She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 402: Is Mia Really Hillary's Daughter?

Chapter 402: Is Mia Really Hillary's Daughter?

Chapter 402: Is Mia Really Hillary's Daughter?

Hillary recalled that when she called Tanya today, Joel was also there. Later on, he did not pursue the matter, but now, he was here…

Her heart sank, but her face was still filled with smiles as she walked over. "Joel, you're here…"

When the Joneses heard the servant's words, they hurriedly walked down from the study upstairs to welcome him. "Mr. Smith, what brings you here? If there's anything you need, you can call us to the Smiths."

Joel was still smiling. His eyes were curved, and when he did not speak, he looked very gentle, like a smiling tiger.

However, Hillary could see the coldness in his eyes.

She swallowed and jolted.

Joel looked at her and slowly said, "I came personally today because I thought that after my engagement with Miss Hillary was broken off, she seemed to have been dishonest."

As soon as he said this, Hillary's father was stunned. He looked directly at Hillary. "What? When did you guys break off the engagement?"

Joel lowered his eyes and said indifferently, "Why? Didn't Miss Hillary tell you?"

Hillary had been chased back this time and stayed for a few days now, but she had not mentioned the engagement at all.

Mr. Jones looked at Hillary. "Hillary, what's going on?

Madam Jones said, "Mr. Smith, did Hillary do something wrong to make you angry? Tell us, we'll get her to change. How can you suddenly call off the engagement?"

Joel looked at Madam Jones.

To be precise, she was also Tanya's mother.

Back then, Tanya's mother had remarried and given birth to Hillary.

Hillary was a year younger than Tanya, but their identities were completely different.

One was a burden who had been brought along into her marriage with a wealthy family, and the other was a daughter of a wealthy family. Hillary had looked down on Tanya since she was young.

As for Tanya, she had a stubborn personality. After being slandered by Hillary a few times, Madam Jones had determined that Tanya's personality was naughty and mischievous, like that of her father, who had disappeared. Therefore, she would hit and scold her!

Joel's attitude toward Madam Jones was distant and cold. He did not bother being polite with her. "Madam Jones, you can discipline her further for her mistakes. Now, we're talking about breaking off the engagement."

He took out the agreement he had signed with Hillary back then. "In the agreement back then, we said that when Mia turns five, the engagement would be automatically broken off. Now, it's time."

The Jones parents were stunned. They looked at Hillary in disbelief. "Hillary, you…"

Hillary bit her lip and cried. "Joel, I was wrong. I really know I was wrong. I didn't go looking for Tanya on purpose. I was just indignant. You chased me out of the Smiths because she suddenly returned, right?"


Madam Jones instantly became even more furious. "What do you mean? Did Tanya cross into your family again? Joel, you can't treat Hillary like this. Tanya was born to be a bad hooligan!"

As soon as she said this, Joel suddenly reached out and smashed the teacup on the table to the ground!


The sound of the teacup shattering resounded throughout the living room, causing the crying Hillary and Madam Jones, who was scolding Tanya, to stop abruptly.

Everyone looked at Joel in disbelief.

Joel lowered his eyes. "I've already contacted the reporters. They will announce that I have broken off my engagement with Miss Hillary tomorrow…"

As soon as he said this, Mr. Jones said, "Mr. Smith, is there no room for change in this matter?"

Joel looked at him and said firmly, "No."

Mr. Jones sighed heavily.

Hillary and Madam Jones still wanted to say something, but Mr. Jones shook his head at them.

The two of them could only shut their mouths.

Mr. Jones began to complain. "Mr. Smith, we understand that you don't like Hillary. We won't force you. We can break off the engagement, but Mia is her biological daughter. You can't stop them from meeting."

Hillary and Madam Jones looked at each other.


As long as Mia was still around, Hillary could interfere in Joel and Tanya's lives. As long as she could, Joel and Tanya could forget about living a quiet life!

Hillary clenched her fists tightly. She was already thinking that if Mia fell ill in the future, she would definitely have to stay with the Smiths and take care of her.

If Mia was hurt, she would definitely ask Tanya why she abused her child!

As she was thinking about her future plans, Joel seemed to have seen through her thoughts and said directly, "Yes, I won't stop them from meeting. Every six months, I'll send Mia overseas to meet with Miss Hillary."

Mr. Jones was stunned.

Hillary was stunned. "Go overseas? You don't have to go overseas. I'm just in the country… You don't have to send Mia anywhere. I can just meet her at the Smiths…"

However, the moment she said this, she heard Joel say, "After our engagement is broken off, you'll be in a bad mood, and will go overseas for a vacation. You won't accept our financial support and will travel for five years. After five years, you can return to the country."

Mr. Jones was stunned. "She won't accept financial support? Then how is she going to live?"

Joel glanced at Mr. Jones and said casually, "Aren't so many international students still alive?"

Madam Jones shouted angrily, "No! Hillary has never suffered like this in her entire life! She can't go overseas!"

She had never suffered before, but Tanya could suffer?

Joel had investigated before. Tanya did not have any living expenses overseas. Everything was earned by working part-time!

His attitude was still very calm, and there was even a smile on his face. He looked directly at Mr. Jones. "President Jones, is the collaboration between the Joneses and Smiths going well?"

Mr. Jones: !!!

He immediately understood that Joel was threatening him!

If they did not send Hillary away, the Smiths would terminate all cooperation with the Joneses!

The Joneses had been prospering these years because they had relied on the Smiths. After leaving the Smiths… Joel would definitely let everyone in New York know that the Joneses had offended him.

At that time, even without Joel personally making a move, someone might help him deal with the Joneses!

He gulped and hurriedly stood up. "I understand what you mean, Mr. Smith. I'll handle Hillary's matters here. She'll go overseas."

Joel stood up. "It's good that Mr. Jones understands. I'll leave, then."

He did not even look at Hillary as he left the house.

Hillary was stunned on the spot.

Five years…

Another five years!

Tanya had been overseas for more than five years!

Hillary understood. Joel had arranged everything for her!

He was going to send her overseas for five years to help Tanya vent her anger!

She roared, "Joel! I gave birth to Mia for you! How can you treat me like this?!"

Joel stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her. "If you hadn't given birth to Mia, do you think you would have had the chance to go overseas?"

Upon hearing this, Hillary jolted.

She swallowed.

Mia was her protective charm!


At the Smiths.

After Nora finished showering, she walked out and saw Pete standing there, looking at her seriously. "Mommy, we're going to the amusement park to play tomorrow. Can we bring Mia along?"

Nora asked, "Why?"

Pete said, "I didn't even know it was Mia's birthday yesterday. I didn't give her a gift either. I want to take her out to play tomorrow."


Nora was stunned.

She remembered clearly that Tanya's child's birthday was five days ago.

Mia was only five days away from that child's birthday…

Was this… a coincidence?

She narrowed her eyes.

Was Mia really Hillary's daughter?