She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 436: Pleading Guilty!

Chapter 436: Pleading Guilty!

Chapter 436: Pleading Guilty!

Hillary got up abruptly and looked at them in disbelief.

What did they say just now?

How could this be?!

How did she know?!

She understood Tanya very well. Because she loved Joel too much, she would never tell him that she had lost her child. After all, who wouldn't be miserable about losing their child?

But if it wasn't her who had brought it up, Joel would never imagine that Mia might be Tanya's daughter…

So, how did they realize the truth?!

Terribly shocked, she stared in front of her in astonishment.

At the same time, countless question marks also flashed across the comments.




The plaintiff's attorney was dumbfounded while the comments were being filled with question marks. He asked, "What nonsense are you saying?"

The defendant's… no, the defendant had already turned into the plaintiff at this point. The attorney looked straight at Hillary. As a lawyer, he had always been calm when handling cases, but when he realized the truth, even he couldn't help but subconsciously become angry when he looked at the woman.

He spoke loudly and forcefully. "The evidence in the judge's and the jury's hands can prove whether I'm talking nonsense or not! The evidence consists of two reports, one is a DNA test report conducted for Ms. Turner and Ms. Mia Smith, and the other is proof that Ms. Jones had stolen the baby! On the day that Ms. Turner gave birth, Ms. Jones had booked a return ticket from Switzerland! Even though she went there by herself, she had returned with a baby!"

His words made Hillary's attorney dumbfounded.

Before the trial, attorneys would typically probe into their client's private affairs in order to prevent the other party from producing surprise evidence that they weren't prepared for.

Therefore, Hillary had even told her attorney the truth about her being the third wheel in Joel and Tanya's relationship beforehand. That was why the attorney hadn't even once accused Tanya of being the third wheel in Hillary's family, for fear that the other party would take advantage of it to counterattack.

Never would he have ever expected such an unbelievable plot twist!

The plot twist was simply too big. The lawsuit between Hillary and Joel had turned straight into one about Hillary's crime!!

They had evidence that she had stolen their child!

He didn't doubt the authenticity of the evidence because the judge and the others would undoubtedly verify it. He was just staring at Hillary in shock, astonishment, and disbelief.

In this instant, he could even feel his career as an attorney ending!

Seeing that her attorney wasn't saying anything but just staring at her, Hillary panicked. She suddenly stood up. "I didn't do anything like that! That's total nonsense!"

Tanya's eyes narrowed as she looked at her. "The evidence can prove whether or not I am talking nonsense! The DNA test shows that Mia and I have a 99% DNA match!! These numbers could never lie!"

Hillary swallowed and looked at the gallery.

Karl and Jill were seated in the gallery.

A somewhat incredulous Jill stood up abruptly when the plot twist came. She subconsciously looked at Karl.

Karl, who also seemed stunned by the plot twist, looked at Jill with a puzzled look.

Jill swallowed. She was about to say something when Justin, who was sitting behind Karl, suddenly said, "Mr. Moore, I'm sure you must know the truth of the matter by now. Wouldn't it be rather unreasonable if you continue to help Hillary Jones fight for the child's custody?"

Karl choked.

He had only helped Jill and stood up for her on account of their past relationship. After all, if Hillary was Mia's mother, the Smiths' actions would indeed be going too far.

But now…

If he continued to help Hillary fight for the child, then wouldn't he just be making trouble for no reason?

He coughed and replied, "Of course. The Assassin Organization is not unreasonable."

Justin nodded. Then, he immediately looked at Mr. Jones, who was seated nearby Jill. The astonishment in his eyes didn't seem to be fake, and he looked like he wasn't aware of his daughter's actions at all. He slowly said, "Mr. Jones, are the Joneses still supportive of Hillary's fight for the child's custody?"

Given how even Karl wasn't going to help anymore, there was no way Mr. Jones would have the guts to step forward, either. He shook his head and stammered, "M-Mr. Hunt, I really didn't know about what Hillary did! She did it all by herself! It has nothing to do with the Joneses!"

Jill looked at Mr. Jones furiously. "How can you say that? She's your daughter! Is that how you should be treating Hillary?!"

An annoyed Mr. Jones retorted, "Even if she's my daughter, I still didn't expect her to actually do something like that! She stole someone else's child! How can she do that?!"

The furious Jill panicked. "Even so, you can't just ignore her! Surely you can't just watch as she goes to jail?!"

Justin didn't say anything else. Instead, he looked at the stand.

From the looks of it, it seemed that neither Karl nor Mr. Jones were intending to help anymore. In that case, Jill and Hillary would no longer be able to make any more trouble.

On the judge's bench.

The judge and the jury were already looking at one another. The judge then looked at Hillary. "There is substantial evidence in my hands, and there are both witnesses and physical evidence against you. What else do you have to say?!"

Hillary knew that what's done is done at this point and that there was nothing she could do anymore to save herself.

She looked straight at Tanya. In the end, she yelled shamelessly, "I… I didn't steal the child! I did go abroad, and I did go to Switzerland, but I found the child somewhere! It… It was… It was Tanya who abandoned her child! Yes, that's it! Your Honor, you can't convict me. I saved that child's life! In fact, you should be holding Tanya responsible for abandoning her newborn baby!"


Everyone was stunned. They hadn't expected that Hillary would still say such things at this point.

Even her attorney had shut up and was unwilling to defend her anymore.

The judge looked at Tanya and Joel.

Tanya's eyes were red and she did not speak.

Joel's jaw was clenched tightly and he had lost the usual smile on his face.

Their attorney stood where he was and sneered, "Ms. Jones, I didn't expect you to be so stubborn. It seems like you're someone who holds out hope until faced with the grim reality!

"Your Honor, I have a few pieces of evidence here that will prove that she had indeed stolen the baby! That day, she went to the hospital where Ms. Turner had given birth and bribed two nurses in the hospital. That was how she had successfully stolen the baby from the hospital!

"Also! Your Honor, these are financial accounts detailing how much money and effort my client, Ms. Tanya Turner, spent in order to search for her child over the years.

"Your Honor, as you can see, Ms. Jones shows no sign of taking the initiative to plead guilty even now! I implore you to punish her severely in accordance with the law!!"