She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 476 - Frightening You~

Chapter 476 - Frightening You~

Chapter 476 Frightening You~

In a luxury hotel in New York.

A tall, slender, and thin figure sat there. Only his chin and lips were visible. His rosy lips looked a little bewitching. The corners of his lips were curled upward slightly, revealing a row of white teeth. His smile was as evil and charming as a little devil’s.

When he saw the words “I’ve caught you”, his smile suddenly froze. He stood up abruptly and immediately said anxiously to the people on either side of him, “Quick, their men are here! Withdraw at once!”

Everyone immediately packed their things. After gathering their little luggage with them, the group walked out with great momentum.

But as soon as he reached the door, he suddenly stopped. Then, he slipped over to the window and looked down. After observing carefully, he suddenly broke into a grin and cursed angrily, “Shit! I almost got fooled by that woman again!”

He paced back and forth in the room angrily while cursing under his breath. “How insidious! Cunning! Wily! Sly! …”

After using those four terms, he seemingly couldn’t think of any more suitable words. After racking his brains, at last, he cursed angrily, “How clever! Smart! And alert! I absolutely have to turn her into my servant!”

The people standing around protecting him were speechless.

They really wished they could remind their little master that words like “smart”, “clever”, and “alert” were compliments…

But when they saw how angry he was, they wisely decided to shut up.

Brenda leaned over and glanced at Nora’s phone. “Who are you texting? Surely you didn’t find yourself another handsome guy behind my cousin’s back? Nora, you mustn’t do something so uncool!”

Nora: “?”

She was about to say that she hadn’t when Brenda said, “Good things have to be shared. You mustn’t keep the handsome guy all to yourself if you’ve found one. Remember to share him with me.”

Nora: “…”

As it turned out, the Hunts had such powerful genes. No wonder Cherry was so obsessive about good-looking people. Those genes definitely didn’t come from her, nope.

Nora handed her the phone.

Brenda was puzzled when she saw the messages. “Didn’t we already check the address you gave us, Nora? It’s a large international hotel. There are foreign guests traveling to and from the country staying there. We have already checked the place out. More than 100 people checked in yesterday. We could only lock on to those 100 or so people and investigate them one by one, but we didn’t catch anyone at all!”

“… Oh, I was just trying to scare him.”

It was that idiot’s fault for talking to her like that every day.

Brenda: “…”

Nora added, “Besides, it may just trick him into appearing.”

Brenda raised her eyebrows. However, she understood what Nora meant the next moment. “If I were him, then I would definitely panic and want to withdraw immediately after seeing the message. In that case… whoever evacuates in a panic at this point would be who we’re looking for!”

Nora nodded. “Yeah. It all depends on whether he falls for it or not.”

For some reason, the person texting her gave Nora the feeling that he was some kind of funny idiot. The messages he sent made her feel as if he was pure and innocent, yet also evil and demonic.

He was just like an unworldly little demon king who had innocently come to the human world to play. In a moment of pure curiosity, he had casually killed a few people. In his world, there was no good or bad, or right or wrong. To him, the only concept he had was whether something was fun or not…

Otherwise, why would a normal person talk about making someone their servant or being someone’s master? He was so childish that it was laughable.

Brenda and Morris immediately contacted the undercover officers who had surrounded the hotel, and told them to observe the place. In the end, the conclusion they came to was…

Brenda said, “A few guests happened to be checking out of their rooms. Our men are currently following them, but from how they look, they don’t seem to be the ones we’re looking for.”

“That’s normal, too.” Nora said, “He must already have his guard up since the first time I tricked him. This shows that his brain is at least functioning normally.”

Brenda and Morris: “…”

“But,” Nora’s lips curled upward slightly as she said, “It’s worth all the effort if it scares him.”

Brenda stepped forward and put her arm around her shoulders. “Nora, when I first saw you, I thought you were a cold and well-behaved girl. From how it looks like now, though, it seems that there are also times where I misjudge!”

Which part of her was well-behaved? She was clearly mean and arrogant!

She was merely wearing sheep’s clothing that made people think she was well-behaved, that’s all! It was all her almond-shaped eyes’ fault!

Nora yawned and ignored her. Instead, she looked at Morris. “Let’s go to the hotel and have a look?”

Morris nodded. “My thoughts exactly.”

The two of them walked toward their respective cars. Brenda went after Nora and got into her car. “I wanna go too- After all, being in the company of a handsome guy like Captain Ford is a very enjoyable experience!”

They had only met a few times, but Nora had already become immune to whatever she said. She ignored her completely and started the car.

The car quickly arrived at the Grand Hotel Venice.

Grand Hotel Venice was one of the few rare six-star hotels in New York. Those who stayed here were all either rich or noble. Some foreign businessmen also stayed there.

The hotel lobby was luxuriously decorated. The leather sofas in the lounge area were of very good quality.

After the three of them arrived, Brenda went to handle check-in procedures for a room. She said along the way, “The best way to monitor him is to infiltrate the enemy’s ranks! I shall stay here for the next few days!”

Then, she looked at Morris and raised her eyebrows. “Captain Ford, will I be reimbursed for the expenses?”

Morris: “…”

He said hesitantly, “It’s very dangerous for a woman to stay here by herself. How about…”

“That’s… not quite a good idea, is it?” Brenda suddenly said shyly, “Is Captain Ford thinking of staying here with me? But that would make us a couple staying together…”

The corners of Morris’ lips spasmed. He couldn’t help but keep feeling like Captain Brenda was a little unreliable. He said, “You’ve misunderstood, Captain Brenda. What I mean is, I’ll be the one staying here instead.”

Brenda looked at him. Her beautiful eyes blinked, and then she smiled and said, “You’re thinking of enjoying life here on the pretext of working, aren’t you? I won’t be fooled! You have two choices-either we stay here together, or I stay here by myself~”

“… You can stay here, then.”

Nora did not consider staying in the hotel at all. She merely took out her cell phone-sure enough, the person without a phone number had sent her another text message: ‘Thinking of tricking me? No way! Heh heh.’

Nora replied: “I wasn’t tricking you. I’m in the hotel lobby right now. Do you dare to come down here?”

After sending the message, she provoked him again:

“Oh, I forgot. You are just someone unfit to be seen in public, so how would you possibly dare to come and meet me, right?”

In a room upstairs.

“Shit!” The man was infuriated. He walked straight to the door and said to his subordinates in bad English, “She’s provoking me! But I have to go down because I am not a coward! I’m going to catch her, bring her up here, and make her kneel down and beg me for mercy!!”