She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 503 - Face Slapping Mrs. Hunt!

Chapter 503 - Face Slapping Mrs. Hunt!

Chapter 503 Face Slapping Mrs. Hunt!

Mrs. Hunt really liked Pete.

He was smart and calm even at such a young age. He was definitely the best choice for the future successor of the Hunts. Moreover, she had given Pete the most love and had also cared about him the most.

Therefore, when his cousins fought with Pete, she was always biased toward him.

She had come over today because she missed Pete too much. Other than when she was sick, she had never stayed away from Pete for so


At this moment, when she saw Pete lying there with his eyes closed and his mouth open as he slept, her heart melted. Her expression softened a little as she reached out to touch his face.

Pete was really good-looking. Even if he was a girl, he would definitely have a kingdom-toppling beauty. Speaking of which, a mother who could give birth to a child like Pete should be quite good-looking. As she was thinking, she suddenly heard the sound of someone turning over.

She looked up. With the help of the dim night light, she could see the child sleeping on the other side suddenly turn over. As if he had sensed that there was someone in the room, he sat up.

The child was in a daze. He rubbed his eyes with his chubby hands and looked at Mrs. Hunt. The next moment, he woke up and shouted in surprise, “Great-Grandma?”

Mrs. Hunt: “???”

She was stunned. She looked at Pete, who was sitting up, and then at the sleeping Pete. She stood there in shock.

For a moment, she felt that the light in the room was too dim and she was dazzled.

She swallowed a mouthful of saliva and rubbed her eyes. She looked over again… The child’s hair was a little messy. It was indeed Pete! However, the other child was sleeping soundly. She even smacked her lips as if she had eaten something delicious in her dream. It was also Pete!

Mrs. Hunt turned to the nanny beside her in surprise. “You, come and help me take a look. Which one is Pete? Am I seeing things?”

The nanny was also stunned.

No matter how she looked at them, she could not tell them apart. “Mrs. Hunt, why do these two look like young master Pete… Do all children look the same?”

“How can they be the same?! Our little fatty is so ugly!” The nanny: “…” Mrs. Hunt, they’re all your great-grandchildren. Is this really appropriate? However, the two of them were old and dazzled by everything they looked at. Therefore, they still did not understand what was going on. They did not dare to turn on the lights lest they disturbed the children’s sleep. The two of them exchanged words. Joel and Ian, who were standing at the door, looked at each other. The uncle and nephew were tactful and did not speak or remind each other.

It was all to see Mrs. Hunt slap her own face!

The two of them did not speak. They were sensitive people. Pete, who had woken up the moment Mrs. Hunt entered, sighed helplessly. “Great-Grandma, my sister and I are twins.”

Mrs. Hunt was stunned. “Sister? What sister?”

Her voice was a little high, waking Cherry up from her deep sleep. She rubbed her eyes with her chubby hands and looked at Mrs. Hunt in a daze. Then, she was slightly stunned and called out in her childish voice, “Great-Grandma? Why are you here?!”


The words made Mrs. Hunt realize something. She looked at Cherry in disbelief and then at Pete. She finally understood!

She swallowed and said, “Y-You’re Cherry?”

Cherry was in a daze for a while. When she turned back and saw that her brother was already looking at her, she knew that her identity with her brother had been exposed. Therefore, she could only nod. “Yes! Pete and I are twins!”

Mrs. Hunt: “!!”

She took a step back and almost fell to the ground.

How… how was this possible?!

She looked at Pete again. “In other words, your mommy is Nora?”

So Nora was Pete’s biological mother!

Pete nodded.

At this moment, Justin and Nora returned home and the two of them went straight upstairs. When Justin saw Ian and Joel at the door, his heart sank.

Then, he strode forward and called out, “Grandmother.”

Mrs. Hunt slowly turned around. When she saw Justin, she shouted, “Justin, y-you have two children!”

Justin: “…I know.”

Mrs. Hunt suddenly appeared in front of him. “Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me that Miss Smith is Pete’s biological mother?!”

Justin glanced at Nora and sighed softly. It was all because Nora wanted to keep it a secret.

At this moment, Ian suddenly said, “Mrs. Hunt, it’s already so late. Since you’ve seen Pete now… Shouldn’t you be taking Justin back now?”

When Mrs. Hunt heard this, she choked. She looked at Ian and said, “Ian, look, it was a misunderstanding… What we said just now doesn’t count, right?”.

Mrs. Hunt finally realized that she had made a mistake when she thought about how Justin had not mentioned anything about this biological mother all these years. Now, Mrs. Hunt finally realized belatedly that she had made a mistake!

However, Ian said, “It counts. Why wouldn’t it count?!”

Mrs. Hunt hurriedly said, “How can it? Isn’t this breaking up a loving couple?”

Ian smiled. “Didn’t you also disagree with this marriage earlier? In that case, why should we force each other?”

Mrs. Hunt hurriedly said, “I agree now! For the sake of the two children, don’t be calculative with me, okay?”

Ian’s expression was serious. “Mrs. Hunt, you’re mistaken. Although she already has a child, my daughter doesn’t have to worry about not being able to find a good family.”

Mrs. Hunt became even more anxious. “She’s Pete’s biological mother. Other than the Hunts, who else would marry her?”

These words were even more overboard.

As soon as she finished speaking, Justin shouted, “Grandmother!”

Mrs. Hunt instantly realized that she had said something wrong. She hurriedly looked at Ian and saw that his expression had darkened. “What? The Hunts are already domineering to the point that if I don’t let my daughter marry into your family, others will not be allowed to marry my daughter? My family is not to be trifled with! If this doesn’t work out, and my daughter isn’t able to get married, I’ll take care of her forever!”

Mrs. Hunt still wanted to say something, but Ian had already turned to look at Joel. “Joel, it’s getting very late. See the guests out!”

Joel stood up immediately. “Mrs. Hunt, please…”

When Mrs. Hunt saw that they did not care about their reputation, she was even angrier. “There’s no need for you to chase us away. We’ll leave ourselves! Justin, Pete, Cherry, pack up and let’s go home!”

However, when she said this, there was no movement behind her for a long time.