She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 473 - Ms. Tanya Is Not a Suspect!

Chapter 473 - Ms. Tanya Is Not a Suspect!

Chapter 473 Ms. Tanya Is Not a Suspect!


Was there something wrong with this person’s mind?

Nora sneered. Her slender fingers tapped on the keyboard. “Call you what?”

The other party: “Master.”

Nora: “Good boy~”

After sending this message, her phone exploded. The other party had sent several consecutive messages:

[I’m not calling you Master. I’m asking you to call me Master!]

[You’re doing this on purpose. You’re taking advantage of me!) (Heh, you still say she’s your best friend? I think you don’t care about her life or death at all! In that case, let your best friend go to jail! Not only your best friend, but everyone related to you will suffer!)

(I want everyone around you to die!)

The last message made Nora’s pupils shrink suddenly.

She suddenly clenched her fists.

Since the other party knew how she had gotten pregnant, it meant that they had orchestrated the whole thing!

Then they probably also knew that she had two children and that Justin was the child’s father…

The words “everyone around you will die” made her anger rise. Her pretty face was cold as she typed word by word: “If anyone beside me loses a single hair, I will make your organization barren!”

After sending the message, the other party seemed to be frightened by her tone and did not reply for a moment.

However, Elaine was already fuming in front of her. “Miss Smith, is this your attitude when we talk to you? You keep playing with your phone and ignore us? Why? You’ve entered… the department and become a leader. Your priorities are higher than ours. Am I not worthy of talking to you?”

Nora then put down her phone. She looked up and said calmly, “Why are you still so noisy if you know that?”

Elaine: “?”

She was stunned. She did not expect Nora to be so arrogant in front of her reporter friends!

She said angrily, “People are not divided into levels. Even if your position is higher than mine, you’re too much! Furthermore, I’m about to apply to join you. When the time comes, we’ll be colleagues of the same level… No, according to my qualifications, I’ll be ranked higher than you. Why are you so arrogant?”

Nora looked at her in surprise. “If people don’t differentiate between levels, why do you care so much about it?”

Elaine: “!”

Nora raised her almond-shaped eyes slightly and said again, “Also, I’m not looking down on you. I just… don’t want to talk to you.”

Elaine: “…”

This woman spoke very little, but every now and then, she would say something that would make one choke to death!

She said angrily, “I came here today to complain about you. What kind of attitude is this? Wait and see! I’ll look for your leader now!”

Nora turned her body away. Her posture was still calm. “Oh, do as you please.” Elaine: “!”

At this moment, knowing that Nora was here, Morris welcomed her personally. Dressed in a black jacket, it accentuated his narrow waist and long legs. He was tall and straight like a pine, making him look righteous. When he saw so many reporters at the door, he frowned and looked at the person beside him in dissatisfaction. “This is a heavily-guarded place. How can outsiders make a racket here?!” The security guards immediately understood and stopped the reporters. When Elaine saw this, she immediately said loudly, “Captain Ford, what’s the meaning of this? Our reporter friends are only here to seek justice. Is there anything we can’t announce to the public?”

Morris immediately glanced at her.

Elaine choked in fear. However, when she thought of her motive for coming here today, as well as the faint pain on her face that was still there until now, and the pain in her mouth because her teeth had dropped and were swelling up, she instantly shouted, “Captain Ford, you have to get Miss Smith to give me an explanation! I’m handling the case normally here, but she suddenly rushed over. I wanted to check if there was anything wrong with her identification documents. Besides, I only delayed her for a few seconds. Who asked her to come so late? Even if I gave in back then, it was too late! It was clearly her own mistake, but she still vented her anger on me!”

There was such a thing?

When the reporters heard this, they immediately picked up their cameras and snapped photos. Someone even asked, “Sir, may I know what’s going on?”

Elaine turned back to look at them. “Now that things have come to this, I’m also very angry, so I won’t help her hide it. Because the suspect is her friend, she used her authority to snatch the case away from our department and forcefully took the person away! This is really wrong! Captain Ford, Miss Smith is an external forensic doctor. Did you not tell her the rules of our system?”

Morris’s expression instantly darkened.

He narrowed his eyes and slowly said, “Doctor Elaine, this case involves our department. Our department’s nature is confidential to outsiders. I think it’s because you don’t know the rules, right?”

Elaine’s heart sank when she heard this.

The worst-case scenario had indeed happened.

Morris had always been a protective person. Even if someone in his department made a mistake, as long as it was not a matter of principle, he would help them bear it. Now, he even protected Nora?

Indescribable jealousy welled up in her!

She looked at Morris and shouted, “Captain Ford, I know you’re protective of your team, but even so, are you going to protect someone who secretly let a suspect go?”

A reporter took the lead and shouted, “That’s right. Do you always let murderers be released?”

Morris looked at the reporters sharply. “Please watch your words. Ms. Tanya is not a suspect anymore!”