She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 478 - Ungrateful

Chapter 478 - Ungrateful

Chapter 478 Ungrateful

“Sigh. Mr. Gray is the only one who can keep the little master in check a little.”

“Yeah. It’s all thanks to Mr. Gray today. Otherwise, the little master would really have run all the way down…”

The people guarding the door couldn’t help sighing

“Q?” In the Smith Corporation’s office, Speedy was stunned. He looked at the alphabet on the screen with great surprise. “Q is the current leader of the Hacker Alliance. Y is the only one in the world who can contend against him. But Y has already announced that he will not go against Q… So Q and Y can pretty much be said to be invincible!”

Everyone else in the IT department didn’t dare speak when they heard what Speedy said. All of them looked at Joel.

Joel stared at the screen. He looked calm as he typed: ‘Mr. Q, may I know what you are after?’

The other party: ‘I want you to go bankrupt, haha.’

His reply was filled with hostility, which caused the entire IT department to panic for a while there.

Joel narrowed his eyes and continued typing: ‘Is there some kind of misunderstanding between us?’

The other party: ‘Not with you.’

Joel: ‘Then who is it?’

The other party: ‘Your younger sister.’

Joel wrote: ‘What did my sister do to offend you?’

The other party: ‘Hmph, I took a fancy to her and want her to be my servant, but she is actually being so ungrateful!’

Joel: “?”

He narrowed his eyes and typed: “Well, that’s certainly pretty ungrateful.” The other party: “Right? So many people dream of becoming my servant, but I never agree. How dare she refuse me when I chose her?”

Joel: “What I mean is, you’re pretty ungrateful.”

The other party fell silent.

Joel continued to type: ‘It’s for your own good that I’m forbidding the Smith Corporation’s young missy from becoming your servant.” The other party: ‘How so?’

Joel replied: “I’m afraid that she’ll drive you to your grave.”

The other party: “!!!”

The lip corners of the staff standing behind Joel couldn’t help but spasm. Their boss was simply too sharp-tongued. However, they didn’t dare to say anything, and could only look at one another.

The other party soon sent another reply: ‘What does that mean? My life expectancy will be shortened? Why?’

Joel: “?”

A question mark appeared above his head before he realized that the other party might be a foreigner, so he might not understand certain English phrases.

Thus, Joel changed to a straightforward choice of words. He wrote: ‘What I mean is, you are not blessed enough to have her around! Neither are you worthy of it!’ The other party understood this time. His speed of response clearly became fasterobviously, he had become a little angry. He wrote: “Since you are so reluctant to part with your sister, then you’ll have to suffer my anger! In this age of the Internet, I wonder how many days the Smith Corporation can survive without the Internet?”

“Haha, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the second biggest company in the country takes step after step towards its doom!”

Joel narrowed his eyes. He wanted to say more, but the other party obviously couldn’t be bothered to argue with him anymore and had turned off the computer screen.

In an instant, all the computers in the Smith Corporation went down and could not be turned on anymore.

Joel got up. Speedy sat in front of the computer and started to repair the network again. However, he was sweating profusely. How could he possibly be a match for the top hacker Q?

Speedy felt immense pressure. He suddenly stood up and said, “Mr. Smith, I… I’m not doing this anymore.”

Joel looked at him sharply. “Are you unable to do it? Or are you afraid of doing it?”

Speedy swallowed and replied, “Both, I guess! Q and Y are the leaders of the Hacker Alliance. If I offend him, I’ll have a hard time in the Hacker Alliance in the future!”

Joel frowned. “As far as I know, the Hacker Alliance does not restrict your work, nor does it require you to avoid going against Q and Y.”

Speedy lowered his head. “Yes, there are no clear rules, but if I offend my boss, I won’t be able to stay in this line of work anymore. I’m sorry.” Joel stared at him and suddenly said, “You don’t usually do much work, do you? But the Smith Corporation pays you a huge amount every year. Do you think we give you that money so that you can easily quit on us during crucial moments like these?”

Speedy frowned when he heard him. He said, “Mr. Smith, I have a good suggestion for you now, and that is to get Ms. Smith to admit her mistake and give in to the other party. The servant and master talk is probably just a joke! There is no need for the Smith Corporation to fight them just because of a joke.”

Joel’s expression turned cold. “I am the head of the Smith Corporation. Your task is to repair the network for me!”

Speedy swallowed and suddenly walked to the door. “Mr. Smith, I can’t do this! I’m leaving!”

The IT manager frowned as he watched Speedy leave. He asked, “Mr. Smith, if even Speedy leaves, what are we going to do next?!”

Joel lowered his eyes.

Speedy was simply too unprofessional! He had gotten cold feet and escaped just because of fear. Joel had really misjudged him. He slowly said, “Continue trying to repair the network. I will think of something!”

After speaking, he looked at the panicked employees at a loss around him and said calmly, “None of the Smith Corporation’s revenue comes from telecommunications. Our businesses are all in the physical industry. What’s there to be scared of even without the Internet? It’s just a 30% loss!”

After making the bad-ass statement, Joel left, planning to ask Nora what was going on.