at her from the back, she couldn’t help but touch her nose. Should she give Lily another pay raise? Look at how tired she was making the child.

While she was talking to Lily, she didn’t forget about Tanya, of course.

After Lily left, she looked at Jill again.

There was a ring of people around Jill. All of them were married ladies who had come to give Tanya wedding gifts. Some of them were afraid of getting involved and didn’t want to offend Tanya, but most of them were mothers who didn’t agree with Tanya’s behavior. They came forward to comfort Jill.

“Alright, alright. No matter what, it’s all over. The murderer has also been thrown into jail, so no one will harass you anymore. As for your children, Tanya is your only daughter now. Since you’ve already brought her up, it’s not like you can really become enemies with her, right?”

“Exactly. Mrs. Smith is not an unreasonable person, either. You have a daughter yourself too, so you should also be able to understand your mother’s pain…”

Tanya, who was so angry that she was shaking, clenched her fists.

Jill was clearly spouting nonsense. Karl had clearly said that the two of them were willingly dating each other back then. How did it turn into a claim that Karl had forced himself on her?

She pointed at Jill and took a deep breath. “Dad said that the two of you willingly dated each other back then!”

Jill sighed. “Yes, of course he would say that. How else can he put it? That he forced himself on me? For your reputation’s sake, I also allowed him to force me into a corner. When I thought of the nightmare from back then, how could I dare to tell the truth?”

Jill dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief. “But things are different now, he has been arrested. I believe the bad guys will definitely receive retribution! That’s why I am willing to tell the truth now. All these years, I have really been so wronged and suffered so many grievances!”

Everyone else heaved sighs.

Tanya sneered, “You don’t have to play the victim and try to win sympathy here. My father is not that kind of a person.”

When she said that, Jill cried even harder. “Tanya, how can you trust a murderer over me? I know that murderer has made a lot of money overseas and that he has given all that money to you, so you treat him better than you treat me! But don’t forget, I am your mother who brought you up! Whereas you have only known him for half a month!”

This remark of hers was a little accusatory and hinted that Tanya only trusted Karl because of money.

The expressions of the wealthy ladies around them immediately changed. They looked at one another and the corners of their lips spasmed.

Jill was still speaking. She said, “I know Karl left you a lot of money! You will also bring it with you to the Smiths after your wedding tomorrow. I don’t care about any of that, I can bear it. But how can you abandon me and refuse to acknowledge me as your mother?”

The others stepped forward and tried to persuade Tanya. “Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Jones is actually quite pitiful. There’s no lasting enmity between mothers and daughters. Mrs. Jones certainly made a mistake and was partial to Hillary in the past, but now that Hillary is gone, you are her only daughter… Why don’t the two of you reconcile?” Everyone liked being harmonious, and disapproved of abandoning the elderlythough Jill didn’t need Tanya to provide for her…

With everyone trying to persuade her, Tanya’s eyes were close to reddening.

Karl actually had the chance to flee.

Although she hadn’t been aware when the incident took place, she had tossed and turned all night yesterday, unable to sleep. After thinking about it carefully, she realized that Karl’s cell phone had been constantly ringing when they were on the way to the bridal shop.

Later, Karl had also behaved as though he knew that the officers would rush in to arrest him…

He had already known a long time ago, but he hadn’t fled. He was just hoping that he could drag things out until his daughter’s wedding and that he could give his daughter’s hand in marriage to Joel at the wedding before he left.

But it had still been too late.

No one knew that when Karl was taking off his suit, he had turned to her and looked at her with a smile in his eyes. He had even said, “You look so beautiful in the wedding gown.”

Her father had helped Jill and taken action against her in the beginning because he felt a little guilty toward Jill. How could someone like that possibly force himself on Jill?

Tanya clenched her fists and asked, “What exactly do you want?”

Jill finally sat up straight and sighed. “Tanya, what can I do? I just want you to see me as your mother. Can’t we just get along properly? Your Uncle Jones has also been wanting to form a good relationship with the Smiths.” Form a good relationship with the Smiths…

As expected, she was here to demand benefits again!

There was simply no end to that family of parasites!

Jill got onto her feet. “The two of us are mother and daughter, but the Smiths have been constantly cracking down on the Joneses recently, causing the Joneses’ business to nosedive. Tanya, I don’t expect the Smiths to take care of us anymore. On account of our relationship as mother and daughter, can’t you give the Joneses a way out?”

She was spinning stories again!

Tanya was filled with despair as she stared at Jill.

Joel had a thousand and one ways to punish the Joneses, but hadn’t he already chosen to not take any action because of her?!

If Jill wasn’t her mother, the Joneses would have gone bankrupt a long time ago!

Tanya’s eyes were all red. When she was about to speak, a voice suddenly rang out. “So, you want to take advantage of the Smiths? Are the Joneses worthy of doing so?”