She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 51 - He Really Was Hers, Though

Chapter 51 - He Really Was Hers, Though

Chapter 51 - He Really Was Hers, Though

As Pete was still being suspected of pushing his great-grandmother down the stairs, Justin didn't take him back to the Hunts' residence. Instead, they were staying at a villa in the suburbs.

It was already dark, and he was playing a jigsaw puzzle with Cherry.

When the doorbell rang, Cherry was the one who opened the door first. He followed after her, feeling a little impatient.

Who would come over at such late hours?

Didn't he already leave instructions that he wasn't having visitors or dealing with work matters from 6 pm to 9 pm because he wanted to spend some time with his son in peace?

But when Justin walked over with a cold look on his face only to see the stunning visage at the door, the chilly aura around him subconsciously dissipated. His deep-set eyes narrowed slightly and he raised an eyebrow. "Miss Smith?"

He had asked her out to the hospital this afternoon, but she rejected his invitation.

Yet she came straight to his home in the evening?

In addition, the look in her eyes had become as fervent as the one she had that night in the hospital. Her scorching gaze was as if it could burn…

He had seen that look in many women's eyes before, and it often annoyed him.

But when she looked at him like that… No, why did it seem like she wasn't looking at him?

Justin followed her gaze. He slowly lowered his head to see his son looking up at the woman in astonishment with his big round eyes.

Cherry swallowed hard. "M-mommy…"

It's all over!

Why didn't Pete say anything in advance? The cat's out of the bag!

Justin's expression stiffened—he was a little unhappy. He subtly stepped forward and stood in front of his son. Then, his lips slowly parted and he said, "You—"

But before he could say whatever he wanted to say, the woman in front of him suddenly spoke. Her voice was husky and shaking as she asked, "Is this your son?"

Justin was bewildered.

You've already hugged and kissed him, and even coaxed him to call you Mommy again and again. Yet you're asking something like that now?

But when he saw that she didn't seem to be acting, he frowned, suppressed his displeasure, and answered, "Yes."

"Your biological son?"

"Of course." Justin's expression darkened. The woman's questions were simply ridiculous. He coldly retorted, "In any case, he can't possibly be yours anyway."

… He really was hers, though.

The corners of Nora's lips twitched, but she didn't say it.

Not only was the current situation unclear, but the person she was dealing with was Justin Hunt. Should he really be the father of her children… Looking at things from his perspective, if he were to know that he also had a daughter, he would definitely fight with her for custody of their daughter!

Nora held her forehead. After she calmed down, she felt a bit of a headache coming on.

Before returning to the States, she had imagined various scenarios. If someone had adopted her son, then she would offer them a lot of monetary compensation. No matter what, she must have her son back.

But if that person was Justin Hunt, given his power in the States, she really might not be able to beat him.

Nora coughed and asked, "Mr. Hunt, do you know who the boy's mother is?"

At her question, the look in Justin's eyes suddenly turned dark and baleful. As though he had thought of something unpleasant, he replied coldly, "I don't know. I'm not interested in her."

Yet Nora didn't seem afraid at all. She asked, "Then how did you have children with her?"

Five years ago, she had either been sleeping or staying at home the whole time. How exactly did she become pregnant?

Justin pressed his lips tightly together. He was already on the verge of losing his temper. The look in his eyes was icy and piercing, and even the beauty mark at the corner of his eye exuded a deep chill. He replied, "You're asking too many questions, Miss Smith."

Pete, who was hiding in the car nearby the whole time, became nervous when he saw the tyrant's expression.

Oh no, the tyrant is about to lose his temper!

But right after, he heard his mom simply say, "Oh, I just wanted to know a bit more."

Pete held his head. He was in such a panic that he wanted to get out of the car and defend his mother. The next moment, however, he saw his father—who was on the brink of flying into a rage—suddenly becoming stunned. Then, all his anger disappeared as though someone had pricked a hole in a balloon.

Pete was perplexed.

Justin froze.

She just wanted to know a bit more about him… She sure was direct about things. But when he thought about it, it certainly matched her style of doing things.

The corners of his tightly pursed lips slowly relaxed and he asked, "You came all the way here at night just to talk about this?"

She had come to verify the existence of her other child, of course.

Nora obviously couldn't say that, though. She pondered for a moment before she replied, "I came to let you know a few things. Your grandma will regain consciousness this weekend, but due to her prolonged coma, her body is weak, so intense nourishment is not recommended. She'll need to eat light in the earlier stages…"

At the sight of her spinning so many stories, the smile on Justin's lips widened. "I believe the doctors at Hospital Finest are more professional than you when it comes to nursing care."

Nora was taken aback for a moment. His words sounded a little familiar.

However, she didn't think much about it. She said, "You're right. This was indeed an unnecessary move."

Then, she looked at the stupefied Cherry again. The corners of her lips curled up slightly and her cat-like eyes gleamed with a dark light. "You must be Pete, right? You look… so adorable."

Cherry was at a loss for words.

She shrank back. Her mom felt terribly scary at the moment. Generally, the angrier she was, the brighter she would smile.

Cherry gave her an ingratiating smile and replied, "Hehe, it's all thanks to my parents, yeah! My Mommy is even cuter than me!"

Nora, who seemed as if she was gnashing her teeth, said, "I wonder what the little Mr. Hunt is going to do tomorrow?"

Cherry blinked and replied, "Cherr… Cherry Pit has already become Mr. Quinn's disciple. I'm going to the Quinn School of Martial Arts to learn martial arts tomorrow!"

The Quinn School of Martial Arts… So, that old man knew about this a long time ago, too!


Nora nodded and touched her little head. "Okay, got it."

If one read between the lines, what she was saying was: 'See you at the Quinn School of Martial Arts tomorrow.'

Cherry was speechless.

After seeing Mommy turn and leave, Cherry's tiny form trembled a little as she looked at Justin and asked, "Daddy, can I skip martial arts practice tomorrow?"

Sob! Mommy's so scary!

On the way home, Nora was in a fantastic mood.

Although things were a bit tricky because Justin was the father to her children, her son was still alive. For her, this was the best outcome possible.

She turned and saw a small face that was identical to Cherry's but also as staid and unsmiling as Justin's. It made him look like a little old man.

Nora's voice was husky as she said teasingly, "You should have just taken off your pants to prove that you're a boy, Pete."

Pete was astounded.

He immediately blushed and turned to look out the window. "Mommy, you're terrible."

The next day.

Nora took Pete to the Quinn School of Martial Arts early in the morning.

Quinn, who had woken up at five o'clock, had already practiced a set of boxing moves. He had just taken a bath and changed into dry clothes. After he walked out, he looked at Pete affectionately and called out, "Cherry!"

Pete gave him a look. "Hi, Grandpa Quinn."

Quinn, who thought he had understood what he meant, returned him a look of his own: "Don't worry, I understand. I'll cover for you!"

He looked at Nora and said, "Little Nora, I'll take care of your kid for you. You can go!"

A half-amused Nora looked at him. "Old man, are you now trying to trick my daughter after you've already tricked my son?"

Quinn was bewildered.