She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 507 - Black Cat?

Chapter 507 - Black Cat?

Chapter 507 Black Cat?

After they hung up the call, a short while later, Sheril suddenly sent her an article. It was an article on a website for the domestic alternative medicine community to communicate and exchange ideas with one another. The article had provided an objective evaluation of the upcoming showdown between alternative medicine and modern medicine.

Blaine’s medical skills had been improving by leaps and bounds recently overseas. He had just performed a very risky operation two days ago where the operation process was recorded. His hands were so steady that they were comparable to Anti’s. In fact, some people overseas were already starting to compare him with Anti and discussing who the top surgeon really was.

Needless to say, Anti was still publicly recognized as the number one-after all, Blaine had only just caught up.

However, this was enough to make the alternative medicine practitioners in the country wary. Blaine was definitely not someone who looked impressive but lacked real worth. He did indeed have a couple of tricks up his sleeve!

The article also introduced and talked about some of the diseases he had treated…

After Nora closed the page, she saw a message from Sheril: ‘Nora, do you think the alternative medicine circle can beat him?’

A competition of medical skills where physicians of both circles treated patients on-site was, in itself, already disadvantageous for alternative medicine practitioners!

Modern medicine practitioners could make use of all kinds of equipment, but alternative medicine practitioners could only rely on their own judgment. To make matters worse, the effects of their medical treatment were slow to appear, so people wouldn’t be able to immediately see the effects.

Blaine was no doubt a little hard to deal with. On top of that, he had even called upon several leaders of the modern medicine circle…

Nora replied: ‘Hard to say.’

Sheril: “… You don’t have to be so honest!”

Nora smiled.

She put down her cell phone. The housekeeper at the door had told her that her cousin from California was here, so she left her room. As soon as she did, she heard Louis’s voice downstairs. “Ms. Black! Long time no see!”

Lisa’s timid voice rang out. “W-why are you at home again?!”

Louis replied, “I was about to go out and play games with Chester, but then I saw you! Come on, I’ll play host!”

Lisa said, “No, it’s fine. I have something to talk to my cousin about. You can go out!”

Louis said righteously, “That won’t work. As a host, I must accompany you.”

Lisa: “

Nora couldn’t bring herself to listen any further. She went downstairs, looked at Lisa, and asked, “Why are you here?”

Lisa walked up to her anxiously. “Nora, I heard that you are going to challenge the alternative medicine circle?”

“…” Nora’s lip corners spasmed. “Do you already know all about it?”

Lisa nodded. “News has spread throughout the school. We have alternative medicine majors in the university. All the alternative medicine majors are very angry now, and conflicts are starting to form between them and the modern medicine majors!”

Nora: “…”

She didn’t expect news of the incident to spread so quickly, or the influence to be so great!

Lisa went on. “Also, there are reporters camping at the school gates and asking if you’re an externally hired professor in the school. When I was coming over, the dean of neurosurgery told me to tell you not to come to the school for now.” Nora nodded. “Got it.”

Lisa glanced at her cautiously. “Nora, how are you intending to settle this?”

Nora patted her shoulder. “Don’t worry about it.”

Lisa breathed a sigh of relief.

Next to them, Louis became puzzled. “What are you guys talking about? Nora, why are you provoking the alternative medicine circle?”

Nora looked at him and suddenly raised her eyebrows. She asked, “Which do you think is more impressive, modern medicine or alternative medicine?”

Louis replied, “… That would depend on how much money each spends!” Nora: “?”

Lisa was also surprised. “But medical fees will differ according to the respective illnesses!”

Louis lifted his chin. “Heh heh, what I mean is, it depends on how much the alternative and modern medicine circle would pay me. Whoever gives me more money is the one I find more impressive!”

Both Nora and Lisa found themselves speechless for a while.

Then, Louis put his hand over his pocket and asked, “Nora, is this money really mine?”

Nora: “…”

Why was Louis still worried about the money when so much time had already gone by since the incident?

She nodded.

Louis suddenly jumped up. “Nora’s little cousin, when are you leaving? After I see you off, I’ll go to the bank to apply for a few cards!”

Nora asked curiously, “What are you applying for a few cards for?”

Louis grinned and said, “You don’t get it, do you? You can’t put all your eggs in one basket! I’m going to apply for a few dozen cards and deposit a bit of money into each. This way, if Joel confiscates one of my cards, I will still have money stashed elsewhere!”

Louis got a little ahead of himself. He said, “Also, I haven’t gotten quite used to suddenly becoming a rich man yet! I’ve made up my mind-I’m going to give the cats and dogs a feast to celebrate tonight! They can have the most expensive imported canned food! Also, I’m going to take them to the pet shop for baths, and then buy houses for them…”

After seeing off the worried Lisa and Louis, Nora felt that things had finally become quiet around her.

Unexpectedly, the wheelchair-bound Ian pushed himself out again at this point. She also couldn’t quite understand why Karl was standing next to him.

Surprised, she asked politely, “Uncle Karl, why are you here?”

Karl replied casually, “I’m here to discuss marriage.” Everything clicked in Nora’s head now.

Well, that was true. It didn’t make sense for Tanya and Joel to stay together like that without a proper relationship. Joel should indeed give Tanya a rightful status.

She was about to ask whether they had agreed on a wedding date when Ian asked, “Did you run into some kind of trouble?”

Nora paused for a moment. She was about to say something when Karl said, “Was someone blind enough to bully you? Do you want the Assassin Alliance to get rid of them for you?”

Nora: “??”

Was the way they dealt with problems always this straightforward?

While she was wondering about it, Ian sneered, “Do you think you can just kill people so casually outside of your own country?! Is there anyone among your assassins who can take someone’s life without anyone knowing in the States?”

Karl immediately replied, “Black Cat can!” Nora: “????”

So, his way of helping her was getting her to personally kill them off herself?

Ian curled his lips disdainfully. “Tsk, you’re always going on and on about Black Cat… Don’t you find yourself embarrassing…”

Karl, however, didn’t find it embarrassing in the least. “Hah, the way I see it, you’re just jealous that I have Black Cat because the leader of your dark forces has been hospitalized, so you don’t have anyone doing things for you anymore!” Ian: “…”

Karl went on. “In the past, you could still put up a fight with me by relying on the dark forces, but now? You don’t have Quentin anymore, but I still have Black Cat!”

Ian: “…”

Seeing Ian’s expression darken further, Karl immediately smiled. “Black Cat is our top assassin, no one can compare to him! Even if Quentin is in the pink of health, he won’t be able to compare to him!” Seeing that Ian was about to blow his top, Nora couldn’t help but say, “Uncle Karl, who says the Smiths don’t have Black Cat? …”