She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 486 - Nora… is Angering People to Death

Chapter 486 - Nora… is Angering People to Death

Chapter 486 Nora… is Angering People to Death

After all, in the beginning, the Internet was spreading the news that Q had invaded Smith Corporation. Therefore, the netizens felt strange when Smith Corporation suddenly said that they had Q.

Someone even questioned, — We have Q. I know these words if I look at them separately. But when they’re put together, why can’t I understand what they mean? Below this question, Smith Corporation answered seriously: “It means that we have hired Q to be our Internet consultant. From now on, Smith Corporation has made up for its shortcomings! Please use our services without any worry! There will be no more problems!”

Everyone: “??”

Everyone was stunned.

Wasn’t Q invading Smith Corporation? Why had Q suddenly become a consultant for Smith Corporation?

Just as the netizens imagined a heartbreaking story of love and murder, Smith Corporation Official sent another Weibo post explaining the entire situation!

For a moment, everyone was in an uproar!

— How is that possible? If Q had been hired as a consultant, why would Speedy have resigned? Furthermore, Speedy publicly posted on Weibo saying that he did not dare to offend Q?

– That’s right. Even Speedy said that the one who invaded Smith Corporation was Q. How could there be a mistake?! What is Smith Corporation playing at?”

Speedy had jumped out himself. At this time, he still did not know that Smith Corporation’s Internet had been repaired. He was at home browsing Facebook and waiting for Q’s reply. Therefore, when he saw Smith Corporation’s message, he was the first to find it unacceptable.

He was stunned. He reposted Smith Corporation’s Facebook post and labeled it with a question mark to express his confusion. But just as most people were questioning the authenticity of this news and the netizens were discussing it, someone suddenly sent a message! On the hacking forum, Q used his public account to send a message:

Q: “I have officially accepted Smith Corporation’s recruitment and have become Smith Corporation’s consultant. Someone was impersonating me to attack the Smith Corporation, whom I have already handed over to the police! I will also send her to court for legal punishment!”

Speedy: !!

When he saw this news, he suddenly trembled.

He swallowed. Suddenly, his personal inbox lit up. It was Q who had replied: “Oh, then you don’t have to stay in the hacker world anymore.”

Speedy: “…”

His fingers softened and his phone slipped out of his hand…

#SmithCorporation’sInternetNetworkRecovery, #SmithCorporation SupplementedTheirInternet Shortcomings, #SmithCorporationCarriedoutAnOnlineCombat Exercise, and other topics immediately became trending under Joel’s control.


The people who had been scolding Smith Corporation finally reacted.

Some gamers even realized that the Internet seemed to be smoother after entering the game! The gaming experience was better!

Another analysis post went straight to the top of the trending searches.

Smith Cooperation used to focus on the physical industry with the Internet industry as support. The development of new media was not good enough, but now, they had filled this shortcoming. With Q as a backup, Smith Cooperation’s future was promising!

Many people had seen this trending post. Accordingly, Smith Cooperation’s stock price that had plummeted to nearly 20% suddenly began to rise crazily!

The price of a single share was almost equal to that of Hunt Corporation!

As everyone watched Smith Cooperation’s stock prices skyrocket, someone even started a conspiracy theory.

– Now, I feel that all of this was self-directed and acted out by Smith Cooperation. They used the attack to attract everyone’s attention, and in the end, they retaliated! It was simply beautiful. Today, Smith Cooperation’s shares soared crazily!

– Ahhhh, I don’t care what kind of conspiracy it is. Smith Cooperation is the greatest of all time! With Q, Smith Cooperation is like a tiger that has grown wings!

— If Smith Cooperation’s momentum continues to be so fierce, it feels like the number one family is going to change!

– Oh my god, Smith Cooperation must have taken over the trending searches today!

When Nora saw this Facebook post, she raised her eyebrows and smiled as she sent the link to that little lunatic.

Then, she replied: “You’ve spent too much. You helped us get on the trending searches.” The other party was silent for a full two minutes before he gritted his teeth and sent, “Shit!”

Nora was very satisfied when she saw this word.

To be able to make this little lunatic curse, it was enough to show that he was extremely angry, right?

Smith Cooperation’s crisis had been resolved. She stretched and said to Joel, “I’m going home.”

Joel nodded.

Nora stood up and stretched her neck before walking out slowly. The moment she pushed the door open, Samuel and the other executives immediately took two steps back and made way for her.

At this moment, everyone looked at her with admiration.

Samuel even took a trembling step forward and held her hand. For the first time, he said in a tone that was not hostile, “Nora, you must maintain a good relationship with Q! You must win him over by hook or by crook, okay?”

Nora glanced at him and knew that Samuel was frightened this time.

If the Smiths went bankrupt, he would also suffer losses!

However, when she thought of how he had come to cause trouble time and time again, Nora’s eyes flashed. She thought of Samuel’s hobby that Joel had told her about and said, “Samuel, Q likes antiques the most, especially the blue and white porcelain from the Qing Dynasty. You also know that I came from California, and I don’t have such precious things. Sigh! Q said that if I can’t find it for him, he won’t cooperate further with us!”

Samuel: “!!!!”

That blue and white porcelain was his most precious collection. It was worth almost a hundred million dollars! How could he give it away just like that?!

However, when he thought of how quickly Smith Cooperation’s shares had fallen after the Internet collapse today, he felt as if his heart was on a rollercoaster. He gritted his teeth. “What’s wrong with that? I have it! Give it to Q right now!”

Nora narrowed her almond-shaped eyes and revealed her white teeth. “Get it sent to the Smiths.”


Nora left after saying this. Joel, who was sitting in the office, also heard their conversation: II 11

His little cousin had such a devious side to her!

… How cute!

Nora returned to the Smiths.

After parking the car, she looked at the time. It was almost 11 PM. The children’s rooms upstairs were dark. They must have slept long ago.

She entered casually and was about to head upstairs when she saw the man sitting on the sofa.

There was no one else in the living room. Under the warm and comfortable light, Justin was looking at his phone. There was a rare relaxed joy on his face, the corners of his lips curled up slightly. Even the mole at the corner of his eye was curved into a happy smile. The man had his legs crossed and was staring at his phone.

Nora walked over in surprise and looked at his phone. She wanted to know what the man saw that made him smile so happily.

Unexpectedly, it was…