She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 505 - A Good Show!

Chapter 505 - A Good Show!

Chapter 505 A Good Show!

Justin paused when he heard this, and his expression darkened.

Before he could say anything, Mrs. Hunt had already walked over with large strides. She snorted coldly. “What’s there to be nervous about? The more the Smith family acts like this, the more it shows that they’re worried their daughter won’t be able to get married! Besides, if they can choose a husband, we can also get your brother a wife!” As soon as she said this, Justin called out softly, “Grandmother!”

It was a warning.

Mrs. Hunt was a little angry after being called out by him. “Justin, you can’t be bewitched by a woman! I thought about it and realized that Pete still has to come back. After all, it’s your bloodline and the best heir of our next generation! I was originally worried that Pete’s biological mother’s family wasn’t good enough… But now, with the Smith family’s bloodline, it will definitely be very good!”

Seeing that Mrs. Hunt had yet to realize her mistake, Justin lowered his eyes. “Grandmother, if I am to get married in this life, It’ll only be to her.”

With that, he straightened his clothes and left.

Mrs. Hunt pointed at his back and instructed Brenda, “Listen to him. What is he saying? How can a man like him be trapped by a woman?!”

Brenda did not say anything about this, but she still said, “Grandmother, Justin has never said anything he can’t do.”

Mrs. Hunt was stunned.

Of course, she knew her grandson’s personality. Moreover, all her dissatisfaction with Nora in the past had basically disappeared


Although she had grown up in the countryside and did not have much knowledge, Mrs. Hunt could tolerate this shortcoming just because she had two children.

Mrs. Hunt frowned. “I think the Smith family is just bluffing. Just watch. No one will be willing to marry her! After all, her identity isn’t ordinary! Not to mention her baggage, the Smith family will be under Joel’s control in the future. After all, she’s not Joel’s biological sister. After Ian is gone, no one will support her. Furthermore, her status in the Smiths will be very awkward. There should not be many people who dare to come forward to be her husband!”

Brenda immediately said, “Grandmother, I think you’re right. That’s why I’m going to Nora’s house to help her look… Ah, no, I’m helping Justin keep an eye on her! Let’s see who’s so blind to dare come knocking!”

With that, she went downstairs, strutting in her high heels. Mrs. Hunt: ??

At the Smiths.

“Cherry, he’s too short!” “But he’s good-looking!” “What’s the use of being good-looking? If a man is short, he’ll be a level-two cripple! You can’t have him!” Brenda took the photo and took out another one. “This is not bad. He has abs!”

Cherry: “But Mommy likes little puppies, not wolfhounds!”

Brenda frowned. “My brother isn’t a little puppy, right?”

Cherry nodded. “That’s why Mommy finds him so plain!”

Brenda sighed. “Doesn’t that mean my brother won’t have a chance?”

Cherry nodded again. “I’ve always felt that Daddy has no chance!”

When Pete heard these words, the corners of his lips twitched. He did not tell the two of them. He felt that Mommy treated Daddy differently.

When Nora woke up, the living room was in a mess.

Even in the room with good soundproofing, she could hear the commotion downstairs.

She hesitated and got up. After washing up casually, she went out and prepared to go downstairs to eat something. However, when she went downstairs, she saw six men sitting in the living room!

Most of these people were in their twenties. Some were gentle, some were mature, and some were bright and handsome. Every type was different.


Brenda and Cherry stood up with a sense of accomplishment. “Nora, come take a look at these men!”

Cherry puffed out her chest. “Mommy, I didn’t even log in to my game the entire morning just so I could choose these men with Auntie!”

Nora casually took out a piece of bread and ate it while looking at them. Then, she asked Brenda tentatively, “If you want to find a boyfriend, you should be doing it at the Hunts, right? Isn’t it inappropriate for you to be at the Smiths?”

Brenda: “?”

She waved her hand. “No, these are all for you to choose from! Cherry and I are just looking at them!”

A question mark slowly appeared in Nora’s mind: ?

These men were for her?

She was stunned for a moment before saying, “I… don’t need a bodyguard.”

Brenda: “No! These men are here for the son-in-law selection Uncle Ian prepared for you! You can choose anyone!”

She pointed at the first one. “This is James. Their family deals in electronics, so it’s not bad. This is…”

Seeing that she was about to introduce everyone present, Nora interrupted her. “Stop.” Then her almond-shaped eyes swept over the people. “I’m not interested. Please leave.”

With that, she went upstairs.

She still had to look at the medical books she had gotten from her master, Dr. Zabe! How could she have the time to look at handsome guys here?

But at this moment, a voice sounded. “Miss Smith…”

Nora stopped in her tracks and turned back. She saw a man who was about thirty years old taking a step forward. He was wearing a gray suit. He said, “I’m Blaine Jonas. I wonder if you still remember me?”

Nora was taken aback for a moment.

She still remembered Blaine Jonas. He was an internationally renowned surgeon. The two of them had once held a seminar for a certain patient. She nodded slightly. “Why are you here?”

Blaine smiled. “I originally came to discuss a medical case with you, but I didn’t expect to be treated as a blind date and be arrested.”

Nora: “…Oh, I’m not free for the time being.”

Blaine was not angry. He seemed to have heard about her personality long ago, so he smiled and said, “Yes, I know you’re not free. You should have my contact number. Contact me whenever you’re free.”


Nora went upstairs.

This was originally just a small episode. Nora did not take this person seriously at all. However, in the afternoon, she suddenly received a message from Trueman Yale. “The show I prepared for you is about to start!”

Nora: “?”

As she was in a daze, her phone suddenly rang. It was the Andersons.

She picked up the call and Simon’s voice came from the other end. “Nora, do you know a surgeon named Blaine Jonas?”

Nora clenched her jaw. “What’s wrong?”

Simon’s voice was very serious. “He has now issued a challenge to the alternative medicine doctors in New York! He said that alternative medicine is all fake and modern medicine is the proper treatment method. Furthermore, he suggested this as your good friend! There are witnesses who saw him coming out of the Smiths today. Therefore, everyone thinks that you’re the one provoking alternative medicine!”

Nora: “?”

She frowned. “I didn’t ask him to go.”

Simon took a deep breath. “But everyone believes it now. It’s probably too late for you to say anything.”

Nora was puzzled. “How did he make the challenge?” Simon sighed. “He has a few patients on his side, and there are also a few patients who came for alternative medicine. He has agreed to see if alternative medicine can treat those people or will modern medicine do the job! From this, we can determine which method is better!”

Nora: “?”

Modern medicine treated the symptoms but not the roots. Alternative medicine treated the roots, but slowly!

How could they compare? As she was thinking about this, Simon spoke again. “Furthermore, he directly challenged Dr. Zabe. Dr. Zabe is already old, so he definitely can’t accept the challenge. He let his disciple accept the challenge!”

Nora: “????”